Tuesday, January 21, 2014

fracking on dudes!

Oil guy big smile,
finance guy big sigh,
Put the rig over there,
Hard to hear clearly,
Chopper very noisy,
Million barrels a day,
Amazing the technology,
Pump in the chemicals,
Whoof the oil gas flew,
Water becomes polluted,
Nature reserve destroyed,
Land becomes useless,
A sore in everyone’s eye,
Mr President what’s up,
Energy independence he quips,
Fathers mind your children,
That was just an election boost,
Protester gets twenty years,
For upsetting the president,
Mother Nature howls,
A big freeze you want,
She looks to the sky,
God gives the directions,
Wind blows cold air,
Country freezes everywhere,
They wont frack around much now,
Mother nature is consoled,
For the time being anyhow,
Poisoning the water everywhere,
First the arctic now the rivers,
Can’t believe such stupidity,
Meanwhile chopper stops,
Rotors seize up,
Oil guy finance guy go down,
Pilot miraculously survives,
Two more incoming.
Gates of hell opened,
In the two guys fly,

The end.

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