Wednesday, January 29, 2014

clouds speak

Clouds speak, it’s happening, stars that move, places shine brightly, some in the dark, the ugly secret is out, God responds to acts of the heart, nothing else check mate. Dubious prayers  cold hearts, last minute requests, sounds very serious, it’s not the eleventh hour, were long past that,  the harvest of the souls, few politicians,  anything I can do, can you hear them, tempters enquire further, evil worshippers I mean, forever looking for a cure, can they kill the light, you can’t be serious,  night follows day, the truth was  in the dark, then it came into the light, woke the souls of the living, the world suddenly came right. Screams of horror, have you not noticed the change, have you  seen the tender side of the news, the new pope is a mix between che quevara and JFK.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

fracking on dudes!

Oil guy big smile,
finance guy big sigh,
Put the rig over there,
Hard to hear clearly,
Chopper very noisy,
Million barrels a day,
Amazing the technology,
Pump in the chemicals,
Whoof the oil gas flew,
Water becomes polluted,
Nature reserve destroyed,
Land becomes useless,
A sore in everyone’s eye,
Mr President what’s up,
Energy independence he quips,
Fathers mind your children,
That was just an election boost,
Protester gets twenty years,
For upsetting the president,
Mother Nature howls,
A big freeze you want,
She looks to the sky,
God gives the directions,
Wind blows cold air,
Country freezes everywhere,
They wont frack around much now,
Mother nature is consoled,
For the time being anyhow,
Poisoning the water everywhere,
First the arctic now the rivers,
Can’t believe such stupidity,
Meanwhile chopper stops,
Rotors seize up,
Oil guy finance guy go down,
Pilot miraculously survives,
Two more incoming.
Gates of hell opened,
In the two guys fly,

The end.

Day in the life of a president

Barack someone here to see you
Michelle waltzes in, fawns,
just got asked to do home cooking,
cooking laughs Barack ,
tucking into his low calorie celebrity managed roast
If you cook this well I’m not surprised honey
it’s because you’re the presidents girl he sighs
while sipping some French burgundy,
if you want  I’ll even make a guest appearance
I’m sure the TV editor will go for that
Honey Bear you are great with those ideas,
how come the world is so messed up,
don’t you want to think about that
For you michelle I’d do anything
Barack breaks into song,
secret service comes rushing in
thought their was an intruder sir,
tut tut quips michelle,
soon the boys are gone.
back to the TV show dear,
if you like I’ll make a baked Alaska
hahaha laughs Barack  palin insignificance
hahahaha. Alaska is baking again
your not supposed to laugh smiles Barack
I’m the woman behind the man answers michelle
tears of laughter rushing down her face
who actually made this dinner michelle,
it’s the best I ever had,
had it flown in from Vegas this time,
you remember  the pudding they flew in last week
you loved that as well. Hahahahaha
meanwhile down the street a little boy suckles
his mother’s dried up breast,
suckles for all he’s worth,
it’s only miles away you see,
sure you’ll hear about it next week
I thought he had courage quips God
looking down with St.Peter from a cloud
in the beginning they are like children
when they grow up it’s hard to tell.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wisdom on Thursdays

It’s the same with the wine, you get used to hearing, inexperienced you rely on the opinion of others, reminds me of the formed opinion, propaganda for short if it’s misleading, enlightening if it’s purely honest, half truth is about as useful as a bucket with a small hole in it, it’s still a bucket, you can fill it up, but nothing will remain, useless in the event of a fire, purely a fa├žade, belief in God Most High, was for many an empty bucket, as media moguls and others, played down the impact of the divine, promoting the excess’s of human nature, not the success’s of human nurture.
Eventually, with pressure and interference in news matters, the creation of catastrophe, it was almost easy to believe in No God, well if you check the picture, you’ll see this is totally wrong. Happy Christmas to all who believe in doing good, and encouragement to those who need a shove. The gift of eternal life, is probably the greatest gift of all. Passing on the love is the secret in getting there, amen!. Of course if you have a picture, i.e, the man in the sky, it’d be good to pass it on, promote it, that’s why it’s there

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Children First

Single smile of a very small child, melts the heart of a broken man, used to be me he cries as he goes out the door, turns around sees the little one laughing at him, he stops and wonders what is going on, an angel is born and he’s filled with spirit, what happened in the years gone by, his clothes are tidy his hair cut tight, inside he was empty now he is full of light, starts smiling as he walks down the street, people who used to be familiar to him see a very different sight, the power of a little child, angels, they are born every day, we just forget to understand, the gift that love provides and the mystery of God, never fails to surprise, amen. and when you come across what is good, do Love a favour, pass it on, God Most High is in the sky, and it's there in black white grey blue green yellow, actually, everywhere.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Faith in Love

The Man in the Clouds,
alive and watching,
Taking notes carefully,
deciding our fate,
is love welcome here,
ponder before answering,
faith in love,
trust in God Most High,


Friday, January 3, 2014

Be Inspired

What interest had they in love, don’t loot, yeah,
Just a few ideas to hurry you all along, and
Encouragement for those who had it hard, amen.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Better World

Gifts for a better New Year

  1. pray, you will be helping yourself, your family, and God
  2. avoid exposing children to violence
  3. children imitate your words, if they curse, it’s usually you they hear first
and it’s terribly unfair on a little one, when they are critised later for doing what they have been shown or exposed to. They weren’t born that way!.
  1. buy flowers occasionally for another, they’ll smile all day wondering!
  2. don’t get drunk in front of your children, it’s not cool, and it’s shit judgement and hugely unfair, they’ll find out for themselves
  3. don’t go from A to B as if you are a robot, the stuff in the middle of the sandwich is what makes it interesting.
  4. write a prayer, that is good for everyone, and put yourself last.
  5. God Most High is very real (check the picture in the sky, it’s real)
  6. Love is central to a healthy you, it’ll save you a fortune in counselling fees if you practice.
  7. turn off the news regularly, blank it out, tomorrows news will worry you anyway and if you want to get over something, say a prayer, it always helps.
  8. do one act of pure charity every four days, and write it down, it’ll make you feel good about yourself when you read it back.
  9. listen to music every day, not the head banger stiff, rhythm music.
  10. visit a bookstore occasionally, you don’t have to buy anything, you’ll get ideas.
  11. don’t be tempted by bargains, it’s all there online anyway, and cheaper too!
  12. the happier you are, the less you need.
  13. best pension plan is a happy family.
  14. learn to escape your families prejudices, we all have some, unavoidable.
  15. Be patient with everyone, try it, it catches on, eases everyone around you.
  16. don’t stress yourself with pornography, it’ll ruin romance for you.
  17. stop looking at the other sex with intent, we have all been brain washed. 
  18. propaganda is used daily, to confuse you and hide truths.
  19. Love is the only intangible substance of interest to God Most High.
  20. we are all from the sun, we are supposed to shine, just remember it.
  21. all religions praise God Most High, God Most High detests hatred of any type, so don’t hate, even when you are upset. If you can’t forgive, you can’t love.
  22. This life is not the end of the journey, Heaven does exist, the picture in the sky, is the absolute proof you’ll ever need. Print it off, put in on the wall, in the bathroom, everywhere you can, your life will improve for it, and your
  23. The best dreams fill the world with love hope courage and commitment.
  24. God sends blessings out everyday, but you have to have soul to receive them.
  25. Young folks are supposed to get it wrong, don’t be a told you so type, help.
  26. wisdom has to be learned, and experience of others is a good reference point.
  27. remember the great people who have gone before us, they took risks for you.