Friday, August 30, 2013


end of days rubble everywhere, innocence lost hearts worn out, religious zealots celebrate, camera crews around, to watch the city torn down, a great victory they shout, while all the mothers weep, their children lying in a heap, while we all look on from afar. what's going on, madness.</p><p>Afghanistan was so necessary, Vietnam Cambodia Chile too, the list is endless but you get the picture, and awful lot of harm has been done, all in the name of democracy, the merry go round of death continues, reliable as a corporate jest in a hurry, perpetual and life changing
spying in now acceptable and global, incestuous in some places like Detroit that gambled itself, world stumbles and falls UN declares, nothing happens but it seems to be real, all the diplomats go home happy with zeal, job done something good at last, so the spin doctors spurt out loud, dumb or just naive perhaps both, world looks on believing everything they hear, just blood and guts on everyone's sleeve, excuses aplenty to explain it with ease, we all seemed to have caught the Damascus disease, what was once so beautiful, is suddenly turned into a memorial, poor memory this Damascus disease.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Self Termination

Media frenzy knives are out, children starve, saints cry out, how much more a judge remarks, what God asks, media details spill everywhere,  answer the righteous call, 200,000 more childhoods lost, devil wins  souls become ghosts, media move  to the next spring, more than one it is a ring,  God opens the books of the living and the dead, no media personnel  entries at all therein.
Your right shouts the crowd, God looks down, this zealot lot, they encourage the inhuman, don't think this is going to go on for ever. A flea in your ear, be merciful cries the priests,  have they been reading their minds or their hearts, crowd gather momentum the cries intensify,  a good legal team can disguise, St.Peter shakes his head the master is tired, the last time he saw that look a nation expired, the right termination is what it’s all about
Young pregnant girl no one notices, baby inside hears the hatred, kicks his little leg her stomach pouts, lonely and poor she heads for shelter, inside they advice her, it’s only a baby, he goes quite they are demons he’s small,  a face just a pair of eyes, kindness she begins to go towards it, it’s his right speaks the angel pointing down, her tummy jumps inside baby smiles,  your winning winks peter see’s the tear in her eye, the baby brings a lasting joy to the eye of the lord, sixteen weeks then why not that, lord shakes his head will they ever give it up, baby makes three can read and write, he’s in the school choir he sings all night, it’s a mothers right screams the crowd all night, terminate, it's our right.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Paris Fashion Week

murder by action, murder using words, the result is the same, this may sound absurd, a dead child on a marble top, a dead heart inside yourself, may sound different, but the result is the same, a growing experience no shame, take a look at TV tonite, the news is bad says the anchor right, can't be bored to watch, you turn over the channel, your interest sparks up, it's Paris fashion week you giggle,  children in dry ice buckets, not unlike those champagne bottles, murder by indifference continues,</p><p>drones fly children cycle freely, street is filled with dreams, noise overhead alerts worried parents, children run for cover innocence dead, manufactured killing machines shakes all mankind, just seen it on the TV, do you know what an explosion sounds, human curiosity and compassion in doubt, back over to Paris fashion week, frowning models with cocaine smirks, the world of entertainment in control, children back on the streets again, no bicycle lanes just craters abound, they play hide and weep instead, U.N meets for a special meeting, they plan it for the end of the week, no longer common these special assemblies, no longer uncommon these daily atrocities, at a time when love is on it's knees, a U.N special assembly is the last thing we need

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Can't Fake It

Love distorted becomes an obsession, u can’t put right until u consider the options,  takes time to put down roots to farm,  but the  seeds of life were altered with abandon, no baby born in such circumstance reaches peak, or receives the love that was meant to be, priorities changed there was  molestation of truth, hearts are playing  fearless games without understanding the truth, the trade off in human terms being more than a loathing, agreements made vows taken trust misplaced, the first signs of malice and foreboding,  only the materially poor have the  chance of creating love,   the purest form of love the kind that creates new life, but it's taking shape and happening worldwide,  against all odds it's in such times such love shines, most give up the journey as roots wither and fade, words spoken don't meet the action required,  little chance for  the divine creation to come full cycle under such pressure, with each passing decade the solution became remote impossible sometimes.
Evil titans fully aware designed the game for this to happen, hopelessness cynicism individualism self expression mixed with luke warm love, lets call it passion and impulse mixed with strong emotion, it was never true love except in the hardest of situations, all hope of pure love as distant as the the stars, everyone playing  a role rather than getting stuck in the mayhem, afraid to get hurt always seeking afraid of losing holding too tight, therefore giving up on the true meaning of creation, and the waiting became a play Becket wrote about, the essence of Godot a warning to all with ears and unselfish expectation. Divorce second wife career more important, the self our sole and only passion then children came along and  new life, the only hope for our salvation the creation of a true life, and they were targeted too by these same people of evil persuasion, who allowed paranoia propaganda and fear to rule our minds pattern, forever providing reason temptation circumstance all designed,  to create doubt and love’s abandon, hoping that the recklessness of the human race would be seen by God most high,  a good reason to delay our wholesale desperation.  leaving us to these heart eating souls without a care for the world,  they planned. If there is no love he’ll not bother  they assumed, then along came a spider who managed to creep up on the party, reignited true love with wholesale determination,  a last chance improvisation the prayers of some good souls were answered, earned a resting place in the heavens of creation, and it worked,…amen to all the babbling fools who abound in so many places of influence, they no longer control the minds or the love and are now themselves facing a rather difficult conclusion and a judgment for the malice in their intentions, all organized planned and carried out for decades…david versus goliath..well we know who won out….end of story…my whiskey is dead, have you ever tasted wild turkey, never too late to make up so they say..Loving honestly, you just can’t fake it

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Egypt and Rome

I've had time to consider and ponder all of the options
Our carefree abandon our contemplation of ourselves
The wayward children and the world in disarray
The excuses poured out the reasoning that never solves
I’ve listened to them all and don’t care much for logic
Time to reassess and explore other methods of success
The roman empire the best example of excess

Gone gone burnt to death never to rise again so what
A new leader holds the reigns till we've had enough
Replace replace there has to be someone much wiser
Spin doctors research consultants spend time together
We've arrived at a new dawn this one will do better
Hope rises we've learned from the past this one is sure
We ply them with praise before they ever deliver

Roundabout new age past wisdom and despair
We soon return to square one fate worse than ever
Masses grow weary we spin again she’s so much better
Confident smile gleaming white teeth and she’s a size ten
Women come round new woman in town a no header
Give her time they spin and time we give and she’s no better
We put up with it again while they try to fill the shredder

No ethical response children violent men chase the leg
A young child emerges and tells the truth even poets listen
One so young with a mind undone by example is so much better
Teens agree granny smiles no bribes to pay or ransoms
Gets the job done is answerable to no one and is handsome
where did they go those in charge long ago no quip or answer
once the truth comes out you don’t have to shout or pander

why can’t we find people genuine and honest to lead us,
is power such a drug that it’s all we can crave for or need
why do sin doctors pour lies in order to disguise what’s real
so many wise people where so many live in despair
does anyone fear the one and the power of the sun
are we complacent when it’s their problem not ours
pretend your living in roman times when it’ll end in tears…

last legs for Egypt

don’t need indoctrination misinformation or distraction,  don’t need to pretend that one day someone  honest will come along, when everything will be made right I’m not that child that needs resuscitation, just one who came along to see what was really going on, waited for inspiration and the gobbled news carriers sweet suggestion, delayed the moment of escape and determination of God most high who waits,  told to believe in the faith the love that took centuries to create, watched victims hyperventilating at those groups we call political hero’s , who sold our position like those same wall street finance cheaters, father brother  mother sister teacher and communicator, I deal with evil that is strangling civilization can’t afford to wait much longer, and this is just an introduction a petition of sorts, and it’s the first of many I have made without condition

God answered with wisdom told me of the written works, the myriad of beliefs that we grew up with all from confrontation, he asked for love we responded with power and fierce determination, overcame other nations without mercy or any such emotion, our faith in similar type situations meant war for all occasions, hatred grew from all this confrontation, and today we are united he says, not by love but by the fear of self immolation. Blessings stored for us like a farmer for future exploration, he  could not let the gifts flow in the planned distribution, we more interested in our personal reputations and some legal interpretation, self made to self we prayed the hungry of the world offering proof of this sad degeneration .

Many  prophets were sent down to bring hope joy opportunity and blessings all in magnificent amounts, all betrayed by those zealot types and those of political persuasion,  I work through the heart he said and the heart cannot be trusted anymore, there is nothing I can do about it if the heart does not conform,  like so many who went before to whom the gift was given, all they thought of was how to overcome all that was divine for some other interpretation. Egypt Syria and most of the world today, chaos runs the system while you just tag along, all because we turned our back on love, it’s the only explanation.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Guantanamo Bay

find them blind them bamboozle and rein them in, it's easy to confuse abuse them then choose among them, the broken and the despairing the hopeful and the alarmed, just make their lives confusing rue's and won'ts, get them to a point when they are running around in circles, them you move in selecting and isolating, take out the brains and you take out the power in them, emotionally cripple by means of boredom then offer help to restore them, soon they will be eating out of your hand, little do they know the plans you have for them, like some dinner today we'll talk about food later, now you are co-operating that's a good sign, another form of medication but it's the emotional type so you compromise, the subtlety of addiction, food, it leaves you with nowhere to hide, wonder what they are thinking looking down from above, another days work to be done, and whatever you do, don't let them find release in religion, God knows that can go on for ever.

The Galway Zoo

like going to the zoo again, listening to the same old excuses, pity i don't have friends to bring along, going to shoot up my mind, so what if i don't come down again, life ain't working and no one has a plan, going to the zoo again made it home last time, shut up i've done that cause there is nothing to do,  children are reared to the beat, run, out of bed, eat,  go out, meet,just come home safely, look clean and well made up, wash the dirt off your feet and don't say too much, be well informed like returning home from the zoo again. times like these remind of the last days of Pompeii, everyone saw it coming but nobody did an iota, like living in the zoo again, and peering out through bars and fences, wondering what is going on, need a mirror yet.

Friday, August 16, 2013

lost generation

the descent into madness springs to mind when thoughts of frenzied people stir up trouble for all mankind, from the spin doctors charades and their attempts to fool the people and everyone around, the political class and all their derivatives and the games they like to play, all an attempt to undermine hoping you wont care, no wonder there is a lost generation who seek to find but end up as prey
we'll fix it they say we have another plan the situation isn't lost, it's just the same old story empty promises that always go astray, the lies they like to feed to us the endless hours we pray, why can't they just be honest with us and tell it as it is, keeping people in the dark is the same as being led astray, and we wonder about the lost generation why wonder is all i say
it was revealed many many years ago of the fate that awaits us all, some thought it was a comic book exercise to some it means an awful lot more, but the day of judgement isn't story book reading if it's to the clouds you gaze, it's the deeds we done and the troubles to which we succumb that'll deliver or save us no other way, otherwise there will be a truly lost generation and by lost i mean dismay

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Network

Doctors professionals men of all persuasions with the authority women too, they sold out love they sold out above, and the network is global of all those involved, from the boulevards of Hollywood to the ends of the world, but God Most High knows every name the actions undertaken the horror they created see the warnings in the sky, and the fiery plan for everyone as written in the heavenly books, it’s been seen in the sky it’s not a warning it’s the book of the living
Need a little cash we can sort it out, don’t want to spend your life lying on the shelf, it’s all right everyone is doing it pardon me, taste a little pleasure it’ll make you feel great, didn't tell you about the other part, the hell thing doesn't really want to shout, child is slow so the expert doctors say, slow distant removed from circulation makes it easier to get your way, poor distracted wealth paraded too it’s easy for one so young to become so infatuated
School today the child is getting on I can’t drive you myself my friend will drive instead, and the process of initiation begins comfort in the beginning, genes get exited this process is tried and tested, brain lights up from all the stimulation family marvel at the child’s determination, network leader smiles and gives himself an applause, all the time I put in working on the details when so shy
The situation becomes troubling they put it down to condition, it’s not the same as they get older they need a new addition, they ask among the network for one of young disposition, images of sexual depravity hardened swingers and libertarian ism, you have contacts they say to a woman with depraved intentions and global connections, she takes out a camera shows them a sweet young child, if the network can afford it she’ll be there in awhile

A wondering angel comes across the situation decides to do something thinks up something cunning, immediately encounters danger his radar is sharp and fine, there’s more going on here lets take a look around, patience and relentless and Godly wise sets a plan in motion to recover the child, she’s not like she used to be she talks more has confidence as well, not the broken child they hoped for one they can control, angel reads the panic the plan is working well, the day is coming soon when all of them will be found out, just an appetizer to take with you on the road to hell.

battle rages on

The war rages on, love is on the ropes, battered and bruised but determined, audience cheers enjoys the smell of blood, hatred and deceit gloats, certain they are going to win, bell rings just in time, love staggers to it’s corner, the devil assumes it wont be long, all underdogs ride the wave as they say, bell goes,
In the corner love regroups, his coach a wise one, just stay on your feet, middle of the ring hatred waits, baiting love to come to it’s fate, pensive and frightened love rises to it’s feet, remembers those words, don’t ever hate, slip side bob and weave bell rings nearly done 
Finish him kill him, they roar out loud, love is desperate, see the way he moves, almost on the floor, but manages to land a score, wobbles a bit, but is soon upright, if I get through this, it will be all right, crunch smash, hatred goes for the kill, fleet footed and renewed, love escapes  those evil blows
Vengeance lust bile and terror, the devil inspires hatred to unknown levels, below the belt, just him for good, you’ll be king, the world will be good, bell goes the determination of hatred shows, throws many punches, ,lands many blows, love renewed handles the flow
Bitch bastard mother whore hatred engages with the skill of a spin doctor, sense the kill rushes in many blows, love hears the heart not the hatred that flows, ducks dives shimmies and dances, those blows rain hard but he stops their advances, then the bell goes love is still standing
Famine starvation greed children finish him off before the end of the round, we have to finish off this honest hound, love listens carefully to words of advice, stay calm don’t rush you still have a chance, bell goes love staggers over tired and emotional but never sad

Bell goes they are on their feet again hatred moves menacingly, wants dear old love to throw in the towel, love remains calm thinks of the advise given and the cunning plan, slip and fall he’s on the floor pretending, hatred moves to finish end it all, just then love moves left and catches hatred cold, one crisp blow and hatred is on the floor, game up time out rejoicing everywhere.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

evil comes and goes

evil comes evil goes where it goes nobody knows, person to person like a disease, it establishes a presence and from there it flows, going round and round in circles, like an anonymous waterfall, once it gets you then your in flow, hard to move once it's stuck in, there is one thing everyone ought to know about evil, it can be cured and it's not a lost cause, only one solution to the cure i can certify, it's called the creation of pure love and it's really that simple, problem being does true love exist in a world that loves itself, when your more interested in the reflection in the mirror, i'm important cause i sound  like that, have friends who talk to me and make me feel important, because because, there is no because in the cause of true love, it's time you got your head straight and tried to work it out, i'm busy the car needs to be cleaned, i'm busy look somewhere else don't ask me, anyone out there willing to take the extra steps necessary, probably possibly maybe well not entirely, that's the problem of true love, the excuses we come up with to stop us doing good, well,  if this is the time of great judgement and i'm fairly sure about that, seen the clouds the stars and the magic of the young, it's time we got together to come up with a cure for all of this, to make sure this war is won, any ideas, still eating pizza wondering, have a sandwich instead, there's a que at the pearly gates, i'm getting in so am i, you must have created a lot of true love, nothing wrong with that.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

why put up with it

The only hope he saw, a total re birth of human beliefs. Families that stay together pray together, can be blown apart together. If the seed of reason can be planted, can he harvested too. reason had to listen, listening, meant using the brain. listening to the gods of war, explain themselves on the TV, trying to appear reasoned, putting on a show, hoping to impress, all of them well educated, intellectuals, harry couldn't see how they were all men, no women, were people like sheep, as the bible says. The rules of social engagement, children were to be brought up in the religion of the husband, the list went on and on. With men so unreliable, it didn't make sense putting them under more pressure. And women were the property of the husband and children too, till all were dead. Education of the woman, she might learn to think for herself. The list of funny and odd rules, used to control women made interesting TV too. The program was Swedish made. All religions he concluded, found it necessary to control the woman. Women must be thick concluded harry, for putting up with all these rules.

ain't no good in that

lots of headlines, reports into this and that, all the while a little boy is waiting, for his father to visit back, cries and rallies priests smile pope is happy, world is getting better, meanwhile a little boy cries inside, heart wondering when his daddy will come back, another report and media show, but nothing has changed in fact, same faces arranging places, the report was clear and precise, they all agree on that, while a little boy keeps waiting, for the love he lost to come back, and they wonder why God Most High, is not too happy with that, great changes on the horizon take that, meanwhile the little boy is still crying, and of course there is no one to blame for that, because the world looks the other way, don't want anything like that to upset us, ain't no good in that.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Manipulation, since time began, call it power call it addiction, call it what you like, it’s a source of evil, it’s the most cunning disease about, children women men babies politicians, power to control to overstate to overtake, name of greed lust avarice or mistrust, the sexualisation of the young, to the use of the gun, manipulation, it’s war it’s famine  it’s in everyone, and we have to overcome it, sow hatred harvest hate, sow love harvest gold,  we encourage manipulation, it’s your child’s education,  the reason we hate, we can’t show it so we pretend, the young suffer, alcohol abuse addictions, the drugs we offer to overcome, the political pretenders the pharmaceutical kings, the professional sports we gamble on, the lost innocence that we  undersell, cause we all do it, and it’s something that we have to overcome, I’ve been on the frontline, I watched the tactics, from Hitler’s men of propaganda to the last election, the pr men the advertisers best friend, media moguls reap the benefits, criminal tycoons who get away with it, something has to be done, manipulation of truth we take for granted, fearful to open our mouths, in case the truth gets out, and you wonder why all over the world they fight wars over it, all over manipulation, it’s time we stopped a minute and tried to work it out, before we become so manipulated we'll forget who we've become.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

planning - the best medicine

the light the light we must kill the light, they'll know our power is manufactured unlike the heart that shines, drained emotionally the warrior finds shelter and rest, while the pack of hounds chasing find distraction, in the vulnerable young and old they meet, irresistible to the prey on offer they feast all night long, they know where he is running to, they hope to be soon along, kill maim tearing hearts apart, the pack are as instinctive as a bunch of rats, they quickly double in size like the smell of blood and fear. 
wisdom seeker and keeper of souls needs support calls out to the lord, sun comes up breeze rolls in, what do you need, reassurance and truth he pleads, he sits quietly in a field of tall sweet green grass, asks for the holy spirit to fortify and strengthen him, makes clear the situation and the enormity of the task, another day for David says the lord there'll be plenty of back up, sun appears from behind a cloud it was resting just taking a nap, a burst of bright light and he knew the message got through, immediately his mind and heart are at rest as the wind across his face blew.
up there over there down there here where they ask, the evil pack chasing roaring screaming terrifying everyone leaving fear and horror behind, over there cries one out loud a sighting they smell blood and it tastes divine, they push and shove the reward for his capture huge to the spot on the hill, all of a sudden he's out of sight but the chase ensues as does the thrill, over the hill over the hill they charge like never before, a roar a scream an avalanche of despair we have him they shout, the pack in heat race over the hill and what 
must have seemed no doubt, what have we done they wail no where to go no escape for sure, as they fall deep over the cliff and into the sulphur lake below, something good has happened.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


long distance, miles away, can't hear them, but we can see them, day and night,  wonder what is going on, agents of the soul compete,   sublime the plans of the evil ones, though tainted by their lies and the disguise, track records go a long way back, late night meetings the surreal romance, and the common interest being, the development and growth of evil and control, the last hope of those who have committed their souls, not to justice love and all that is godly, but to the ways of the evil doer and the promises that he made boldly. young minds are easy to fluster, but they get the chance to see through, when the last bell is called and it's your time, all will be clear and  the one they decided to trust in, as God Most High is aware of all plans, he will surely thwart those that attempt to destroy faith and trust in love, no matter the consequences therein.
and why is Australia long distance close or next door, to remind us of those near to us, your neighbor is a lot nearer than you think.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

excuses please

ceilings  caving in, no boundaries to stop you, only  fear you carry with you, put it down  pick up the baton, love is on the march, evil and all it's friends are frightful, they have seen mighty signs in the sky, they know they'll be measured and justice will be divine, so warriors, remain calm keep the heads, don't be moved by sad stories, don't be led down dark lanes, God Most High is well aware, awakened, and does not like the way love has been battered and bruised, he's taking those responsible to task, the truly faithful can all rejoice, everyone knows as leonard says, the fundamental opening of the heart has occurred, feed the love that escorts your soul, times will be good for ever, blessings to Gerry, a close friend, may he rest in peace.
and they want to send Bradley manning and Edward Snowden off to somewhere safe, safe from being asked questions, afraid of the truth, afraid their network will be revealed, afraid of what you ask, your children will be asking you this in years to come, where were you when brad and ed were in trouble, excuses please.

Friday, August 2, 2013

don't compromise

screams and cries hear the pleading, the call of vengance echo's throughout the world, constitutions manufactured, the Great God Most High, he sees the deception no one is going to fool him again, he will deal with the evil one's head on. Seeds are sown hoping to undermine, traitors and friends scheme in the background, God Most High watches closely, sends down the angels, into their arms he holds us safely, the battle begins the words fly,  the book of the living opens in the skies, God Most High lets out a smile, friends
and those to trust are in short supply, he sends down wisdom to prop up their efforts, the horses run faster the results speak for themselves,  salvation has arrived in the city, they have learned to love again, their wicked plans are in pieces, that's the way it is smiles God to himself, it was a close horse race, but it's the thrill that encourages the seekers, just climbing the mountain, a little higher up a hand reaches,it was you he smiles as he stands on the peak of it, a lot of trouble in the valley, de dum de dum de dum dum dee, great ideas come in well wrapped secrets, amen. No one is blameless here, the watchers and the beers, the world is a gift, not a playground for your every want, the book of revelations is being played out, evil on the run again no where to stand, God Most High sends his warriors in pursuit, no compromise no second takes.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

on the run

it's happened, the light has broken through, the emptiness of the heart is no more, God Most High listens kindly to all prayers, think in love and you will over come, put aside the fear and the terror hidden, the stories forbidden the trouble that will unfold, together we can keep the light, alone we live in dark and without light, where the depths of evil lie waiting, reminding you of all the entitlements and your pension plan, somebody must pay for this, otherwise I'm just an only man, and so the story goes, the masters  of evil, the world under their control, no longer able to silence the people, keeping them alienated in fear and without hope, then the light brakes through, no time to panic or celebrate  yet, just keep the heart strings long, and your mind full of all that is right, God Most High is listening closely, everything is going to be all right, believe!.