Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Children First

Single smile of a very small child, melts the heart of a broken man, used to be me he cries as he goes out the door, turns around sees the little one laughing at him, he stops and wonders what is going on, an angel is born and he’s filled with spirit, what happened in the years gone by, his clothes are tidy his hair cut tight, inside he was empty now he is full of light, starts smiling as he walks down the street, people who used to be familiar to him see a very different sight, the power of a little child, angels, they are born every day, we just forget to understand, the gift that love provides and the mystery of God, never fails to surprise, amen. and when you come across what is good, do Love a favour, pass it on, God Most High is in the sky, and it's there in black white grey blue green yellow, actually, everywhere.

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