Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nurture and Fresh Air

He spoke to the beauty at the end of the saloon
She smiled back at him as if  already she knew
No words exchanged she left the bar
He followed suite and acted like he can
Twenty dollars later she puts more makeup on

It wasn’t a choice a career set in lights
A common family ailment she did the best she can
Alive with hope and always seeking faith
She’d quit this job entirely when she had it made

Years grow on her emotions turn to despair
Her familyunawre hasn’t seen the desperate affair
A longing for love that will never fully mature
Nurture counts in large amounts like our fresh air

That’s not all I do her takings in recession
She pulls out a picture her daughter aged seven
He thinks quickly I know some else he smiles
Gladly she goes to the circus and cries

Money has us in the can inept and boring
We seem to glow in happiness doing totally nothing
Lying on our backs pumping as hard
The lord looks on I must do something

Casino mart children family in various broke up parts
They say the last to know is left with a broken heart
To see the world immersed in its own glorious sewer
Children available on demand and by the hour

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