Monday, May 27, 2013

invasion of the mind game specialists

Invasion of the mind game specialists, not fiction but fact, the same tactics have worked, from Myanmar to North Korea, Afghanistan to the borders of Ireland, the methods of the spin doctor, does that sound right,  say it again but make it perfect, this is an ongoing battle,  you better watch out, from the moment your born, the garish colors they push into the mind, baby T gets used to it, identities they create, fodder for the perverse, it’s no easy way out, when you don’t know the path. Silly aahs, madness, I can hear you far away, who writes this crap, life it’s just the way, same for women who slave day to day, the men look on, no one looks back, the toil of another hearts journey, they do it for their children, they can’t walk away. Men only, if they could have children, had the heart of a mother, worried about the living bubble, they hold inside them , wasn't supposed to be that way, horror of horror  women fight back, taking over cause the men left off, gave them voting rights, a little more sway, like the women kept ignorant, it just happened to be the way, till justice came to town, and someone turned the lights on, and out of the dark they came, in awe at the prospect that there is another way, and it’s not stopping no matter what, the loving God most high, wont have it any other way, but this is fixed they thought, well he had agreements with many, but broken promises killed the contract, so a new one was created, gave equality full speaking rights, imagine it, the men who try to keep women silent, hey hey hey, and this change, sometimes rushed sometimes stalled, has finally taken root, and women are having their day. Why so much was hidden, maybe it was a dream, it’s a kinda funny story, the wars fought for centuries, there was method going way back, invasion of the mammary snatchers, you can’t grab that, arrest him he’s too slow, what if it’s true, that when we sold out love, we allowed the devil within, to get out of the hole he was in, just a thought, perhaps we need to love more, but not with the obsession of a property developer, ideas please. The dude who used to terrorize the neighborhood has gone, everyone rejoices out of hand, relief at last, take a deep breath, gone where you should ask, no time to be complacent when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s the only game that lasts, and has the reward of a forever moment, just can’t forget the true love that you lost, see what I mean, and you thought I was just making this up, hahahahah…humour, makes shit coffee taste good, makes prison time passable, makes living a little more affordable, it’s like when you dream, that is if you can  afford to sleep well. As you get older the good deeds will stack up like many sleep filled nights, while the harm you caused, we have doctors and experts for that.

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