Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mayday Blue Boy

Little boy blue, grew up in a world when all his nightmares some call it dreams came through, a different story of a different type of blue not the shade of the sky or the sea, no, it’s the colour your face turns when they  decide to electrocute you, feeling electric I bet that you do, but I was thinking of the witness faces and the screams of yes we do, as they wheeled him into the chamber of death, so they could see it clear as day as the man boy went blue. It began awhile ago a child he was only six, saw his mother beaten close to death and boy was she black and blue, his daddy was a mixed up man you see and had no regard for emotion or a use for them, and when things got too close for his emotions to deal with he reached out at who was bitchin cause he didn’t know what else to do. Afraid to let his emotions go no where for his love to sow he became entangled with who would lead him and became wild you see, and as he got older his type of love wasn’t normal for he never knew what love was meant to be, and like his dad before him he beat his woman black and through, and this pattern of life became normal till he became homeless you see. Like so many among us his longing for love had no resting place only leaving him with fear, and as things got worse for him so did his habit of company. I was watching the TV, and that’s the end of the story, I don’t like detail, how many sex partners did she have, read the details get excited at the same time, perhaps you can add it to your bedroom role play, I prefer to write what’s real. Just to say we could all be a little boy blue. Time we found sympathy and acted that way sometimes, you don’t need a terror disaster to wake you up and feel human I hope you all agree, well do something about it, before your time is up, the Lord All mighty will with certainty one day make you account for all those little boy blues. Hit her again man, she’s your woman, meant to say, play it again sam but that was just a movie, it’s me me me me me me, whose that on the phone, someone for me of course, get it!, it’s 222 important to ignore all those little boy blues.
Being may day, is it a call for help or is it a day of joy, but does anyone remember the horrible events of the last week or so, I guess another atrocity will happen soon and so we can ignore all the others you see. I think I’ll start a NEW CHARITY, You’ll all turn up at the memorials AT the remembrance day, party and smile hug and say what’s worthwhile before you vanish and go your ways JUST LIKE STARS THAT FADE AWAY, till the next may day event while forgetting the blood spilled the innocence killed like it just happens that way, and it’s been like this for years. Mayday symphony or mayday sympathy denial is not a river in Egypt, it’s a condition of the human race, and it’s played itself full distance, don’t look over there, keep your eyes closed, do you always have to look at those poor people, there is something pretty on the babe station. The things we think of are killing us all, and we are doing it ourselves, most just hope death comes easily, with no pain no heaven no hell, well I don’t think your going to get your wish, as I’ve seen the other side as well, mayday mayday, anyone human out there!.

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