Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Network

Doctors professionals men of all persuasions with the authority women too, they sold out love they sold out above, and the network is global of all those involved, from the boulevards of Hollywood to the ends of the world, but God Most High knows every name the actions undertaken the horror they created see the warnings in the sky, and the fiery plan for everyone as written in the heavenly books, it’s been seen in the sky it’s not a warning it’s the book of the living
Need a little cash we can sort it out, don’t want to spend your life lying on the shelf, it’s all right everyone is doing it pardon me, taste a little pleasure it’ll make you feel great, didn't tell you about the other part, the hell thing doesn't really want to shout, child is slow so the expert doctors say, slow distant removed from circulation makes it easier to get your way, poor distracted wealth paraded too it’s easy for one so young to become so infatuated
School today the child is getting on I can’t drive you myself my friend will drive instead, and the process of initiation begins comfort in the beginning, genes get exited this process is tried and tested, brain lights up from all the stimulation family marvel at the child’s determination, network leader smiles and gives himself an applause, all the time I put in working on the details when so shy
The situation becomes troubling they put it down to condition, it’s not the same as they get older they need a new addition, they ask among the network for one of young disposition, images of sexual depravity hardened swingers and libertarian ism, you have contacts they say to a woman with depraved intentions and global connections, she takes out a camera shows them a sweet young child, if the network can afford it she’ll be there in awhile

A wondering angel comes across the situation decides to do something thinks up something cunning, immediately encounters danger his radar is sharp and fine, there’s more going on here lets take a look around, patience and relentless and Godly wise sets a plan in motion to recover the child, she’s not like she used to be she talks more has confidence as well, not the broken child they hoped for one they can control, angel reads the panic the plan is working well, the day is coming soon when all of them will be found out, just an appetizer to take with you on the road to hell.

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