Wednesday, January 29, 2014

clouds speak

Clouds speak, it’s happening, stars that move, places shine brightly, some in the dark, the ugly secret is out, God responds to acts of the heart, nothing else check mate. Dubious prayers  cold hearts, last minute requests, sounds very serious, it’s not the eleventh hour, were long past that,  the harvest of the souls, few politicians,  anything I can do, can you hear them, tempters enquire further, evil worshippers I mean, forever looking for a cure, can they kill the light, you can’t be serious,  night follows day, the truth was  in the dark, then it came into the light, woke the souls of the living, the world suddenly came right. Screams of horror, have you not noticed the change, have you  seen the tender side of the news, the new pope is a mix between che quevara and JFK.

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