Thursday, January 2, 2014

Better World

Gifts for a better New Year

  1. pray, you will be helping yourself, your family, and God
  2. avoid exposing children to violence
  3. children imitate your words, if they curse, it’s usually you they hear first
and it’s terribly unfair on a little one, when they are critised later for doing what they have been shown or exposed to. They weren’t born that way!.
  1. buy flowers occasionally for another, they’ll smile all day wondering!
  2. don’t get drunk in front of your children, it’s not cool, and it’s shit judgement and hugely unfair, they’ll find out for themselves
  3. don’t go from A to B as if you are a robot, the stuff in the middle of the sandwich is what makes it interesting.
  4. write a prayer, that is good for everyone, and put yourself last.
  5. God Most High is very real (check the picture in the sky, it’s real)
  6. Love is central to a healthy you, it’ll save you a fortune in counselling fees if you practice.
  7. turn off the news regularly, blank it out, tomorrows news will worry you anyway and if you want to get over something, say a prayer, it always helps.
  8. do one act of pure charity every four days, and write it down, it’ll make you feel good about yourself when you read it back.
  9. listen to music every day, not the head banger stiff, rhythm music.
  10. visit a bookstore occasionally, you don’t have to buy anything, you’ll get ideas.
  11. don’t be tempted by bargains, it’s all there online anyway, and cheaper too!
  12. the happier you are, the less you need.
  13. best pension plan is a happy family.
  14. learn to escape your families prejudices, we all have some, unavoidable.
  15. Be patient with everyone, try it, it catches on, eases everyone around you.
  16. don’t stress yourself with pornography, it’ll ruin romance for you.
  17. stop looking at the other sex with intent, we have all been brain washed. 
  18. propaganda is used daily, to confuse you and hide truths.
  19. Love is the only intangible substance of interest to God Most High.
  20. we are all from the sun, we are supposed to shine, just remember it.
  21. all religions praise God Most High, God Most High detests hatred of any type, so don’t hate, even when you are upset. If you can’t forgive, you can’t love.
  22. This life is not the end of the journey, Heaven does exist, the picture in the sky, is the absolute proof you’ll ever need. Print it off, put in on the wall, in the bathroom, everywhere you can, your life will improve for it, and your
  23. The best dreams fill the world with love hope courage and commitment.
  24. God sends blessings out everyday, but you have to have soul to receive them.
  25. Young folks are supposed to get it wrong, don’t be a told you so type, help.
  26. wisdom has to be learned, and experience of others is a good reference point.
  27. remember the great people who have gone before us, they took risks for you.

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