Thursday, August 8, 2013

planning - the best medicine

the light the light we must kill the light, they'll know our power is manufactured unlike the heart that shines, drained emotionally the warrior finds shelter and rest, while the pack of hounds chasing find distraction, in the vulnerable young and old they meet, irresistible to the prey on offer they feast all night long, they know where he is running to, they hope to be soon along, kill maim tearing hearts apart, the pack are as instinctive as a bunch of rats, they quickly double in size like the smell of blood and fear. 
wisdom seeker and keeper of souls needs support calls out to the lord, sun comes up breeze rolls in, what do you need, reassurance and truth he pleads, he sits quietly in a field of tall sweet green grass, asks for the holy spirit to fortify and strengthen him, makes clear the situation and the enormity of the task, another day for David says the lord there'll be plenty of back up, sun appears from behind a cloud it was resting just taking a nap, a burst of bright light and he knew the message got through, immediately his mind and heart are at rest as the wind across his face blew.
up there over there down there here where they ask, the evil pack chasing roaring screaming terrifying everyone leaving fear and horror behind, over there cries one out loud a sighting they smell blood and it tastes divine, they push and shove the reward for his capture huge to the spot on the hill, all of a sudden he's out of sight but the chase ensues as does the thrill, over the hill over the hill they charge like never before, a roar a scream an avalanche of despair we have him they shout, the pack in heat race over the hill and what 
must have seemed no doubt, what have we done they wail no where to go no escape for sure, as they fall deep over the cliff and into the sulphur lake below, something good has happened.

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