Thursday, May 16, 2013

whistle blowers anonymous

Chemically thirsty he’s only thirty and it’s allowed, says so on the packet loosing your manhood they said, loose it no more a few of these and it’s cured, purely an accident but the chemists called themselves hero’s, think of all the love they created, he’s getting babe time again despite being near old age. ain’t no drug for love though that they can’t work out, if they could make a fortune the ecstasy brigade tried that, well if it stops you worrying about now, it’s as close to love as most people ever get, the troubles of the world are no more, you found what was missing from you life, can’t think of anything at all in the morning, you drop a few pills boy are you glad, the evening comes  you’ve been having the same conversation for years, rather than make the effort or such you drop a few pills more, and wonder at the magic between your legs. Suddenly your going prescription shopping both of ye that is, both well and truly addicted and the money is not as good as before. He runs faster the injection they gave him, the attention that comes with winning encourages him ever more. So what is your addiction love has left a hole in your heart, are you one that stayed home after you saw the great lark, a cattle mart a sale a look is all you need, up and down to the side and back leaving the eyes till last, knowing that you don’t want to share your heart, purely there to fill the space that helps you get over everything, done you buckle up she looks for her bra, your both soon back on your feet, strangers once you leave the room no second looks just satisfaction assumed, the drug will last awhile till you need more so you go and get it…then it gets dirty as you rise up the ladder, you’ve been compromised so often you don’t know where to look, promotions gather momentum you can’t believe your luck, two steps from the directors chair and it’s all moving in one direction, things are up and you still laugh about those things you got away with, one night your top of the world your untouchable you think it’s what people say, in your arrogance you believe it there is nothing that will get on your way…looking down it’s busy and a run around people chasing ladders others facing despair, loathsome you think how awful it is to be poor you suddenly think, then you break into a conceited smile thinking of the off shore account, they can’t get you your too far away from there. Politics they keep on pushing you filling your head making you think, yes I am I am invincible I am the king, women everywhere,
It’s about to come tumbling down on you, the foundations you laid were full of deceit and corruption, the company hits hard times you don’t have an answer for it, your exposed, and all the tight secrets you kept the women of young age and those others, for the closet never closes it’s just waiting for the soul inside to get out…whistleblowers need protection, from whom do you mind me asking, cause whose afraid of the truth, everyone it seems, time to set up a self help group, lets call it whistle blowers anonymous...

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