Sunday, June 30, 2013

why spying is good for the economy

You are being bullied and you don’t know what to do, unsure about the action to take. Your life in being undermined, events happen that affect you, caused by others, and you are not aware of it, you think your going crazy, even your friends think your barmy. You have to deal with a menace that makes you fearful for your own sake and the well being of your family. You’ve lost control of your home, the children dictate, you feel powerless, your dealing with an addiction, past or present, and others know your weak points, you feel vulnerable. Situations are being created by someone you know in order to take control of you or to deceive you .A friend you do not like or respect suddenly appears at your door, a godsend you think, but it happens over and over. Your in business, having a crisis, cash flow is slow, your new best friend arrives offering you help. The bank manager cuts your overdraft without warning, at a vital time, when your most vulnerable. The loan you thought was long term is called in when you needed it, just as you were about to conclude a deal to expand your business. it's only spying dear, i know what you did last night.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Want to Know

Don’t want to know, hear the scream next door, don’t want to know, the child is looking odd, I’m not the parent, I don’t want to know, women are bruised and worn, ,clothes tired and torn, cheek bones sticking out, pretend you don’t see her, keep moving don’t turn about, don’t want to know, can’t handle it anymore, enough problems of my own, turn on the TV, anything to fill your head, it’s like that medication, not good but you keep taking it till your dead, addiction what I’m not addicted, I just spend five hours a week seeking porn till it fills my head, everyone is doing it that’s called normal, it’s all over the place, damaging to children, I don’t want to know, crisis to crisis the game rolls on, anything to forget, hope it wont take long, doctor doctor can’t sleep , doctor doctor can’t relax anymore, have you got insurance he asks, otherwise you have to go, run around rush around, busy doing nothing but you look so busy, bleached white smile brighter than the sun, cost me a fortune, but then again, it cost the same for everyone, smile cheese damn wrinkles, I need botox as well, can it get any worse, I see that woman again, a child with her, she should be in jail, I comment as she walks by, I’m too afraid to stare, don’t want to know, well God Most High doesn't want to know you either, so I guess you are in the boat with many, who just never wanted to know.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The President's Mirror

Mexican drug barons, global business men, power hungry politicians, food stamp financiers, second hand sex slaves, Washington street walkers, Hollywood stars, the C.I.A., the cocaine service providers, the border, immigration problems, all part of a day in the life, of Mr President. Spy satellites everywhere, they admit to spying they were exposed on the issue, no time to spin this time, good excuse required. Think terror, all the tragedies we avoided, don’t mention the drone hits, and the children terminated. Edward Snowden seeking a safe haven with the Taliban, they’ve a hand over him, get it,no one, Barack playing basketball in the Sudan, or is it Senegal, he’ll talk about women’s issues all day, release a joint statement in the evening, I wonder if there’ll be anything to get high on, while the above is being attended to, morphed into foreign and national policy, hundreds of million of little children, are being exposed to nuclear waste of the most damaging kind., the global sexualisation of everything possible. What I do in my bedroom …continue to argue, it might make you sound good, but it changes zilch. The ten year old is looking at his little sister, does she do those things as well he’s asking himself. When the urge hits him late at night who knows what he will do. Well he’s seen it on the internet and they seemed like they all enjoyed it. The three and four years olds, fodder for the next line of sexual fever, assume it’s normal too, and step by step, this disease has spread, from the east to the west, north and south, and these children and teens young adults of today, the supposedly new providers of seed for the planet earth. Your DNA is a combination of heritage and experience combined. If all you see is sexual you, what do you think will be left behind, sounds like a line in one of those songs Bono.
Sexuality whatever, marriage, cornerstone of hope, hope your reliable, will history be so kind to you all. One in million, all that will be remembered of you, apart  from those images they have, stuck in some deep closet space they open every five years. That was grand pa, who was grand pa, next, that..grand pa forgotten. God Most High is the farmer of all farmers, looking down he’s wondering too, the silence so long. Whistle blowers are as rare as escapees from extermination camps, at risk every moment they live. Control the message get it out there Barack, seems to be the call from all those great people you have around you. This will go on for ever, did you see what we did to Vietnam, place is still producing children with short limbs and deformities since we sent that agent orange stuff in, we got away with that.

Don’t mention the waste they dump in the med and off the Somali coast, well someone has to take our shit, someone else, someone poor, some old corrupt regime. Barack is playing black jack on the presidential jet, rehearsing some speech, probably an old one, just a guess, surrounded by the news crew, the folks who give him good reviews, his head bothered, his hair is grey, what an insane thing to do he thinks, I prayed to God to be the change, and ended up like ... Hollywood acting career beckons again, the plane lands on foreign tarmac, the heat is 102, but he’s fit from all that basketball, his body is lean too, opens his mouth with that 180 degree smile, and you think he’s looking at you. We are a world of addicts, isn’t that what idolatry is, looking in the mirror and fooling yourself.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

presidents day

get up, is it that time again, shit, i forgot to wash the make up off, putting on a face to face the world, practice smiling, you feel better already, i wish those wrinkles would go away, the hair is graying, should have used more of that guey stuff, back to black in ten minutes, you shower again, it's not like you have an STD, your voice is awful yet you sing, suddenly...Michelle, i told you not to interrupt me when i'm singing. The man i used to know would never say that, she replies, eyes open wondering what happened to the man. she recomposes herself, gets the smile ready, then all serious says out load.... food stamps Barry, they forgot my food stamps again, so what are you gonna do about it, you are the President. Can you pass me the towel honey...michelle does not like taking orders..she hesitates...i'll call service, i swear to you..barack replies, a little annoyed. i can order a drone attack on any old village in war torn Iraq, anywhere, and she wont even throw me the towel...ah michelle..screams barack, were out of back to i'll be grey all day...

the change

Faces full of meaning, outwardly spoken good intentions, underneath deception,  your average politician, millions marching with rage, truth revealed tempers roar, police force batons on them, keep them quite awhile, till conflict spills on the streets again, political voices promise resolutions, spin doctors advisors up the storm, this kind of speech might save us, but it  works again, streets clear the anger cools, educated type believe the hype, we can save the economy together, what’s the point in tearing it down. haven’t had my breakfast, this is too much to stomach, all your life to dwell on it, but only the change will put it right, summer holiday is here, can’t we delay it a night, we’ll be back to work in September, brake not from peace but for recreation. Blame the medication didn’t take enough, lying in the bed no sleep all night, images and memories faces in the news, they blemish your mind, hate seeing such stuff, prefer the sports channel, just results to worry about. Quite, no one around one click, escape to fantasy world, it’s your last time, like you said the other night, looks like mother quickly you click, girls of your age makes you wonder a bit, boy is only twelve but he soon has enough. What’s going on he asks, I’m too young for that kind of gaze, wonder why they have such stuff, don’t we all engage

Enough.  Mobile phone throbs in the pocket, amazing the places it can take you, amazing the change it can make to you. Circle after circle amuse me, entertain me keep me dazed, dealing with the truth is an offence these days, why did Edward Snowden and all those wake up our souls, make us think about what was happening, perhaps it’s the chance we have been waiting for, to fulfill our lives and live it, perhaps it’s the change, we are in fear of it. they believed in the great prophets, all those years ago, had to deal with change too, and like our current times, those in power today, will do anything to hang onto the reigns, and will do anything to prevent the change.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Robin Hood

Something going on over there, send some planes to Iraq sir, plenty of whistle blowers over there, we have plenty of spares, munitions industry can’t believe their luck, wars going on everywhere, Swiss bank accounts swinging again, thought they were going to do something about that, transparency they call it, it’s a drink you take, makes you forget everything, not another whistle blower, more ravenous that those termite invasions we experienced in New York, do you think, pension fund gets in on the act, finance required for another democratic republic, lions share of the peoples resources, wasn’t theirs, anyway we found it, like raiding your handbag, beginners look, hedge funds can’t get near the action, all of them foaming at the mouth, white stuff pouring out, there has to be an angle, can’t we bribe anyone, the CIA they have contacts there, so do the Russians sir they got in first, oil copper gold diamonds, can’t we sell their children too, I want some of it screams the mafia news king, did someone mention young girls, don’t we own the pension fund senor, and the pilfering goes on, stealing using lawyers opinions for safe keeping, parade of vultures of the human kind, and this is what they offer thinks God looking on, what a surprise they will be receiving if they don’t remedy this instantly, free will, perhaps I was generous, private jet full of war zone business men drops from the sky, were going down screams the arms dealer I didn't deserve this, neither did the mineral rich countries you turned into a business, destroying hope innocence love and everything good with it, pity they never think in advance before they rob you, well there was only ever one Robin Hood.

Monday, June 24, 2013

start again

Every character flawed, the cast is global, why expect perfection, religion is biased, why is it a problem. Everything except nature, made, carved out of ideas, and when nature goes astray, mankind at work. We grab issues, just to keep in the game, start a protest for this, a week later it’s something else, moving the process on, opening the minds, of those who were closed, the reason why, the world is changing faster, now than ever before, it’s called communications. the click of a mouse, we are in the conflict zone, for the hit we can even use a drone, star wars nice distraction, using communications to start wars, that takes talent, nosier when everybody knows what is actually going on. It’s the fox in the hen house all over again, except the hens are armed this time. There are flaws in everything; the United States government thought it could buy off the recession, like gambling on the roulette table, hoping that numbers comes up. Arab countries of the Islamic tradition, facing war from any number of religious mostly Islamic, all seeking power. Half the world’s population live in poverty. The arms industry thrives. It’s legal to get out of your mind using prescribed medication, long term usage affects, they invent another brand instead, and the short term, so many use these pills they all keep quiet about it. Any valiums dear, Prozac will do, even a few sleepers, even the child who can’t handle, internet TV mobile phone social trending exercise friends not forgetting porn, they have specially prescribed pills. Sounds like one massive con. You name it they have a pill for that. In tax shelters, theft is legal, your money lies over the ocean so to speak. Companies cheat legally too. pretending everything is going to be all right, just because you have security, they had that in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan Vietnam Congo Zimbabwe Greece and many other places too. It’s time to start over again, and this of course calls for a plan. It’s time to turn our obsessions into something productive, love into actions, education into wisdom, and hope into reality. A new world order is called for, rooted in the hearts, not rooted in laws.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

alarm goes off

Alarm goes off, hour to prepare, then she’ll be there, slippers off showers, hissing lasts five minutes, into the kitchen she storms, buttons, cups, bread, orange juice, coffee, five minutes, she’s dressed ready to leave, races down the stairs, taxi waiting she hops in, half an hour in the gym before she goes in. I have left out the thirty two times she checked her twitter account, and updated her facebook status page, we are all that important. Hi mary, she hears it about sixteen times till she reaches her desk. Mound of post before her, she’s an agony aunt. A perfect life to you, no children yet, not seeing anyone, over paid and job easy, connections to the rich and wealthy, her father owns a yacht, goes to gym five times weekly, does a very light work too, she’s going to advise you  to stay young and organize life, she’s had no experience of real living at all…silence, sounds like..the blind leading the stupid and blind..going places ..

Morning work plan, keep busy pay the rent qualify for health care pension plan sounds like something to get worked up about, forty years later you’ll have all the time in the world to look back..alarm goes off it’s the kid next door he’s shouting and crying you've heard it all before, turn the music up cause it ain’t fair listening to him roar, stuff, it just happens I hear them say, why the silence..alarm goes off a new explosion on TV, time to vent emotions not at home but overseas, close  home emotions  turn to anger, so put it all together and work this out,  like that washed up celebrity that tries to reinvent itself, twitter everyone is on twitter seems like you need no brains to be on twitter, so it seems, just chasing trends and those that blind us further, putting out fires that don’t seem to matter, but get you the headlines you like, bravo another victory, new toilets in the school at last, the local economy in tatters, cheer's time the alarm went off

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ray Charles and the Rays of Light

Rays of light, keep them coming, I’m singing in heaven, I’m in heaven, playing golf with champions, but I’m winning, can’t find the soap, where is it, what now asks God most high, who doesn’t like wash time interruptions, a crisis where he asks, then keeps on scrubbing. List is long, volcanic ash rare enough, volcanoes, too much of a clean up, good old thunderstorm will suffice, calls in the weather angel and asks his advice. Last time, getting impatient, a torrential rain shower, but they soon stopped misbehaving, is that what you want. God wonders, I really have to act, looks at the wall sees the great list, at the bottom is written, they are allowed to behave as they wish. A storm it’s all I’m allowed, till we get a new batch of angels, what else is there to do. Told you didn’t I so pay me, smiles the fallen angel in the devils den, who hands him the reigns of Europe, for a limited time to dwell. Lightening rain fire and hail, all the devils men have been given

Advance warning,  lasts a weekend the clean up lasts a month. It happens more often now, these interruptions are getting too regular, I’ll track them more closely, get stuck in myself get involved. Insurance claims department good place to look, God gets a job working late night shift, doing all that janitor stuff, has time to look through the files. Odd, very odd indeed, someone has been misbehaving, these claims, they were all increased recently. Profits slow we need more, a petrol shortage would be one shortage we could all agree, but that would require a war adds another, who can order that not you and me. Mr President. Time tinkers on women on the rise, the change will be quicker, cause their love is hard to hide, old boys club gets the blues, ain’t the same around here not like it used to be, no women to order about it can’t be right, God Most High is looking on, content for the moment cause the noises aren’t all bad, a few good news stories, it’s getting to them at last, more it happens the more they get used to it, he’s using the tactics of the evil one in reverse. Damn did not see it coming, another voice they thought had been silenced, too much media around darn internet, it’s like one giant spider, feck even the governments are turning against us, no place to hide all that hot money it will soon be totally useless, alien class are rolling down the sluices. Dum dum dum dum,  de dum dum, dum dum dum, St.Peter hums, the elders haven’t been so smiley for the longest time, it’s that little boy they are all talking about, all he ever does is smile, every time they try to reel him in, the Big one sends them a thunder shaker, and unlike Obama he’s accurate with his selections, they wonder if a peace effort will get them any further, God Most High just shakes his head and smiles, I’m on to you all, each and every one who does harms to the little ones, and the minds of the men and women as well, I fear hate hunger pride envy loss whatever, harm to a child’s mother a brother a teacher even their remotest relation, it’s gonna be open season on evil hunting, and no thought fired will go astray, oops that lightening strike just missed the gable end this time, the gathered inside shake with fear it used to be the other way round, share share they all cry out, quickly before he gets in a rage, and suddenly out of nowhere there is luck everywhere, and no one is surprised, cause they chose to believe and he delivers for those, whose faith never wavered even if it waned under pressure it never died, just a spark was needed to re ignite the light, just as Leonard predicted all those years he tried, to enthuse wisdom in people, well it worked and to him and many others, we owe thanks not just a smile, dum dum dum, de dum dum dum, sing along if you want, cause it’s the end of payola days, good riddance to those who tried to control the music and the minds, cause the music never died. God Most High smiles, fried onions on the pan, a T Bone steak on the grill, George Harrison is washing the dishes, elvis is singing hymns again, Roy Orbison is in the dining room, anything you want shouts God Most High, you got it laughs roy back, and they say that heaven is a sleepy place, whatever they reads in the papers these days, gets on my nerves sometimes, God Most High turns the onions, a little pepper he muses, used too much salt last time, de dum dum dum, hums St.Joseph, any chance of a second helping he enquires, and a side order of sweet love if you don’t mind, now isn’t that a destiny wordy waiting for, you just have to work to get inside. Their calling for more water down below quips St.Peter, that shower answers God Most High, thinks a moment, even sinners have to be forgiven, open the floodgates, it’ll keep them quite for awhile. De dum dum dum, de dum dum dum de, no one makes a fool out of you or out of me, Ray what are you doing over their, get back to that gilded piano, I need to hear Georgia on my mind, play again like you did before, for you boss anything smiles Ray in reply, Georgia oh Georgia, Ray of Light catches every ones attention same way a little one smiles…

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

reflections for children's sake

Joy and light a soothing arm a warm embrace and a smile that lasts for ever, simple to have not hard to undertake once love resides in your face, eyes don’t lie they radiate or they die, and hearts quicken at the approach of nurture, see it in the reflections of children and in those that foster love, fear cramps all styles makes you nauseous for awhile, same with hatred and feelings of great despair, why allow your children to live with such fear, it’s too easy to settle so easy to give it up, the hope of true love that beats in your heart, isn't sad that as people grow old ,they bring up the past more and more, shrinking inside I suppose because of past decisions and doubt, they feared to love and how it all worked out, but not the ones who carry the nurturing seed, it’s a bit like a warm wind there are no boundaries or fears, but don’t be hard on yourself about anything you may have done, what hasn't gone wrong will do so again, so we learn to listen not race all around, a beating heart needs nurture not frown, as surely as the sun doesn't have a shield to guide it, it’s just that love attracts love you just have to find it, it’s just a wake up smile an appreciation of the gift, the first time baby smiles and the way that it lifts, wouldn't it be nice if we treated all children with light, not this hard hand of experience and our own self doubts, so don’t despair it may take a little time, but God is above us reeling in delight, we just have to remember it and have no doubt, cause I've seen it lived it and believe its about, and who is more forgiving ask anyone, your mother, so shout it out and stop giving out, the time is now it’s all we have and it’s all we’ll ever have, tomorrow is just our imagination in overdrive, goodnight.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mr President

Only children are surprised, no need to be alarmed, growing them up quicker than ever before,  farmed children like good old factory reared chicken, Bill O’Reilly throws up over his coffee outrageous, soon there will be none of them, children, what are you waiting for, go for it dudes look all the innocent fools, take advantage of them younger they’ll never know, and when you get older you’ll all be pals, cause that’s all they will ever know, sounds familiar with the world we all share today, no no  I hear ye shout out what disregard for all that charity work, I’ve a reputation you know, know what it costs to run five houses today, choking sound as little boy no food can’t use teeth, tried to eat the furniture thought it was a lump of meat, rap rap rap man did see what they did to us man were just getting them back, surrounded by knicker wearing white chicks gloats for all the world so see, look at me I’m a black guy and I’ve made, not only that I’m doing it with your chicks, outrage screams obama they can’t hold men who are innocent, he thinks this while he sleeps, wakes in the morning eats breakfast as normal, what’s in today’s paper dear as michelle passes the cheese, same us usual a meeting with congress now that ain’t useful,
Are you now supposed to run that stuff the man I married said he would, that was before they elected me dear, like those promises you made me and the kids, sending me to Ireland while you play Golf and party, it’s custom in Ireland to have fun and enjoyment.
Talk of trade its business the same tactics of the mafia, what they never told you until they couldn’t let you go, meanwhile young Johnny and friends are surfing porn and behaving in a strange kind of way, is that your little sister asks one while they call her away, she giggles laughs loves that play stuff, a little dirty when she comes in mammy asks her what’s she being up to, she gurgles something stupid it all seems confusing, this is a pattern and it’s going on everywhere night and day, authorities every where blind to the truth like they are heading for hell, afraid to speak up say it as it is, were all in the boat together they wont send the good guys as well, hope in numbers I suppose but that’s pushing the boat out too far, no everyone drowned on the Titanic, there were survivors who had a story to tell, like that old western movie you see all the time, bartender or the butler is usually the last man standing, so where do you stand a customer a user or a child, who do you think you actually are…false prophets out there promising wealth and everything material things, think your heading to disaster cause you’ve been warned,  well, building castle and walls around your small flock ,that’s the story of the white house and all those who want to get it, we wont get donors if it don’t seem like love

Mr President, big smile that’s why I bring along michelle, Look Michelle I know the kids will love traipsing around Dublin, who in their right mind would want to spend the day drinking cool beer, walking the beach and driving with boys, only a child, that’s right, only a child, everyone else prefers to be making money…

eyes wide shut

Void in the heart, a hole in your finances, a marriage break up, what are your chances, of finding true love again, when women are itemized, children are sexualized, and your measured by the material, and not the character within. Up and down sweet breasts sex appeal ooze, youth filled with images of desire, I guess it’s the same for most of us, how can true love find root, if all I do is measure you, ask you to get a plastic surgery procedure, cause all I’m being sold is doubt. Doubt raises fear forces emotions, join this group or face isolation, children are now targets of such extremes, it’s not religious difference, it’s only business and it deceives. Circles of trust breached and misused, the Judas within us and that false pride, my appearance matters most the mirror says, my friends desert me when my thoughts stray, can’t be losers they might need help, they form charities to calm themselves, picture in the paper take a bow, it changes nothing system of evil grows. And you think I write to amuse myself, well if you saw the cloud, you’d get down on your knees and ask for help, and forgiveness for allowing the destruction of love on earth. Watch the numbers appear and appear, cause something very original and divine, is happening and it’s going to happen everywhere, bar a few places where love is still the basis of most relationships, not that property and image is ever more important, to any one of us, choke over your cornflakes and chuckle. It’s my job to look this way, it’s my what Asks God Most High, to whom you all pray, big surprise on the radar, hope the bunker is water tight, anyone with a sense of humor out there. I just don’t like the way they started to sexualize the young children, it began with the elite, they could afford to hide it, passed on to the wealthy, old habits began to be shared, like very young children, then porn became mainstream as women were contained, till it spread to the internet and every user therein, you didn't look, call your psychiatrist you’re in denial, but now we have very young teens looking around, and the next step is the one that has broken the camels back, the very little children are becoming the victims of the children we tried to protect, and that’s when love ends, and we are not too far away from wasn't my problem either,..well open your eyes as they say. Or like Stanley Kubrick tried to explain before me died suddenly, we all have our eyes wide shut…

Monday, June 17, 2013

Petition to God Most High

World of institutions, many political minded, self promotion and control guided, the truth  a stranger, cover up the principal, habits passed to children,  titans flourish with the treachery they achieve, voids in the hearts of everyone, true love as rare as bees, welcome to the world dear friends, coffee this morning tastes better, than it has done for years. Over the decades people tried, made known the abuses, many of them their reputations destroyed, stopped to discourage the wave of truth, knowing the danger many walked on, afraid to intervene, but the stream was strong the brave worked on, taking the lives of great souls, martin luther king just one of their kind, the example to accompany them.
Under fire the universal church kept hoping, in their ranks many Judas types within, joined the ranks of the evil heathen, damaging all this time, appeasing powerful regimes
Even supporting them, opposite to the works and teachings of the prophets, doing their best to create hatred between men. Faith under such pressure waned, trust in hope and true love dived, cover ups exposed many years later, too late to amend what was going on, as those with the power built higher walls, their secret societies killing truth with a whim, only business I heard them say, they also killed love on sight, that is what the truth is, curtailed the careers of the brave, this is the story of the world, as far as I know, and it’s the legacy passed to children worldwide, fear. I’ve seen the cloud many divine events, came face to face with existence of God, asked my conscience what was going on, found the answers and wisdom too, saw the difficulties faced when disasters occurred, many of them man made to create the emotional flood, caught the attention of the divine listeners as well, and this was repeated time and time again, in order to get the righteous prayer, and access to the immortal and merciful God, who wondered at it all, unable to understand the evil going on, as more and more souls lost faith, it must have seemed like a job done, in the boardrooms of the secret corporations, that only praised the money idols and hated love. God Most High who listens to the petitions made in the name of the son, listen again to the tyrants who created the mess we are all living in, is it not time to act, if only for the sake of children growing up ,if only for the seeds of love to take a hold , you have the power to do all that, so turn them into babbling fools like before, pour out your wisdom from the divine store, set fear into the hearts of the evil doers, you mighty signs keep them aware, of the judgment the pain and the suffering that awaits them, perhaps this tactic will force them to change course, redeem the world with love, the whole and only reason for life on earth, creating  love by birth deed example and sacrifice, how else can we pass on good and great example to all young, they emulate the habits of those around them. children suffer from the example around them, children with no dream or father figure,  impossible almost to rear a child safely in a world like that, neither can mothers the world over, succeed safely in the role they are charged with.

The evil doers and titans, must to taken out of circulation, take us from the brink, the world is getting nearer day the day,  going over that proverbial cliff is the work of the evil doers, it’s your call God Most High, throw your protective shield around every good man woman and child, keep them from the clutches of those who destroy, show the world one great example of your might and power, in the hope that they may fear you, then decide to work harder at making it an earth that is safe to inhabit. the whistle blowers struggle, isn’t it time to take it serious, before things get worse the world over, as the prophets and Jesus said all those years ago, petitions made in his name, are heard in the heavens above where it matters, how can you the greatest father, allow this world go from disaster to disaster, while looking on from a distance, Celestine told us it was time to speak out, the souls of the cathars believed in your order, so if you expect those who try to glorify your name on earth to succeed, it’s time to get involved Dear God, and do something fast like change the world order, amen.

Friday, June 14, 2013

one simple idea that might change the world

republicans, democrats, the disillusioned, even the cat, what if, it's the question we ask, tragedy after tragedy, well this may solve all those questions you ask, and without having to spill any blood, it could change the outlook of the world, imagine that.
rather than give out complain spout off even rant, imagine a world, i'm referring to the good old U.S.A. in fact, but with the usual diatribe and response to come, when the next election comes round, why not set up a fund, one dollar a week, from all of you who live therein, to be used in the event of the right man or woman choosing to run in, in the next presidential election, assuming we get that far. we have a two party system, suits the current main parties, but imagine if this week, a bank account became available, whereby, Americans of all groupings could contribute to, in less than a year there would be enough to encourage a candidate, that represented the interests of all the people, not those on the left or the right. currently, money decides who gets elected, meritocracy doesn't count anymore. i know the first thing out of your minds is fraud, who'll get the cash, well how about trying to get one person, possibly a woman, to stand for the position. it would bring the lobbying industry to it's knees, to have a totally independent person of integrity and zeal in charge, rather than the party person, whom one side or the other owns. in God we trust you say, well God Most High loves believers most of all, who act accordingly.


(south pacific song..there is nothing like a dame...hum this tune at the beginning...get you in the mood)
there is nothing like a mobile phone, nothing in the world, there is nothing like a phone, when your sitting
there all alone, wondering who to contact with, it fills your head with all sorts of ideas, and fills your heart with very strange plans, in a famine or a war it's good to have it close to you, that warm piece of plastic, that mobile don't feel very elastic, even if it's often the only friend you have, and now that the government is spying on you, your not alone so alone anymore, so don't feel bad. every thought idea hope aspiration, even love, can be fed to you, on a menu of your choosing you think, if your willing to abandon all faith in people, and place it with your mobile. imagine this, phones mobiles internet access spying and they can't afford to deal with the basic issues,  the sexualisation of children,  abuse of the female form, food for the hungry, and the safety of whistle blowers. i recall a time not so long ago, when the folks who tried to prevent the war in Iraq, were demonised, many had their careers destroyed, freedom fries, i dont suppose you want to be reminded, and the hundred thousand or more souls who died in the intervening time, on account of the terrible events. we made a mistake is not the words that come to mind. it's Syria's urn now i suppose, well it's going to end in ashes, and the same folks who fought against the war in Iraq, are now encouraging violence again, what goes on keeps going on, well. till the God Most High, turns out the lights, i guess we'll get a few warnings, as they say in Texas, don't throw away your mobile that a drone i see before me, come let me clutch thee and blow..boooom, peace in the U.S. starts with an explosion many thousands of miles away, big bang....there goes daddy and his children, ...sorry about that..who keyed in those co-ordinates..we'll blame that whistle blower...can anyone stop telling the truth for awhile...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

keep on spying

Your internet search’s, dark night history, phone calls to all and sundry, bank account and credit card details, all being spied on, and you’re a turkey, looking on helplessly, and Christmas is advancing fast, and it’s all totally legal, not that you have a say, welcome to the modern world, of surveillance and crime , Edward Snowden you've opened the can of worms. Having had my own dealings with these types, the zealot world we live in, I’m certain the whistle blowing is going to get louder and louder, amen. Excuses they use to justify anything, some call it  patriotic, tell that to victims of abuse, the countless number of children, sacrificed as evidenced, in the number of care home worldwide, where the perverted were comforted, because of the secrets they held, with consent of the security services, orphans abandoned and leftover children, who’ll notice them anyway, no one to speak for them, but the country is secure you understand,  the interests of the country, it used to be children, same excuse used to destroy Iraq, well, God Most High doesn't think so, and many many hardships are going to follow, for each  of these misdeeds, no matter how righteous these people may seem. So when the earthquakes strike, the tornadoes double in strength, don’t be surprised at all, you sow what you reap, it’s that clear and it’s in black and white, for over two thousand years. A point is reached when time hits a point, the angels and holy warriors make conclusions, God sends then in to seek out, those who tried those who loved, in order to complete the book of the harvest, and it’s reached that moment in time, well if I’m wrong I expect you all to become giving and kind, and that’s not going to happen anytime soon, if the past is any indication of the future, am I right or am I right, this is no joke movie, no laughing matter, it’s time to do what is right, and the actions of the majority, don’t speak the language of love or anything near the standard required, to enter into the joy of heaven or the company of the Lord God of Mercy and Love. Support Edward Snowden and start listening, too much government spin, too much effort to silence the mind, it does not work anymore, and the young people of the world know it well. let the revolution begin.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

freedom freedom freedom

Freedom freedom freedom, cry is worldwide, excuses used by superpowers, to invade everywhere, politicians offer asylum, children all look stunned, all of them wondering, what is going on, jailed for telling the truth, these are people here, outrage shouts the media, this is not fair, arm and defend them, the louder the call, it’s been heard everywhere, don’t tell Bradley manning, Edward snowden is in hiding, martin luther king assassinated, and so many others, why such fear of the truth, conspiracies and theories probably true, just don’t open your mouth, only get you wiped out, unless your friends have armies for hire. Iraq, get rid of that dictator, replace them with another one, it’s the story of south America, the power of money over right, and why should we care. Basically put, those who don’t care, never tried to help, they join forces to silence the truth, hoping they will hang onto power and it worked, for an awful long time, not going to work anymore.  busy I don’t have the time, job to get to a wife to support, children take up my time, that’s the way the world is, get used to it and grow up, cliché excuses thrown out like garbage, hoping to quell the truth within, failing that the doctor and prescription medication, at least it’s legal unlike that illegal stuff, go back to the end of the queue sir, we’ll get to your dying child next, and of course you have insurance, it’s part of the rule and regulation set, and you wonder why Edward Snowden speaks up, think of the abused child, too young to speak, only able to show discontent, with actions that stray, descent into alcohol and drug like escapes, they plan for that, special clinics to take care of that, plan, plan for all that is wrong, planning for the truth to come out, cover up no questions asked, assassination allowed by government, perhaps a promotion as well. God Most High is getting dry in the throat, heard the endless reasons and is not very pleased with that,  I’m certain the road ahead is going shaky, perhaps disappear off the radar entirely, unless we start to hear see and to act. What do you think happens when the truth is kept down, it fades and dies along with wisdom, ask you ex wife. loving the only action of interest to a loving and all powerful God, who is doing his best to shower us with wisdom, and the heart is the only place where it can rest safely, and when the heart is no longer warm to truth, supply is switched off. Edward Snowden turned on the truth indicator again, and support for him is pouring in all over, government spin doctors wont weasel their way out of this mess, for a very long time, probably never, the titans of evil are on the run, the usual cover up, it’s not working the way they planned, thank God.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Che, Edward Snowden, and Jesus

Whatever you think, call him communist, call him revolutionary, call him traitor, the one who tried to change it all, and his life ended prematurely, on account of the C.I.A., government and human corruption, now the world has to bear it, account for what was allowed happen, to many like him, from Jesus, to joan of arc, to the Muslim nations demonised, the 222 cathars butchered, the death of martin luther king, and so many others. And you wonder why the world is in such a chaotic mess.  treatment dished out to Muhammad Ali, the attempts to destroy Cuba, the mocking of Cat Stevens, the list is long if I was to go on, it’s time we tried to address it, Edward snowden will suffer for it, the stuff that we pretend never happened. What made Che think the way he did, why he bothered you ask, did he work on a leper colony for fun, did he see too much suffering, abuse of  women and children, theft of local resources across the Americas, while the righteous citizens with out standing reputations did naught, includes the catholic church in those parts. A medical career his original plan, a journey changed all of that. Edward Snowden had a change of plan too, on account of what happened before him, he kept all plans tight, Che was outspoken, took sides early never imagined he’d be betrayed, there is a judas everywhere I warn you, even the apostles had enemies within, it’s why we need to open up, tell a few truths before it’s too late, it’s too easy to blame one man, when you know it’s the world that has failed, not the truthful and honest man. And you rear children to be honest and truthful, are they supposed to be safe in this current environment, I don’t think so.

How many times do you need to hear, the words child protection policy, before you realize this is a pandemic, everywhere perhaps you prefer being stupid. I don’t have that luxury, I’ve seen the changes, the clouds, broke a world that was kept to the few, broke the mind control methods they use against you, and reported them in detail to God, who wont be swayed so easily again, not by emotion by deed only, As I said to friends who escaped emergencies, you want to stay around or stay sound, better come up with a plan that is good for everyone, not just you. Edward Snowden had a plan to let us know what really was going on, Che Guevara had a plan to change what was going on, Jesus had a plan to let us know there was a plan, and all that loved honestly were part of it.

Monday, June 10, 2013

edward snowden

brave young man,  thoughts of goodness, decides to do the right thing, and expose all the spying on us, he saw that happened,  treatment handed out to the whistleblower, decided to take a stand, he made his mind up, to use all the information they know, made a dashing escape to freedom, to tell the truth to us all, so. does that not remind you,  the young child at home, who has no where to go, but terrified to do anything, on account of the lack of support. this has happened to many whistleblowers, and most of whom we dont even know about, so we should try to imagine that young child, and put ourselves in his shoes. given the corruption of the human mind, it's easy to see rich uncle fred, getting the information he needs about you or me, control if you want, over any one of us. that's a god thought for the bed, who is spying on us, do they know our internet history, are we being data mined as well, seems to me  it's nothing new, and has been going on for ages,  war and famine and sexual exploitation, now the government has you internet history too, what a scary reality. the good news is, because of edward snowden, bradley manning and many others, we are better informed too.

another honest man monday

Another manic Monday,  Washington,  truth has escaped again, where has it gone.
Is it the wedding feast of the lamb. Pandemonium a word you don’t hear too often.
describes the mind of the controlling set, they are about to get seriously upset, amen. God Most High is at it again, David has conquered Goliath, read on, or pop a few more valiums, or whatever is the medication you are on, bullying, abusing, whatever. If you think parenting skills will save you, the german high command of world war two, felt the same way too, and deemed great respective parents as well.
Triumph of truth over fear, new revelations appear, man with a conscience, on the run again, from who you might ask, those that prefer to hide behind organization, not unlike those old roman legions, well organized amid confusion, stole a march on the so called heathen,  ceasar’s palace no longer a safe haven, as the truth gets an opening, the light that breaks through, the power of an eternal God, who gives wisdom to prophets, warns us of the hell that awaits us, unless we mend our ways in private, not the spin that we often argue.
many wars unnecessary, millions living in abject poverty, not our problem I hear you say, tell that to the mothers, may I remind you, he hears every thought as well, stomach cramps.
United Nations world bank titan corporations, game is up, the time of the Lord has arrived, justice will be served in fine detail, like a five star meal you so often enjoy, with service only a lawyer could dream up, like those special insurance contracts,  didn’t know you could get cover for that.
Dismantling a system takes time, ask your local nuclear power plant operator, too many innocent people mixed up in it, unaware of the conspiracy going on, behind the scenes the click of a dream, evil ones can be turned into babbling minds, it’s happening globally for all to see, large numbers of respected folk, making complete fools of themselves, waking in the middle of the night, bodies covered in sweat nightmares coming through, seeds they sowed prove an easy harvest, weeds aplenty hope renewed, the day of reckoning is upon us.
many reputable people their character destroyed, so many the world has already forgot, be glad if you are one of the few, God Most High hears every call, and his wisdom is greater than biggest computer on view, most powerful weapon in the entire universe, truth, sad that we try to contain the view, rather than learn from the past, like the day they assassinated Che Guevara, Martin Luther king, burned Joan of Arc alive at the stake, butchered the Cathars of France, all those centuries ago, the mindless war in Iraq, the demonization of many nations, cause they didn’t agree with your view. Long live the truth and protection Lord please, to all on the planet, who try to promote all that is good, no matter what religion race or sect they represent. Thankfully, this game of chess, where the heart strings were pulled and jerked about, so abused by those in the know, who used secret knowledge to built empires and all that sort, no longer curries favor in heavens view, a long time coming as BobDylan would say, a hurricane, get used to it, but the truth stands out, like running water in a desert, and it’s arrived in such a way, that those who tried to undermine wisdom, are going to have an eternal view, of the hardship and despair they sowed. Having seen the cloud, the changing sky, the lifting up of new voices, not to mention the many miracles and there’s been a few, the efforts of governments to hide the truth, chaos that is more a pandemic than the pornographic rage that fills the minds of so many, in particular the young, it’s there in black and white, the internet was the final frontier, and the numbers don’t lie ask your bank manager if your unsure, or those who collect internet data, even they can’t come to terms with, the addictive nature of the human mind created, what do you think is going to be the outcome, to all this, a minority report, just kidding, perhaps Tom Cruise was right, women are from mars, men are from some other planet, captain kirk and spock, imagine having to rely on an alien for wisdom, and you thought you were  so clever, when the truth was presented to you in black and white, print.

Friday, June 7, 2013

number 22

The dog is busy, spends his day digging holes, bees are missing wonder where they go, children over react all the time, parents kept on their toes, politicians everywhere make promises, they keep doing it, why I just don’t know. Four times last week, the manual said six, I’ll sue the doctor for giving me those pills,  better not I’ll have no fix. Damascus child wonders all the time, watches CNN and other news lines, worries all the time, seems to bother no one,  prays to God, doesn’t seem to respond. Young mother father out of sight, can’t afford childcare, can’t afford to work, angry conservatives look down on her, should have used the pill, can’t understand her. Christian churches spew hatred at the clinic door, another child aborted I hear them roar, they pray to God, seeking all sorts of vengeance, God shakes his head, have they no common sense. Third of children live in poverty, this lot shout a lot, they take ages to figure it out. Causes crisis charity announces, dire situation even the pope pronounces, news abounds show images everywhere, titans own the media, thought they’d do something about it, never. The race goes on, another day another crisis begins, Syrian week what next, a titanic size earthquake, can’t expect to succeed like this. where asks God, will the telling voice emerge, I’ve waited and been patient, encountered the totally absurd, all I get is repeated chants, drive the strongest out of their mind. they keep the women, in many cases totally uneducated, they think such behavior is allowed. Days pass into weeks, the weeks became years, centuries later a new millennium later, he’s still listening to this, it’s driving him totally absurd. Makes getting wrecked a little cracked up high on heroin, all a little worthwhile, makes you forget for sure the prancing of so many fools, many women interested in their bleached white teeth, those how do you do smiles. Shut out the truth, I don’t want to hear, it’s the wail of so many, in finance in particular, sponsors of war the money and arms, they have no thought of the horror or the scars, their callous cold hearted behavior everywhere. Eureka smiles God, a voice I haven’t heard, calm loving thoughtful and kind, must be a child I’m listening to he smiles. Sends angels in to investigate the surprise, one of our own the angels reply. did this happen, thought it was someone new, how did such a mistake occur, it’s the corner stone again, the one they dumped out of view. Angry happy God demands an enquiry, calls in those responsible to find out why. Trembling their eyes covered up, one of you turned this heart down, no excuses but the truth I from you he smiles. Silence no voice can explain it clearly, so who is the Judas among you. With a finger he dismisses, retires to his personal chambers, no wonder the chaos that has grown for ages, when the truth has been hidden by some of your own. The era of the sycophant, the emperors clothes syndrome, the rotten core of leadership everywhere, it’s a wonder the world hasn’t exploded. Start all over again, we’ll have to start all over again, but this time there will be two in charge, 2 2, these sole male dominated structures, just don’t work no more, amen.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

waiting for a hurricane

Celebrityitis, farmed chicken farmed children, the

Disease of epic proportions, sweeping through the world

the disease of a lifetime, every dogs a lassie, children

imitate centrefolds, they like being watched, get over it

dudes, damn it all why bother, your in a wheelchair,


mentally crippled, a little terrified, you should be,

Immerse yourself in alcohol, lie to your children,

take cocaine, as much as you can, photograph

everyone, the neighbors too, they're annoying,

future is wonderful, amazon is healthy, are your

children, your neighbour thinks so, the sex industry

booms, Lend money to your bank, make them smile,

take sailing lessons, buy a boat, waters are rising,

is the global temperature, global warming or global

warning, why worry, end it all, now, the future is gold,

jump from a building, seen it on TV, blame your therapist

instead, blame God, did I say that, it’s like waiting for a


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

computer never has a headache

I have had strange life, witnessed many things, seen with my own eyes, faces in the clouds, circles overhead. Oddly enough, standing one evening late, outside in the yard, felt a strange energy, was having a few words with the above, had a question on my mind, about the turmoil going on, all around me and the rest of you, the world of finance was melting into oblivion, countries torn apart by greed. Have we come full circle I enquired, give me a sign I pleaded, I have my doubts too, and as fearful as anyone else. I stood under the stars, said a prayer, enquired about the well being of those in need, when a late night cloud turned into a circle, a perfectly round circle overhead. question answered, the world has reached the end of an age, the collapse of institutions continues, what can we do,  the year was 2012, cannot be coincidental, it’s now 2013 and things seem even worse to me.
who rules the world, the moneyed elite their cronies, the ordinary people, who account for 99% of the  population, or God.  The bible is full of stories, great warrior nations, wealthy nations, who had the world at it’s feet only to be destroyed, usually through avarice, greed, lust etc. true stories, have you seen the pyramids of Egypt, temples of Greece, the Mayan temples, Aztecs, get the point, these great and powerful nations crashed, all predicted too, so why are our nations falling to pieces too, two thousand years after the death of Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a mystery to say the least, miracles have been known to happen. I’ve seen a few myself.
Confused I hope, baffled perhaps, bull to some, lets get off this page and surf some porn, I can already hear ye, don’t need to surf, we have favourites on tab, one click we are there, the brain in drain world, same as a drug addict in heat, till we burst and our breathing returns to normal, time to unbolt the door, slip into bed beside her. Ain’t we great at love!. At least the computer never has a headache.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

do something stupid

Mind filled with images that trap, radar dimmed by horrible scars, revenge everywhere we’ll sort them out, an attack on the roman empire, resort to training hold and contain, justice is swift and soon were back, on the beat, they’ll never get rid of us, we swear, off we go again, try to exploit some more, women and children well used to that, and this is the cycle of life, been like this for years, relentlessly we battle with our fears, defiant we fight back tears, stubborn like we've always been, Stubborn till the end.
can’t understand, neighbor hates me, can’t understand, did I upset him, can’t understand our leaders fail me, better wake up before the truth overtakes me, wonder if God will have the patience to save me, can’t understand, the young don’t trust me, wonder if it’s anything to do with the way I gaze at them, wonder if the valium will kill or save me, wonder if there is one honest voice, wonder if an agent will help or fail me.

Expert opinion fast spin, doctor he’s an expert of the heart, no such thing and here’s reason why, can experts explain before they start, great afterwards telling us why, why the world  is on  the brink, the experts will save me, fools believe in those who respond to crisis, with clarity and alarm, like they are prepared, like that invasion of Iraq, the military machine primed and ready, purely by accident, like an upset stomach, yet they keep rolling out these experts, like old china in your mothers fancy  display case, for special occasions when we need that expert part, like the big Hollywood name on the billboard, at least you take a look, and it goes on and on while small tummies quake all over the place, do you know what it’s like to starve yet, didn’t think so. Well stop wondering about it, do something stupid!.

Monday, June 3, 2013

couching tigers

honey darling, the news is on, choose your destiny, earthquake, war,  exploitation of children, rioting in Greece, massacres in Syria, scroll the list dear, seeking a celebrity, no one seems to fit, back to war, ad break, rush to the kitchen, stuff a sambo together, ooops forgot the salt, they promised us a repeat of that bomb explosion last week, did you see it, blood everywhere, look great in a movie, so realistic, shit i spilled some mayo on the carpet, they really cut that guys head off, beasts, feck, I've got to see the dentist next week, somebody ought to do something about that war, explosion in Baghdad, 37 killed over a hundred injured, the caption keeps repeating across the screen, come on hurry up, want to see if tiger won this week, is there a TV station out there that does just news, waiting to be entertained is boring, worse than watching trailers at a .., live news report, women screaming, children in despair, over what, just a mangled car on a street, boring, saw it before, UN can't intervene, says the spokesman, some regulation thing, domestic violence no concern of theirs, if on the other hand another nation tried to blow them up with a car bomb, that would be an international incident, borders, used to be legal to rape your wife, still legal in some places, amazing what you learn sitting on the couch, normal to sexualize children too, the violent thingee, they can join the army for that. goodnight honey he shouts, he listens as she climbs the stairs, waits till the bedroom door closes. listens to her feet on the bathroom tiles. presses the button, family guy, at last, news you can relate to, not again, ad break, click the news, Iraq again, the war they won all those years ago.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Are you a propagandist

An arranger of words, assembled to affect, the mind of the reader, it is such a dangerous tool, and when governments resort to such tactics, they are in affect, mimicking the creativity of Adolf Hitler and those similar to him throughout the world, and the created evil that encouraged them.

These same tactics, are now used daily in conflict zones the world over. Surely, media bodies, who themselves profited so widely from the encouragement of such tactics for the last hundred years, have to answer for the wider harm, their short term thinking has caused, throughout the world. When it comes to accountability, there will be one day, when all those who crossed the line, as Johnny Cash would say, will be called in to explain, why. From example we learn, from example we profit, because of example, we are responsible. 

quick fix syria

Identity crisis, who are you, what made you, did you appear, what is your term plan, do you have insurance, can you afford a mortgage, are you a gang, certainly. Three year old, gaga for TV, regularly exposed to violence, not physically, on the screen, forced to mix in, no mind of its own, experts say so, a just formation, the organized crime clan.
Government special report, response to nationwide angst, zealots ambush legislation, common sense no chance, lobbying bribing interfering clever gang, think they won.
Details read them, claim is invalid sir, no mention of premiums, no refund either, it’s written in the details, no medication in your cover either, says the company man.
Tyrants govern natives slaughtered, UN enters the equation, refer to article 96285, need agreement of entire counsel, cuts out hope instantly, revolutionaries make plans.
No one takes responsibility, ad hoc efforts at best, good Samaritan comes along, makes a sudden impact, concerts and gala performances, Zimbabwe how we failed that test.
Mighty thinking about it, usage of language pure spin, repeating phrases, flip flop change a lot, trending at the minute, how many hits did that get, alarm bells going off.
Multi tasking dexterous fast thinking, keep it up son, going to the top, he smiles that boyish grin, races home tells new wife, thirty years busy, children hardly see him.
My looks all I got, has anyone seen my prozac, I’ll take a zanax, everyone reaches for the pocket, take mine take mine instead, when did it all go mad, pop one sane again.
There used to be a time, the vulnerable supported, women adored, children were treasured, that was over a thousand years ago, where has the love fled.
I’ve heard it all, God stamps the table hard, cracks it into a thousand pieces, free will free will, love is supposed to be, not a cancerous disease, of jealousy hate and betrayal.
Now they  tell me, imagine that scowls St.Peter, they preach everywhere, they can’t forgive a  brother, there’ll be war sooner than later, the boss has other plans.
Emergency provisions that’s all, few patriotic missiles for moral only, don’t expect them to use them, it’s in the contract, same one we signed with Mugabe our brother.

Pope Clementine wrote, no one speaks it honestly, not even the poets anymore, not even scientists, near his end of days, such was what he wrote, 800 years ago, what would he make of today. Questions we don’t want answered, find me a quick fix cause, amen.