Thursday, September 27, 2012

red sky...

Rolling down the highway that early day in June, Looked through my rear view mirror I saw it in full bloom,A roaring red sun reminded me of a fiery red balloon,Brightness covered the world that day my eyes were sore to see,
Put my foot to the pedal drove as fast as could be,I feared that freaky morning was a warning just for me,Of a comet coming towards the earth I dared not think or be

Imagine the world holed inside a mound of great wealth,To be shared among the nations shared by the poor themselves,Nothing as such has ever occurred people fail to see,Their kids want a college education a boat for week end company

They want want and chase for that lone alone with heartless intent,Ego to raise  power to praise nothing of wise understanding,Just the money to trade all year long and a family to come home to,No moral regard for those in peril just girls bought so easily

Story is nothing new this has been going on for years,Pension funds used by those who never paid a dime,Expense claims hidden in the detail of spin doctors sweet perfume,Cries ignored till the world is explored empty of all sympathy

A comet is coming so beware time is running out,This is not a Dylan song or one of leonards soulful laments,Sometimes the call is a good one most times a simple  alert,a call so divine that is so not  easy to unwind from or forget,like  the gift that was yours but was never short of abuse from,Like cocaine up your ass cause your nose has fallen out
That comet will tear you apart

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