Friday, September 28, 2012

break me...

I am tired cried the lord looking down from above
What have they been doing these folks supposed to love
Everywhere I look the news gets worse and worse
First is was the children their little bodies for sale
Now they commit genocide and no one seems to care

The devil answered slyly with a glint in his eye
I told you I would have them all so say goodbye
The lord looked at his watch time was running short
He’d a whole lot of prayers to read a serious load of doubt
I wont be getting sleep he says I’ll be working day and night

Days passed quickly on the souls of mankind on offer
I should have done a deal he said even with the devil
With pain in his heart he tried as best he could
The devil laughed at him now he was on the run

One soul he said one hopeful soul one just one he pleaded
The devil looked at the forecasts the odds ten to none
I’ll find that one kind soul that’ll reverse this human decay
I’ll take the bet the devil said I’ll take your place no delay

On the ground  the lord sought hard many tested few passed
Sent to work to do good chores they all came back except one
It’s only a matter of time said the devil before their all mine
He knew the fate of the human heart when looking down a dime

One by one the angels stopped at the counter set to tempt
The offers were so good on offer it would pay all their rent
Go on said the angels this offer has been going on for years
If we refuse it all now we’ll be missing out for years

But one good soul shouted out stop you fools are off the wall
Did you not hear about the tale of the good who heals all souls
The devil heard the words of love he began to mutter and stutter
Your not so confident now said the lord if one is prepared to suffer

They both watched closely as good soul prayed for love for all
Your supposed to take the bait you fool shouted the devil out loud
God smiled a glint in his eye he’d cheated just a little
Filled the good with hope and love and they just might deliver

Devil his reputation shattered his tricks not working so good
Your going down you evil bud I hope it’s  understood
where there is hope love grows just a spark can start a flood
and with one blink a  hole broke apart into the devil sank
stay down for good and never forget that love heals the heart

Thursday, September 27, 2012

red sky...

Rolling down the highway that early day in June, Looked through my rear view mirror I saw it in full bloom,A roaring red sun reminded me of a fiery red balloon,Brightness covered the world that day my eyes were sore to see,
Put my foot to the pedal drove as fast as could be,I feared that freaky morning was a warning just for me,Of a comet coming towards the earth I dared not think or be

Imagine the world holed inside a mound of great wealth,To be shared among the nations shared by the poor themselves,Nothing as such has ever occurred people fail to see,Their kids want a college education a boat for week end company

They want want and chase for that lone alone with heartless intent,Ego to raise  power to praise nothing of wise understanding,Just the money to trade all year long and a family to come home to,No moral regard for those in peril just girls bought so easily

Story is nothing new this has been going on for years,Pension funds used by those who never paid a dime,Expense claims hidden in the detail of spin doctors sweet perfume,Cries ignored till the world is explored empty of all sympathy

A comet is coming so beware time is running out,This is not a Dylan song or one of leonards soulful laments,Sometimes the call is a good one most times a simple  alert,a call so divine that is so not  easy to unwind from or forget,like  the gift that was yours but was never short of abuse from,Like cocaine up your ass cause your nose has fallen out
That comet will tear you apart

 Created by

a comet is coming...

A comet is coming,
there is nothing you can do,
wait and hope when it hits,
because the earth is dying too,

warnings were all ignored,
all  pleas for help political,
no real effort just short term,
stupidity and nothing else,

Hope remains a stranger,
Faithful to what you ask
 No one believes in anything anymore,
 clergy stagger like drunks

governments  call for calm,
Americans gamble on the euro
Chinese gamble on everthing else,
on a world that will live forever,

a comet is coming so be careful,
is your conscience clear you wonder,
will you live in torment forever,
landfills full of your rubbish,

cities built on recycled dreams,
comet is coming so be prepared
you might even be delivered
can you ever imagine it or dared

 and you will be delivered.
 Tv calls drama much too late,
 space is cracking up all over
stars are all over the place,

can it be true they said
they watched it live on Tv,
the ultimate in reality horror shows
 the arrival of the first alien refugee.

 They had oil she had breasts
the interest was the same,
human nature takes care of the rest,
they wake they leave a mess,

the comet is coming all right
live  on CNN next week. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


He gave them a world he thought they would favour
It had all kinds of things including sweet flavour
They misbehaved so he sent he son down
They treated him poorly it wasn’t going to long
What have they done why the misbehaviour

No one could explain what they saw in the sky
They trembled with fear thought they would die
The cover up began at the first light of day
It’s just your imagination was all they could say

Years rolled on the visits became more lasting
The mis information was soon a practised art
No one said a word as it began to fall apart
No one spoke up in fear of being condemned
What kind of folks allow this to go on

Darkness fell that evening in December
Sent to the world one to act as their saviour
In fear of life he was hidden and taken flight
And so the story of love truly had begun

Years upon years he preached among all men
The women folk were kinder didn’t need instruction
Finally he came across a posse of working men
Looked into their hearts and found something

Two thousand years later the show is keeping on
They rage against each other like poor working men
The women meanwhile groan continue to love as best
Now their own children are feeling their distress

Time is u the bells are ringing all over the world
The tyranny of ignorance the power that is hell
Quickly the clutch at straws and hold them to the wind
It’s too late now for changing anything

Monday, September 24, 2012

Planning Permission

Did you ever see a holiday rep who wasn’t good looking. The obese leading the famine effort, makes you think. We’ll discuss Darfur on the veranda darling. Talks abound, the argument is in the ground, fields of blood all round, action. If the camera moved closer, we all could leer, get a clearer perspective on how much work there is in medicine, perhaps we’d shed a tear.
We all like TV. Talking peace in the middle east at last, preferred the images of the F sixteens, we so welcomed last Sunday week, bomb, you could get arrested for using that word, I bet you didn’t know that. Casualties mount up again, pictures show despair, why did they do it you ask again, your heart in sad despair. planes why did they bomb the kitchen sink, why hide the women in there, bomb shelter, where else do you think they’re heading,  bomb, anywhere,  well have you ever heard of botox, . If you want to go to heaven you must go on a bus, heavenly tours. I’ll have a hamas sandwich. but why be selfish khalid and think only of yourself, make a fuss of it, take everyone on the bus, to heaven, my medical card doesn’t cover shrapnel injuries sustained from above,  has to be a ground attack, and no cloud cover, the insurance companies are always seeking cover. Irish property investors form syndicate to rebuild Damascus. TV is local. Listen… Stiff competition from New York, experience in building bomb resistance buildings needed. Planning, the key to future success, they planned it well, the world is in a heap. Defenders of the planet, in outer space they do belong, trekking after new landscapes, there’s gold in them far hills, lumps, stars, planets, sites are cheap once you get there, and there will be no trouble in getting planning permission.

Friday, September 21, 2012

read all about it.....

I wish I could take the chance to believe in you one more time
To believe in the love that  lost I don’t know why
You read all about it on tv and in those magazines
It’s even on reality channel that god is coming around

Read it the newspapers say u  gonna have a wonderful day
Read all about it you chasers of pleasure and pure decay
The life you’ve been leading ain’t longer than midnight
When sky  and water goes black as the whole world ignites

It’s a dream you have and it’s tearing us all apart
Read all about it you messengers of destiny and hate
The children you encourage those half hearted debates
Read all about it cause you ain’t coming back

Glory in the roar and the hi hop hoorays
All you hear is yourself and all that they say
About you you and the things you come to do
Read all about it cause he’s coming soon for you

Jesus waited on that cloud waiting for the pain to pause
Do I have to do it again father can’t we have a delay
Can’t you send an angel instead a diplomat or two
Read all about it cause he’s coming soon for you

Night darker than usual the crowds begin to pray
Not for  little children but on the hope of a delay
The demons despair they  race to get out of the way
Too late too late they think they’ll get away

Love children earth harmony and distinction
Nobody was worried about all those contradictions
A little of this no food for the human population
Read all about it cause this ain’t no jane’s addiction

Cries shrieks and looks of dismay tears and dismay
I would have tried my lord if I’d known the day
I ignored all those warnings written about  so long
Read all about it you ain’t going nowhere soon my son

Seated by the fire no way to cool back down
Should have given the money to all the hopeful causes
Instead I dream of mansion houses cars that go fast
Read all about the end of the human race

Thursday, September 20, 2012

enlighten me...

Enlighten me and show me the way I’m lost and have no where to go, The evening is getting late the hour is coming worry is my load, My children weep for TV they weep about it night and day,
No truth no justice no surplus to feed the poor vanity is in the lead, I’m running a tough race the stakes grow higher by the hour and day, Enlighten me lord and show me the way before I go astray

They tease me with fear it seems every which way the can,
It’s like being back in those dark times when selfishness was the way, A breast implant or other such rant I’m suddenly bell of the ball, It wont last forever they say before too long they’ll fall,
But they promise me replacements provided it’s insurance I pay,
Enlighten me oh lord and show me the way before I go astray

The hour is past midnight and the trumpet has sounded clear,
The sky grows bright there are shrieks all night and people all over pray, Day light offers no hope the sun refuses to show hearts mingle and say, I wish I’d listened and done the right things when the chance came my way,Too late say the chaste who thump themselves red with exhaustion all day, Not so says the lord whose coming soon never too late to pray,Enlighten me oh lord and show me the way

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

cause they sold out love...

They traded money hoping it would last,
A colourful wedding everyone gasped
They sold out love to the highest bidder
who needs pictures i need a new liver

Fine wines and expensive meals
Stuff to talk about to friends everafter
Like george best talking shop
It’s a only time before they drop

Love is pleasure but not pleasure itself
A gift from a friend is not a consequence
the way things happen like when u pray
Someday he delivers and you say hey

Hair make up mortgage too
Ring on finger friends on view
Prospects good envy becomes you
God looks on wondering what to do

They took those vows in my name
I look down what a shame
Promises made that will never keep
I spend all my time rounding up sheep

They sold love in all the wrong places
Like perfume on prostituted faces
They sold out love like it was a machine
traded like gold without a sheen

They sold out god for the sake of a few bob
Now they can’t ignore the signs from above
Worried confused all thinking gone weird
What’s going on we’re all blind
sell out love and you’ll have none at all
you sow you reap what’s gone is gone
They sold out love he sent his son along
Hoping to see what was going on

hung from a cross on the outskirts of town
Naked and bleeding they watched him drown
All their faces skewed and entertained
Till a few came along at the end of the day

They sold out love and it wont be long
Cause the day is coming with no warning
when it ends only hearts will remain
they were the ones who listened each day

loves calling and you need to care
don’t pass the champagne over there.
Cause they sold out love…