Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Egypt and Rome

I've had time to consider and ponder all of the options
Our carefree abandon our contemplation of ourselves
The wayward children and the world in disarray
The excuses poured out the reasoning that never solves
I’ve listened to them all and don’t care much for logic
Time to reassess and explore other methods of success
The roman empire the best example of excess

Gone gone burnt to death never to rise again so what
A new leader holds the reigns till we've had enough
Replace replace there has to be someone much wiser
Spin doctors research consultants spend time together
We've arrived at a new dawn this one will do better
Hope rises we've learned from the past this one is sure
We ply them with praise before they ever deliver

Roundabout new age past wisdom and despair
We soon return to square one fate worse than ever
Masses grow weary we spin again she’s so much better
Confident smile gleaming white teeth and she’s a size ten
Women come round new woman in town a no header
Give her time they spin and time we give and she’s no better
We put up with it again while they try to fill the shredder

No ethical response children violent men chase the leg
A young child emerges and tells the truth even poets listen
One so young with a mind undone by example is so much better
Teens agree granny smiles no bribes to pay or ransoms
Gets the job done is answerable to no one and is handsome
where did they go those in charge long ago no quip or answer
once the truth comes out you don’t have to shout or pander

why can’t we find people genuine and honest to lead us,
is power such a drug that it’s all we can crave for or need
why do sin doctors pour lies in order to disguise what’s real
so many wise people where so many live in despair
does anyone fear the one and the power of the sun
are we complacent when it’s their problem not ours
pretend your living in roman times when it’ll end in tears…

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