Wednesday, August 14, 2013

battle rages on

The war rages on, love is on the ropes, battered and bruised but determined, audience cheers enjoys the smell of blood, hatred and deceit gloats, certain they are going to win, bell rings just in time, love staggers to it’s corner, the devil assumes it wont be long, all underdogs ride the wave as they say, bell goes,
In the corner love regroups, his coach a wise one, just stay on your feet, middle of the ring hatred waits, baiting love to come to it’s fate, pensive and frightened love rises to it’s feet, remembers those words, don’t ever hate, slip side bob and weave bell rings nearly done 
Finish him kill him, they roar out loud, love is desperate, see the way he moves, almost on the floor, but manages to land a score, wobbles a bit, but is soon upright, if I get through this, it will be all right, crunch smash, hatred goes for the kill, fleet footed and renewed, love escapes  those evil blows
Vengeance lust bile and terror, the devil inspires hatred to unknown levels, below the belt, just him for good, you’ll be king, the world will be good, bell goes the determination of hatred shows, throws many punches, ,lands many blows, love renewed handles the flow
Bitch bastard mother whore hatred engages with the skill of a spin doctor, sense the kill rushes in many blows, love hears the heart not the hatred that flows, ducks dives shimmies and dances, those blows rain hard but he stops their advances, then the bell goes love is still standing
Famine starvation greed children finish him off before the end of the round, we have to finish off this honest hound, love listens carefully to words of advice, stay calm don’t rush you still have a chance, bell goes love staggers over tired and emotional but never sad

Bell goes they are on their feet again hatred moves menacingly, wants dear old love to throw in the towel, love remains calm thinks of the advise given and the cunning plan, slip and fall he’s on the floor pretending, hatred moves to finish end it all, just then love moves left and catches hatred cold, one crisp blow and hatred is on the floor, game up time out rejoicing everywhere.

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