Tuesday, August 19, 2014


It’s been reported, trouble for many ahead, helpless souls in need, it’s well understood, the risk of another famine, in Africa, result of conflicts and wars. Following the ambulance, chasing the posse, getting involved politely, while ignoring the problem, until it gets out of hand, when Aid The Agencies The Lawyers and CNN assemble, prepare to move in and correct things, after many millions are gone, is no longer an acceptable action, and it’s about to happen again. The Pope, Leaders of Islam, Judaism, need to get it together, and rather quickly. The global leaders are aware of this worsening situation, and they see opportunity in it for sure, so there is no point falling back on them, and it’s a question of numbers to them, whether people live or die, suffer or cry out in pain. This is not an issue of interest for those in control, another half million dead means nothing to them, unless it’s a disease that affects their lives, this has been proved time and time again, God Most High is watching it all. Stretch the imagination, what happens when we reach our quota, when the number is up,,,,