Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wisdom on Thursdays

It’s the same with the wine, you get used to hearing, inexperienced you rely on the opinion of others, reminds me of the formed opinion, propaganda for short if it’s misleading, enlightening if it’s purely honest, half truth is about as useful as a bucket with a small hole in it, it’s still a bucket, you can fill it up, but nothing will remain, useless in the event of a fire, purely a façade, belief in God Most High, was for many an empty bucket, as media moguls and others, played down the impact of the divine, promoting the excess’s of human nature, not the success’s of human nurture.
Eventually, with pressure and interference in news matters, the creation of catastrophe, it was almost easy to believe in No God, well if you check the picture, you’ll see this is totally wrong. Happy Christmas to all who believe in doing good, and encouragement to those who need a shove. The gift of eternal life, is probably the greatest gift of all. Passing on the love is the secret in getting there, amen!. Of course if you have a picture, i.e, the man in the sky, it’d be good to pass it on, promote it, that’s why it’s there

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