Friday, July 31, 2015


lion, goes to drinking hole, pint of Guinness, his favorite, it's a warm day, yippee, a few pints of Guinness and i'll be ready for a bit of hunting, in the corner lurks, a white hunter....

Escape from the planet earth, EFPEE, are you an EFPEE, cecil was, and the aliens among us, all trying to find a better home, EFPEE united airlines, even the fish are joining in, dolphins too, they all want a better earth, and every species facing extinction, united in one goal, comedy time, but a very real scenario, comic as it sounds, do you feel lije an efpee too, humour, Solomon was thinking about the real situation, and funny as it sounded, it was more truthful, and repeated in the scriptures of old too, thankfully, but it was an odd conclusion to reach, and a great point for any future environmentalist, spiritual and physical, to connect on.

how many millions of tons of nuclear waste was buried at sea, and where was it hidden!

 The world that itemized everything, the way big business had, charging by transaction, when the same energy opposed the wisdom of the EU, in it’s effort to incorporate a global transaction tax, same people dumped toxic garbage.
The light headed idealists, who viewed the world through their rose tinted ideology, were out with the washing on this one, the oceans were dying, and the millions of tons of nuclear waste, dumped by so many nuclear powered nations, but where, had questions to answer, and for the sake of future generations, it was important they helped with an inquiry. Those arguing the positive nature of nuclear energy, hadn’t assessed the damage all this legal dumping had caused, and given the fragile state of fish stocks
globally, it was an immediate necessity, amen.