Monday, August 26, 2013

Paris Fashion Week

murder by action, murder using words, the result is the same, this may sound absurd, a dead child on a marble top, a dead heart inside yourself, may sound different, but the result is the same, a growing experience no shame, take a look at TV tonite, the news is bad says the anchor right, can't be bored to watch, you turn over the channel, your interest sparks up, it's Paris fashion week you giggle,  children in dry ice buckets, not unlike those champagne bottles, murder by indifference continues,</p><p>drones fly children cycle freely, street is filled with dreams, noise overhead alerts worried parents, children run for cover innocence dead, manufactured killing machines shakes all mankind, just seen it on the TV, do you know what an explosion sounds, human curiosity and compassion in doubt, back over to Paris fashion week, frowning models with cocaine smirks, the world of entertainment in control, children back on the streets again, no bicycle lanes just craters abound, they play hide and weep instead, U.N meets for a special meeting, they plan it for the end of the week, no longer common these special assemblies, no longer uncommon these daily atrocities, at a time when love is on it's knees, a U.N special assembly is the last thing we need

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