Wednesday, April 24, 2013

domestic violence rhianna style

horrors from abroad keep us looking afar, time to see what's going on at home!
mam and dad arguing in the kitchen, a glass breaks the young one rushes in, daddy has
mammy in one of those rhianna looking grips, little man grabs his mammys leg hoping
to protect her, little one is pushed to the floor mammy tells him to go, father is full of rage
how did he see it, he just thinks of himself and stares, look what she's done she's startled the
little one, little boy climbs the stairs his small footsteps full of dread and aware, his little boy
heart torn open he wonders at every step he takes, why daddy why. rain forests sound sexier.
he gets to his room closes the door his father screams at mammy how come he screams while she
straddles the floor, dripping blood from a a broken jaw and ear, no place to go too much fear to let
go, she looks up at him no feeling just terror within.
women have been on the beating end for such a long long time, even the Hollywood stars are guilty of
thid, yet they do nothing but keep it all in, gay marriage more important politically might get a better
role if we say nothing, i guess it's rhianna thinking all over again, sounds like the end of human concern
unless it's in africa or somewhere far away from them, amen.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Godot has a plan

indoctrination misinformation, distraction, don’t pretend everything is alright, take the week end off, one day someone will come along when everything will be made right, I’m that child, the world needs resuscitation, and not all that false inspiration, sweet suggestion that gives delay to our moment of escape, while we wait like we always wait. I am a father a brother a mother a sister a teacher a communicator, I see the evil that is overcoming civilization, together as one we can counter this discrimination, lets hope we don’t end up in institutions, just ask he said all those years ago, keep my faith in your heart and put away your ego, and then you’ll smile from here till the end of time, and you’ll get used to something so beautiful, that you’ll behave like you had it all along...,
the simple but awe inspiring life you have, so what are you waiting for, Godot, he comes and goes all the time

Monday, April 22, 2013

I own you

I own you, all techied up and nowhere to go, sounds like a busy day on the web, a very strange wedding indeed, a love affair with technology, new husband has acquired property in human form, a woman, we’ll do it my way, he boasts.. If they have children, boys will be valued more than girls, boys can be made work younger, girls come with the burden of dowry. Makes it sound reasonable to own women as they say, you’ll have to pay to send them packing. He’s the father, sue him. All this sounds third reich stuff, but if her name is on the paper, she’s yours. Beat her, heat her, starve her, even bleach her, and cause she’s yours, it’s all legal. What a society for a girl to grow up in, after a while she’d think it normal and just fall in line. Propaganda, keep repeating, easy to wind up people, steer them left or right, once you know their likes and dislikes, simple really. The new girl in the office watches the soaps, she must be normal, so do I. so do I, sounds like sodomy, but in slow motion. Sounds familiar, resentment caused, most of it by propaganda. And it’s daily, weekly, on junior TV, here there everywhere, and were all tied up in it. So how do you untangle the mind, free up space without having to take advice from the guru creature, cult, or professional thief, probably all are, thieves of a kind. Like banks, these cults, the more money you have the more they want you. Did you get that, that was deep, I agree with you 100%, I’m with you on that. Did I really impress you, that makes you feel good, someone thinks your impressive, wake up quickly, cause your about to be had. And if you have a problem, (everyone living on the planet earth has problems, booze, drink, sex, TV, gold, you name it, everyone is addicted to something) who isn’t on prescription pills. Those valium really did the job doctor, maybe I should try something a little heavier, have you anything for stress, it’s like asking a fish about water, listen to yourselves. But nothing is much worse than propaganda, being misled entirely and you think it’s good for you, you overlook anything, like a new man in the life of an aging thirty year old in search of children, she’ll put up with anything. If I don’t conceive soon, it’ll be hopeless, too late too late, I can hear the tears. If you love children so much, how about reducing their exposure to adult stuff, the ones you already care about, as you must love children to the ends of the earth. Your alcohol problem won’t be an excuse, you will, that’s another day’s work. Cults are like that. They get you to reveal yourself, know you intimately as possible, and they’ll lay on chicks, just to encourage you .don’t worry Sidney, monica and jenny just want to help you with your clothes. After sex, everyone talks. Your so relaxed, you’ll do anything cause you’d just had a dopamine rush, and it feels good. Your body tingles, like a heroin hit. Till your addicted or deeply involved in the cult. Soon, you’ll be hunting for new prospects. That’s what I love about God almighty. You are given gifts, and the will to decide for yourself. Are you amazed or just one of those folks, ready to take on the world for cash, hoping to acquire along the way, give back what, exactly. You’ll be asked this one day, what did you do for the life you were given, the potential entrusted in you. Cults never ask such question, they make it sound like you’ve found a resting place, head space, until you get intoxicated with new concepts, stuff you never worried about, conspiracy, what’s new. Sounds like propaganda to me.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

like writing on the wall...

it's here,being the day of Sunday, i wanted to do something right, and remembered a story of you, about life and death, that cuts to the very heart of all that is life, it's a story of the deaf kind, deaf people hear better than most, words can be heard from the heart,  just remembered Beethoven or which of the great composers had the major disabilities,  imagine where he'd have ended up today, that's right, in the garbage can, is there anything left inside, check it again. Time changes, it's the writing on the wall. have you been to the doctor lately, you'd better check out those bleeding gums, that pain you have in your head it might not be all that cider you drank, there might be a brain in there instead. we have found new bearings and aim to go in another direction, both making a point or starting a revolution, but the world is a living chaos, held together by the threat of nuclear war, selfishness, our desire to control, a prescription medication addiction and fear. what a platform for success, the writing is on the wall. print another two billion chuck, that get us to thanksgiving.

Friday, April 19, 2013

truth gets lost again

Mind made up with images that trap, radar dimmed by those horrible scars, revenge everywhere we’ll sort them out someway, there has been an attack on the roman empire, we resort to our training to hold and contain, justice is swift and soon were back on the beat, they’ll never get to us we swear, as off we go again and try to exploit some more, and this is the cycle of mankind, and it’s been like this for years, it’s relentless but we battle with our fears, defiant we fight back the tears, stubborn like we've always been,
stubborn till we get to the end of dreams.
I cant understand why my neighbor hates me, I can’t understand what I did to upset him, I can’t understand why our leaders fail me, I guess I better wake up before the truth overtakes me, I wonder if God will have the patience to save me, I can’t understand why the young don’t trust me, I wonder if it’s anything to do with the way they sexualize me, I wonder if the Valium will kill or save me, I wonder if there is an honest poet who just writes from the heart, I wonder if an agent will be a help or will fail me.
Expert opinion is called in fast spin doctor I mean but he’s an expert at heart, no such thing and here’s the reason why, will any of those experts explain why the world  is on  the brink, when I thought the expert would save me what a fool I was to start, believing in those who only respond to crisis with clarity and alarm, they repeat like an upset stomach that just seems to last and last, yet they keep rolling out these experts like old china in a fancy  display case, kept for special occasions when we need that expert part, and it goes on and on while small tummies quake all over the place, do you know what it’s like to starve
Roman empire builders had the fortune organized before they set off, wisdom they called for and war is where it starts, is everyone the world over blind cold indifferent and boring, only uppity and concerned when their lives have been encroached upon, seemingly yes, but they always said there will be poverty, they always said that life was not fair, they always said they’d be winners and losers, they often said that God most high had forgotten them, or was it the other way around instead, ask the exploited the children who can’t deal with it, the women who've been sexualized, the men who have been crucified, lots of questions to ask he sighs, where’s the truth hiding, he asks again.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Under pressure and young

under pressure still ain't fifteen, the mobile phone they gave me is tearing me inside, tweet tweet Facebook email confusion imagery, can’t handle it at all my friends the same,  we are in despair, where did it go wrong, why didn't a single human stand up, the abyss the world is looking into, couldn't get much worse than this..and still only fifteen
Celebrities everywhere profit the most use the technology, to make us all pay it all whatever the cost, yet the world is in crisis and they are helping us to fail, could a child handle pressure like this in the womb, days are different now and people everywhere beginning to see, I suppose I’ll be another statistic like so many of my age, unless something is done very quickly
Technology giants offer me porn and a the gambling addiction, get used to it they warns us but all the counseling will be free, never lasts long those free offers do they, not our fault we didn't put the gun in his hand, planted thoughts that were alien to me inside my head, was hard to access then now that stuff is everywhere, still only fifteen
God are you listening have the you addicted as well, they tweet you we hear what will you say, believe you said and we did my mother my father my brothers,..still wait for your intrusion on the race of the so called human being, if ever there was a time to enter the fray the time is now, please let someone care and assist me..still only fifteen
They gather around the counseling industry opportunities, big money to be made sorting all these young people out, politicians cry tears and promise us a new year even a new gym, my mother sighs her tears silent her hurt kept deep within, my father swears out loud asks God how did it happen again, two days later I’m cold like my life never mattered at all, amen, I’m under pressure and very young, you’re the adults here, do something, ..still only fifteen

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

metanoia or bust...

metanoia, you know what i mean!

Bumper to bumper, traffic as far as the eye can see, celebrity endorsements of everything the consumer finds near, billboards awash with faces we’ve seen for years, panic sounding news rooms talk up issues that tomorrow no one hears, as every random atrocity is replaced with a fresher one, this is the state of the human race and it’s been like this for years. Children given over to second hand parenting, facebook or parental guidance the result is almost too clear, young minds expected to cope with an array of social devices, their minds not even formed have to balance what is wrong with what is right, like they are supposed to know, another child dies of suicide it no longer makes the news pages, it’s happening today in such common a way that unless it’s gorey no one is interested, and its been like this for ages. The porno kings with their collection of young things boast of their business acumen, sex me the angle they use to get you interested in their view, has been the same one for thousands upon thousands of years. Business channel commentators remind those interested in a wager, that adult vice is the safest bet in terms of a strong dividend, but of course they say this as they believe in such stuff cause their ageist. A new voice comes along a sweet sounding one as well, she quickly gathers a strong following and gets noticed, pure in her ambition she gains an adult momentum when she downsizes from a nice dress to her underwear, her coke addiction is the first of her many tribulations, the first husband an attempt to bring herself back to where she was, studio pressure takes over and gets her measure, their trusted record producer is on hand, the old love that she used to sing about is not the topic that sells anymore , a racy image lyrics that kick and gets into the minds of children, they are the little fish that the big sharks feed on. Divided society marriage no longer the norm, half of all children today out of wedlock, even before they are born, there has to be another way, metanoia. Enter the extreme the voices that were kept out of the space, men insist on marrying each other women do what they want, the wonders of the example being fed to children the world over, it’s our right they all shout of that you have no doubt, but did one of them think of the pressure they off loaded and onto children just like themselves, never, seemingly no one person the world over considered the one fact and certainty, that the example being fed into young minds, was creating a monster that only God most high could reconcile, as everyone else seems to be interested in one thing and one thing only, themselves, and we wonder why they act weird, so many children the world over. The arctic is dead the sea is poisoned, only animals behave with regularity still, only the human is the one messing it all up, and children are being left to cope with a sea of media interference in their lives and it’s obvious to all and sundry, that they can’t handle it, and what are all the politicians doing throughout the world, basically nothing, as they all rely on the same media interference to keep themselves in jobs and in place, so what is the answer, is there anyone purely human left on the planet earth, or should we ask God most high to get here a little sooner to sort the whole mess out. And the reason I ask this question and put these words on display, is not to gain your affection but to hope that one day, you might act with responsibility, and here is the reason why. I’ve seen the Golden city, the many wonders in the sky, the deluge of near death escapes that have been happening with regularity the world over, and no one seems to be listening and I know why, because it’s been like this for thousands of years you all say, and it will go on like it always has, for many more to come. Well, I don’t wish to distinguish or extinguish your dreams, but what I've encountered will shatter this illusion and dream, that so many of you have of yourself. Everything comes to an end one day, and that day is getting closer by the moment, and it’s obvious to me and others who can see, that we’ve just entered the last of the ages. Metanoia or bust as they say. i guess we need tragedy to feel human these days, what's been going on has been so wrong, and it's not fair to those we bring into this world. I wonder what God most high will say...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

You can't kill Love, not even in Boston

blood soaked streets limbs everywhere, people running like sheep the wolves everywhere, children the proverbial feast, this is not just Boston, God bless them over there. The world cries out, the demonic scream and shout, images travel across the globe, the zealots and their certain talk, we told so their gaze, this is pure evil, of that there is no doubt. a life so full and hopeful, innocence destroyed for all time, the memories that will linger, the pain that goes on and on. Meanwhile, those of evil persuasion, sit back in their comfy chairs, panic on the street is great, lets shed more blood over there. But one wise man or woman is all that is required, for it is those that encourage evil, are those that are running scared So stop and reflect and think before you act, just let the evil doer know that your loving heart is in tact. It is obvious to all decent folk today, that the evil ones are more desperate than you think,  for to allow such public slaughter on a world wide street, is sure sign of the end for those whose lives are hate filled, and this act of random hatred, has been caused to make us all weep. There are more angels in heaven today, dont worry if you feel yourself filled with pain, the only reason we feel this way, is because we are different to they, we care. I guess we have to make up the love lost in Boston, and try to spread it everywhere, amen.

Monday, April 15, 2013

How High The Dow Must Go

wow, tears in their eyes, ticker tape orgasms, squatting those barriers like flies, so easy to manipulate the figures, not so easy manipulate the gatekeeper, not easy dry the tears in their eyes, of children the world over, their innocence destroyed their love denied, call it off are the cries of the weeping souls, God most high will listen to them.

Friday, April 12, 2013

paddypicasso: Education to start, ignorance to end

paddypicasso: Education to start, ignorance to end: Education is the start of everything, ignorance the end. Why wasn't I a porno baron, could have looked at young girls all day, made ...

Education to start, ignorance to end

Education is the start of everything, ignorance the end. Why wasn't I a porno baron,
could have looked at young girls all day, made ten fortunes, made the world excited, and because it would have been my job, it would have been all legal bombing a foreign country, legal, if you get the approval of the UN.

He was in his element. Four funerals the same day, most unusual unless your neighborhood is being bombed daily, and they love the children they say. Harry was part historian. In the seminary they took all his old playboy mags, gave him copies of international graphic instead, a save everything on earth publication, endangered species, honest people, natural women, happy children, harry liked the leopards too, not just the lepers. Education is the start of everything, ignorance usually the end, as evolution shows. If you don’t change you die, even energy companies know this, global warming experts too. What did the so called experts do before global warming came along, probably teachers. Citizens of the world keep chasing dollars with the relentlessness of a vicious tumor  If those printing machines can spurt out money why not print a few more batches, no one will notice, and the hungry the world over get fed, really that simple. Can’t interfere with the economy, whose fooling who here.
 Harry believed in miracles. Unlike money, love never rusts, and rust never sleeps, money rusts if you don’t spend it or give it to someone else. Ask the Cypriots what happened to their stash. Love of money just goes too far, rusts the heart, you've been warned. If the children of the world have a voice, let it be heard, and quickly. The pain of death by starvation, the wealth of so many nations, the pious statements of world leaders, the five course dinners they spend hours over, the long shuttle home on the private jet, waking the next day with the worst of hangovers, nothing compared to the future offers from above, room with a view and a bed of glass for starters, menu indescribable, just lots of surprises for you. And you did this to all those kids, really he asks, as you plead with him, not even the greatest Hollywood script writer will get you out of this mess. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nurture and Fresh Air

He spoke to the beauty at the end of the saloon
She smiled back at him as if  already she knew
No words exchanged she left the bar
He followed suite and acted like he can
Twenty dollars later she puts more makeup on

It wasn’t a choice a career set in lights
A common family ailment she did the best she can
Alive with hope and always seeking faith
She’d quit this job entirely when she had it made

Years grow on her emotions turn to despair
Her familyunawre hasn’t seen the desperate affair
A longing for love that will never fully mature
Nurture counts in large amounts like our fresh air

That’s not all I do her takings in recession
She pulls out a picture her daughter aged seven
He thinks quickly I know some else he smiles
Gladly she goes to the circus and cries

Money has us in the can inept and boring
We seem to glow in happiness doing totally nothing
Lying on our backs pumping as hard
The lord looks on I must do something

Casino mart children family in various broke up parts
They say the last to know is left with a broken heart
To see the world immersed in its own glorious sewer
Children available on demand and by the hour

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cult of Confusion

Confusion is a normal thing, it happens daily, happens with age, and with children, it’s a tool they use against you, hard to believe but true, confusion. It happens in many ways, the consequence which can differ, basic cause is you and me, confusion, it happens each waking day, the threat of change to come, the consequence of addiction, the hope of getting through, confusion, the days are changing fast, the wind we can’t rely on, the evergreens are drunk now, the days are nearly through, confusion, your call is a wise one, a warning to all who hear, the actions of so many, controlled by the few, the danger is being constructed by a cult nothing less, a consequence of acting like Gods while the world tries to renew, confusion.
you face, the wrinkles on your neck, the drooping chin, the rubber tummy, the fear in your lovers eyes, your reflection that is, the fear of opening up, the mountain you keep for yourself, and they say the world is a loving place, confusion more likely, so it appears to me.
school time, children act out the fantasy of learning, teachers on the brink of destruction, governments on the edge forever fighting, pope wonders his dreams far away, mothers wonder how they cope, attention seeking deficit the order of the day, confusion, no, they just planned it that way.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Eating Fear

About to shut it down, he had one category on his list that didn't have a line through it. Jesus never got tired he thought, got upset a lot though, about to switch off then stopping. He didn't need reminding about it, gambling. He’d gambled his life on God,  there being a God, God that was never seen, a God that had no PR, many spurious religions professing knowledge of him though, yet no one knowing him, or her, even behaving like God, dignity respect self worth education fornication pleasure even consideration, it was a gamble all right, the notion of God. Harry discussed this topic of global interest and anarchy daily, the basis of God, and how fundamental the people of the entire world truly are, and the simplicity of money, keeping it simple, money. At least it cut out the notion of there being a God. lack of money plenty to worry about, why think of God of all people. So many empires had been built on this very notion, of there being No God, and every one of these same empires were now extinct. Even harry had questions he wanted to ask, matters that stood out in his mind. For now though he was seeking exposure to the craze of TV gambling, poker, poker schools, celebrity poker, million dollar pots, another push against humanity, and the embrace of selfishness in such a public manner. Even retired TV stars were being resurrected to sell it, the advent of online poker. Nude poker, hadn't seen it yet but it was close. Strip poker, he’d played it as a kid, but menace wasn't sex, the menace being excitement and thrill. On TV, they were hoping to execute the self destruction of the human race and all things good. Chips were not dollars, pots were thousands, the players, probably actors. But it seemed so exciting when the two voice over commentators try to decipher the mental state of the contestants, imagining the worries of the viewer, as if what they were watching was real, not the blatant attempt by a group of greedy dot coms, doing whatever it took to entice the young and na├»ve to their web address of destruction, a system for the basic removal of cash from your bank account using your emotions, wonderful really, so kind minded of them, children, there’ll always be plenty left over, children, you too could be famous. Harry wasn't blond or naive, but for some reason he felt protected, by God of course. It had worked so far for him. He’d remained sane so far against the constant attack on the human being, emotionally that is. What next, their next trick, an attack on the elderly he supposed, they eat fear daily, don't they.