Wednesday, September 19, 2012

cause they sold out love...

They traded money hoping it would last,
A colourful wedding everyone gasped
They sold out love to the highest bidder
who needs pictures i need a new liver

Fine wines and expensive meals
Stuff to talk about to friends everafter
Like george best talking shop
It’s a only time before they drop

Love is pleasure but not pleasure itself
A gift from a friend is not a consequence
the way things happen like when u pray
Someday he delivers and you say hey

Hair make up mortgage too
Ring on finger friends on view
Prospects good envy becomes you
God looks on wondering what to do

They took those vows in my name
I look down what a shame
Promises made that will never keep
I spend all my time rounding up sheep

They sold love in all the wrong places
Like perfume on prostituted faces
They sold out love like it was a machine
traded like gold without a sheen

They sold out god for the sake of a few bob
Now they can’t ignore the signs from above
Worried confused all thinking gone weird
What’s going on we’re all blind
sell out love and you’ll have none at all
you sow you reap what’s gone is gone
They sold out love he sent his son along
Hoping to see what was going on

hung from a cross on the outskirts of town
Naked and bleeding they watched him drown
All their faces skewed and entertained
Till a few came along at the end of the day

They sold out love and it wont be long
Cause the day is coming with no warning
when it ends only hearts will remain
they were the ones who listened each day

loves calling and you need to care
don’t pass the champagne over there.
Cause they sold out love…

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