Friday, May 31, 2013

selling doubt

Sell doubt, cause the brain to riot, sell doubt, raise the emotional heat, sell doubt, invent a new cause célèbre, keep them busy, confuse and alarm, appear to share, cast doubt everywhere, the battle of the soul rages, you did what, they did that, count the body parts, could be cemetery, could be fate, and in the end, you are given a bill, for toxic decisions made, a mess you have to clear up.
Hasn't much education, few friends and miserable relations, haven’t this haven’t that, so they give him medication, kill those inside reservations, the army will sort him out, he’s intoxicated they let him join, safer in Iraq than in the town, street wise and smug they think, he might could home with a purple heart, he might come home in many parts

The paparazzi lights, they shoot tonight, hasn't sunk in, all the easy killing, the souls that now follow, the moment is shallow, two days time he’ll be alone, no cause no orders to follow, isolated forgotten a number, he’s back on the medication, it’s short term they say, but they invent new medicine, they invent new diseases by the day

Johnny cash and his angels, look down on this strange situation, they pump you full of gas, then let you go full blast, in some far off destination, away from harm that’s local only, they think of themselves pure and holy, what if you kill someone else, we've tribunals’ and stuff, for those type of situations, the voice of reason, facing total obliteration

Many disasters later, obese and pumped up, needs a lift to get out of bed, needs electric shock to wake him up, swears how great the nation is, they keep the pension topped up, independence day they wheel him out, he waves the flag till his arms had enough,  not a prayer or a thought, for the lives destroyed, the children left distraught,
Selling doubt doesn't seem so bad after all.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


look left right behind you in front to the side to the stars over you, all neighbors, connected with the click of a mouse or the beat of a heart, who've have believed such a scenario playing out, the last act of a play, when we'd have to justify living in order to advance to the world of the living, sounds like a modern day fairy tale, feck, just dropped my zanax, hope it wasn't valium, they're easy to replace, on the ground, crikey, it fell into my wine, ah why not, one goes with the other, gulp, tastes all right, might have another one, neighbors, the people you hang with, share your drug with, lots of neighborless people out there, but we have the web instead, now the world is your neighbor, well you can't pretend not to hear, ahh not again, splattered my cocaine with red wine, destroyed my shirt as well, should have called the dealer earlier, i'll double up next week instead, neighbors, some kind of alien planet i think, the neighborhood.

thought about your reputation

Love cannot grow where the truth has no reputation or support. It’s a true thought. Think.
Relationships founder on lies every day, governments or marriages end when trust disappears. They might paddle along, but the original shine is gone. All those thoughts, when they become bad ones, difficulty arises. And evil doers know this expertly.

Thoughts, make you laugh, depress you, upset you, turn you paranoid, turn you sexy, reveal another you. A lawyer makes claims, no truth at all, total conjecture, upsets everyone, destroys reputations, has happened by the way, amazing the power, amazing the ease we admit such thoughts, anger festers, becomes an obsession, conspiracy theories, thoughts become distrust, easy to upset life, with a few thoughts, and if thoughts are spread by people of status, thoughts important, no thought given to the direction we seem to be heading though, all of us, assume we’ll be fine, that’s thought out, assuming that change will not affect us, foolishness, have money we buy our way out, then internet came along, thoughts were more than just thoughts, self contained we think, companies silence employees easily, corrupt corporations silence entire nations by legislation, still do that’s real, thought you could do something about it, others thought the opposite, thought communism was the problem, thought they cured that, and the rich get richer, where has all the thought got us, not very far. Why thought matters, it’s conscience at work, the good the bad and the ugly side, were three dimensional you see, alone we are vulnerable, two we are comfortable, three we have options, just a thought by the way. When a younger person, first world journalists used to comment widely on all sorts of abuses going on in third world countries, scoops as they used to call them, wow, could that stuff go on over there, sex tourists flocking to Asia, to get their hands on poor women and children, grubby or what, now they can have it locally, no one seems to wonder at all, it wasn’t me I can hear you say, perhaps you deleted your internet history, have you one of those eraser programs, possibly, but the manifest indifference out there, is frightening, wars started for little reason, big opportunity in rebuilding Syria,planes drones missiles fired, consequences felt long away from home, don’t you think those under attack are going to feel the same way you do over here, when there is a terror strike, I just think so many are brain dead, living in a foreign atmosphere, I guess I’m right about that, those who profit from these situations, merchants of war that is, live in another universe, many thousands of miles from the action, drone makers bomb creators whatever, the point being, and it’s the same case for minority interests everywhere, after being besieged and held back, don’t you think they’ll get organized, react as they say, or do you think the governments that acts in the interests of their donors everywhere, don’t you see they have no interest in changing anything, other than holding power. The reason I mention thought, is simply this. If young folks are being radicalized, I don’t mean terrorism here or anything of the sort, but if young boys are being jolted sexually, the internal ignition is switched on too young as they say, where or what are they supposed to do about it, pretend it never happened, and given the likely scenario, these radicalized children are about younger children too, where do you think their internal focus will be, given they have to deal with this switch, and the intense feelings that come with it. The silence of so many for so many years, is testimony of failure to be responsible, everywhere, bar the very few voices, we allow to be heard, or wish to hear. Given the amount of prescription drugs used globally daily, and the addictive nature of people, it reminds me of most unthinkable situations, becoming real. I don’t care about popularity, that’s what we call celebrity today, but the blind following the blind, it’s the bible all the way, and we are being warned about it every day, and hardly a soul out there seems to wonder. For our love of children, we love them we love them, revolution or bust I’d say. Love cannot grow where the truth has no reputation or support. Can we not put our minds into a day, and think about it, rather than these silly one day protests about a war, why not a meeting of minds, on all the wars. But that’s common sense, that’s why we allow corrupt government to make decisions for us, cause later on we can blame them, then go about electing someone just like them, so that we can blame them, and so history has proved, just a thought. God most high isn’t much into thoughts, he’s heard them all.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

trust control

remember get smart, control, your pension is safe with us, we test regularly, wall street is safe, the war in Iraq will be over in a year, north korea is the enemy, the billions spent arming terrorists, the wars now fought against them, it's a game, one side pours in hatred and ire, the other responds with threats, a child blows up a school bus, suddenly it's the green light, we've been preparing for this, on the sidelines the mongrels gather, supply this and supply that, war goes on, there's plenty for all of us, and finally peace, for a while, in the meantime they prepare for the next outing, in the gap the lawyers gather like vulture picking up the pieces that are left, while all we do is watch it play out on TV, trust control all right, when you can hardly trust yourself, the excuses we dream up, to ease the conscience.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

auto pilot syndrome

it's not what it seems. no one to blame, imagine this, you don't agree with the world around you, you offer opinions and they don't like them, years later they agree with your opinions, so, if you are being criticized for going against the grain, take heart, many before have faced the same problems, put it another way, when your standing on the edge of the abyss, and your looking over and you see what's down there, you'll be glad you didn't listen to public opinion. or as we face these troubled times, imagine the burden of those with lots of things to carry, i mean those with property interests and lots more, they wont be much good to you, if you have to drop it all and run, you'll be constantly looking back at what you left behind, knowing there is nothing you can do about it, while wishing you had less to worry about. just a thought i had while wondering why my life wasn't happening fast enough. it may seem odd, but isn't it odd that we leave so much of our lives to the auto pilot mode, thereby passing on control and responsibility to machines, when machines have got us all into the mess were in. when a plane crashes into a mountain, they usually blame the auto pilot.

Monday, May 27, 2013

invasion of the mind game specialists

Invasion of the mind game specialists, not fiction but fact, the same tactics have worked, from Myanmar to North Korea, Afghanistan to the borders of Ireland, the methods of the spin doctor, does that sound right,  say it again but make it perfect, this is an ongoing battle,  you better watch out, from the moment your born, the garish colors they push into the mind, baby T gets used to it, identities they create, fodder for the perverse, it’s no easy way out, when you don’t know the path. Silly aahs, madness, I can hear you far away, who writes this crap, life it’s just the way, same for women who slave day to day, the men look on, no one looks back, the toil of another hearts journey, they do it for their children, they can’t walk away. Men only, if they could have children, had the heart of a mother, worried about the living bubble, they hold inside them , wasn't supposed to be that way, horror of horror  women fight back, taking over cause the men left off, gave them voting rights, a little more sway, like the women kept ignorant, it just happened to be the way, till justice came to town, and someone turned the lights on, and out of the dark they came, in awe at the prospect that there is another way, and it’s not stopping no matter what, the loving God most high, wont have it any other way, but this is fixed they thought, well he had agreements with many, but broken promises killed the contract, so a new one was created, gave equality full speaking rights, imagine it, the men who try to keep women silent, hey hey hey, and this change, sometimes rushed sometimes stalled, has finally taken root, and women are having their day. Why so much was hidden, maybe it was a dream, it’s a kinda funny story, the wars fought for centuries, there was method going way back, invasion of the mammary snatchers, you can’t grab that, arrest him he’s too slow, what if it’s true, that when we sold out love, we allowed the devil within, to get out of the hole he was in, just a thought, perhaps we need to love more, but not with the obsession of a property developer, ideas please. The dude who used to terrorize the neighborhood has gone, everyone rejoices out of hand, relief at last, take a deep breath, gone where you should ask, no time to be complacent when it comes to matters of the heart, it’s the only game that lasts, and has the reward of a forever moment, just can’t forget the true love that you lost, see what I mean, and you thought I was just making this up, hahahahah…humour, makes shit coffee taste good, makes prison time passable, makes living a little more affordable, it’s like when you dream, that is if you can  afford to sleep well. As you get older the good deeds will stack up like many sleep filled nights, while the harm you caused, we have doctors and experts for that.

Friday, May 24, 2013

honey, where's my cocaine

Crisis after crisis, can’t fill the prescription either, could things get worse, mind beginning to burst, rushing from room to room, where are they, shite, found them, two no three might as well take four, just in case, you need it to act fast, make it work, make it work, reality is too hard to endure, the cable was cut off, and the wife is seeking her child support, on the verge of loosing the job, you hate it but it’s work, and it’s only Monday. Haven’t heard from the agent in awhile, it’s like those Hollywood movies, your always on edge, but you pretend, once you get out of the house, your out of your head, trained like a puppy, you follow every woman’s smell, every night you drink as well, crazy stuff you do, just to have some memory, can’t get worse you think, the girl you brought home, robbed you as well, left you with a rash down there, now you have to the doctor, suppose you can fill the prescription as well, hope in everything, only optimism keeps you going, did I turn off the cooker, or was it the toaster, oh bollocks, you turn the car around, speed home traffic cop comes up behind you, another hundred dollar fine, there goes the booze you were looking forward to, yes officer, I know I was doing thirty in a twenty zone, you grit your teeth, you want to scream, your fuming and spitting hate in your head, imagine what it’s like, you live in hell, a woman in those places, a child prostitute pumped night and day, nice to the sweet smelling punters, the gross acts you endure, I’d prefer to be the prescription guy with the nagging ex wife, sometimes you don’t know your luck. And people wonder why the world is the way it is, rather than the way it was, honey where’s my cocaine, under the bed darling.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

it's me tweety hearts

tweet tweet facebook google hit rate likes trends friends, seems like the entire world is into itself, that sounds like incest on a global scale, well, if it was one person doing it, we'd call the psychiatrist, she, he has a problem, they all gather to fix the matter, but since everyone seems to be doing it, we call it normal, sounds like medicine of a strange kind, all the stars do it, they tweet like tweety birds all day, does anyone like me, who befriended me today, imagine how God most high feels, when we sell out love, soon he has no friends at all, tweet tweet. more than fifty shades of grey out there, what's going on is madness on a global scale, but when did madness stop anything, only when the little child stood up, and asked them all what they were doing, south park guys all over again, funny to imagine but hard to explain as they say, like the billion to one chance that you were born at all, tweet tweet go the little feet, mind them well before they enter the gathering pornographic storm.

the fix is the game

the fix, quick please, can i have some more of that, valium nope, dope nope, fix, just a fix, don't need ideas in your head, get a fix instead, as simple as that, fix, quicker the better, it's why we celebrate good weather, mourn when it's bad, the sunshine that awakens us, the rain that brings such dread. celebrities, the easiest fix there was, so the devil said, well he's well and truely fixed right now, and it's doing in his head..amen

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

war of the soul - only matters if your believer not a belieber

They never drug test TV celebrities, Important decision makers, journalists, or those that help form opinions, anywhere, never, wherever, makes you wonder, even teachers!
Do you have children, have you ever been a child, did you grow up too fast, were you allowed to be a child. The world is at crisis, the war of the soul has begun in earnest.

Dressed in robes, candle holders and incense, the ceremony begins, words pour out that no one understands, audience bows down, children in the gathering, wonder what is going on. interpretation of a story long ago, they are going through a trance, no real love on show. Why you ask is this, not far from the front door, children struggle with conscience, is it love they chase, what is it they adore. It could be the MTV, or another award ceremony, interspersed among them all, is a world full of sexuality. Draped princess’s bling happy daddies, trophies they give to each other, just one of their formalities. young one’s marvel at the glitter and the light, I want to be like them, the little one shouts. Bitch me hit me do you like it down there, daddy has a stiff one, needs some help he swears, children wonder what the lyrics, they don’t fully understand, it’s those sexual images, that they see they comprehend. first day born, they understand what’s going on, they are just meant to hear, too young to be asking, tender and in need of help, they don’t do much or stand, but their minds take it in, their little brains are being developed. And it’s been planned to be this way. this trick of evil persuasion, has been the cancer, tearing the world apart. It’s happening everywhere, read the papers if you dare ,watch the titans on the move, it’s going on everywhere, and like trapped rats in a corner, they’ll lunge one last time, so bewaret, for it’s been spoken about, many thousands of years ago, the scenario the world is looking into, the abyss that is not far away. Denial is not a river in Egypt, it’s the condition of the mind, what’s one more child for the alter of death, when they are hungry everywhere. In a small room men gather, dressed suave in silk suits, come in child she smiles, the thrill they get moves them, rag doll she’s told, they pass her man to man, young one knows she’s liked, doesn’t understand what’s going on. Higher up the ladder, she’s totally addicted and secretive, now they use her to tempt, like she’s working for the evil one. Reward comes in many guises, nice clothes and easy work roles, and it’s happening tonight, like it has been for years and years, do you not wonder how do many men get away with it, so many involved so powerful too. Well, it’s out, and those that assist and support such endeavors, can expect no surprises when the Good Lord comes…amen

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

if you were God, any ideas

Many folks said to me overtime, that I would make a good preacher, perhaps, when I saw the number of wars being fought over religions, the political groupings that formed out of religions, and the way religious leaders rarely follow the teachings of a loving God, and how most of them forgot the simple notion of loving, I made a decision to inform using words, without bias for religion in particular even if I’m catholic by birth, and Christian in heart.
I had the dream many years ago, and it all came through, I’ve been an outlaw all those years, but in the dream I was told that I would never be hungry if I was filled with the hunger for God, and acted accordingly. I have tried to do it as best I can, and I can say with certainty, every dream came through, as far as I wanted it. I was even advised to set up my own religion, it’d make you rich they said, that killed that idea.
Choices are an everyday experience, and I had more than most. I know that the one thing that is killing us, is the environment into which we are bringing children. Mothers privately are resigned to the world being dangerous for children no matter how rich. Children are taking their own lives in record numbers throughout the globe. If fifty children are killed tonight in any of the war zones, they’ll be forgotten by the next day or two. If the same children were killed in New York City, there would be a call for war or revenge somewhere. It’s property, all about location.
Be like children is the best advise you’ll ever get. Children don’t become bigots, they are trained to become bigots. Children are love seeking, friend seeking. If allowed to grow up in a world that affords them time and heaps of encouragement, they do just fine. How many relationships fall apart because one partner doesn't have the time to put into it, most of them. Why would relationships with children be any different…no time to put in, no INN to put in time…

Finally, before you line out more cocaine, take out your favorite porno movie, a third of all internet searching is for porn sadly, maybe your into alcohol, most of you are into pills of some kind, perhaps your doing it all, one piece of advice. If you were God, and you had complete control over all things, but you had to abide by your promises, and the day of judgment was around the corner, as it seems to be. Who would you take into your company, or what would you take into your company when the final whistle blew. Any ideas!.

Leonard Cohen was right!

read these blogs, a few have, I am a strong follower of the divine, and I have the experiences to prove it, may sound rants or letting off steam, they ain’t, you closed the door on the needs of others and regretted it afterwards, wishing you done more. time slips away as it is everywhere, imagine this while you flick the TV channels tonight, looking for something to occupy your time. Death is not the end. The world is being judged these last six or seven years, warnings are being sent, just as leonard cohen predicted, numbers appearing, miracles taking place, many have seen. One plane crashes on water no one dies, pure luck, two planes land on water, no one gets hurt, time to ask what’s happening. we are judged, simply this. Have we encouraged love in the  lives surrounding us, includes internet by the way, oops, or are you another porno head. With great technology comes huge responsibility. Do we leave it to others or do we wait, Pour me a whiskey dear this guy is doing my head in, make it a double darling, you’ll need every drop of it. Getting back to real issues facing us all, can you imagine, being in the footsteps of a young girl or boy, aged between 6 and 11, trying to make sense of the world.  depends on the part of the world you were born into. If you make time for God most high, he has time for you, people are more important than second homes. This you have to learn through mistake and example combined. Do you ever wonder why acts of God are not covered by insurance companies, not normal.  if wisdom is everywhere, so is corruption. Up to a few years ago, faith in everything Godly was at a historic low. Heroic behaviour as close to extinction as a clean river. I was walking down the street, I’m sure you have walked this street too, saw a young mother to be and her partner hugging intently, her pouch was big they were having an emotional moment, not of great means just love to hang onto, and boy did they hang on. Though poor and in many minds in for a hard time, they were not giving up even if they faced many hurdles down the road. Huge numbers of people are facing major difficulty, reinforced by the economic crisis, confusions of all types abound, and every government on the planet, all they do is plan for disaster, and who isn’t on prescription medication, those who can’t afford it, the very young, and the few lucky folks, what a sad picture. Even whistle blowers need protection from me and you it seems, from Governments everywhere. 2% of the worlds population control 80% of the assets existing, every major industry is a criminal conspiracy, we’ll fix the prices if you don’t, and those who tell the truth are as welcome as uninsured patients at the Mayo Clinic. many thousands of great artists, of all types, bar a handful you can buy them for cash, and when a young boy or girl walks the street any given day, hundreds upon hundreds of men and some women, all they think of is sexual desire when they pass them. Pornography is mainstream now, not illicit as it used to be, abortion is a procedure, so were the death camps, and pure love, the only worthwhile interest of God Most High, at the lowest ebb in the lifetime of this planet. when daring change is needed, not the audacity of change as some say, it is now or never if we are to reverse from the abyss, that we are all sleep walking into. Go to sleep dear I’m sure it was only a dream. Big storm blows the house away, leaving all they thought dear, gone, only their love survived, well in the end, that’s all you’ll be left with, if you’re lucky enough. Wasn’t leonard cohen spot on

Monday, May 20, 2013

wisdom speaking...

Manic news readers tense, white knuckle news, panicky politicians, everyone has got the blues, question after question, answers critical, what will the public say, behind the scenes spin doctors drool, another half cocked story, meat for those that deceive, public what you ask, minutes later they laugh over coffee, ever contact you, never, one day they might, child dies tragically, school mourns, counselors in, all on TV of course, looks good on paper, but it certainly ain’t, and it’s been like this for years. Control and control, same again everywhere, shutting out the truth, cause it’s hard to surmount, did you hear about JFK, che Guevara, martin luther king, ghandi, the list is endless, so many try so few get through, examples everyday everywhere for decades, titans rule they say, not anymore I can assure you. The dead weight of wealth, is like a rope around their necks, the numbers don’t lie, and they are appearing from the sky, daily, weekly, these last couple of years, like those sub prime mortgages, they offered the very poor, at least we’ll get commission, children left homeless won’t be easily ignored, the screams of desperate parents, the greedy folks who know, were all doing it, like those bells that ring out, the ricochet affect, made you a looser if you said no, worse than fools with no brains, fools with lost brains, if we all shut up, no one is going to get found out, think again you foolish fiends, the reputations you enjoyed, hidden behind acts of shame, it’s over for you lot. In the middle of the mayhem, the angels are in despair, so called messengers of truth, they gave the game away, sold out to the evil ones, it was all we could do, their faith as thin as wet sand, gave way before them in the thick of it all, and you want proof of this, it’s looking at you everywhere. So, were at the crossroads one more time, going my way God most high calls, or are you still going to stray. No one saw the titanic sinking, the fall of the empire of Rome, the collapse of the British empire, the developing crisis of global proportions, well it’s all in writing I can assure you, it’s just the hour we are not sure of, but when the harvest of true love is close to death, there will be some hard answers, and like the emperors of Rome, it all came falling down on them, while they partied to the end. Something familiar in all that, and I don’t earn a dollar, don’t need to when the power of love can change anything, this moment, second, whenever. When Hollywood is making continual repeats of old movies, it’s time to change I reckon, as all wisdom comes from God, all creativity is God given, how we use it is our will, what we achieve with it, his Glory or his anger, choose wisely, eternity is a long time, while death is only a day out for relatives and close friends to mourn you. Ever notice that we always remember the Good, so few of them unfortunately, perhaps it’s time to make an effort, wisdom speaking.

tempting Fate

Clouds speak, it’s happening, stars move, places shine brightly, others in the dark, the secret is out, God responds, acts of the heart, nothing else check mate. Dubious prayers from cold hearts, last minute requests, sounds serious, the eleventh hour, were long past that, it’s the harvest of souls, politicians babble,  among the rot, anything I can do, can you hear, tempters inquire further, evil worshipers everywhere, looking for the cure, the plague of the light, plague you can’t be serious, night follows day, truth was kept in the dark, then came the light, woke the souls of the living, world suddenly came right. Screams of horror, not noticed the change, have you not seen, the tender side of the news, the new pope even, a mixture of Che and JFK, the rapid advances in Dubai, the Chinese dragon’s rise, collapse of the monetary system worldwide, the assault on the tax shelters, attempts to create nuclear war, and the concern about children worldwide.
Sexual imagery plays all day, on the mind of the young, so does violence, remember that school shooting, the avalanche of counseling services provided, total shambolic attitude not changed a thing, bull doesn't work, fools nobody wise, might score brownie points, with the dullards and the mind, nobody creates no concern, ask the internet vice kings, could have been prevented, too much money invested therein, those gambling channels they advertise night and day, more honesty in a crack dealer, more love in an honest whore, there was a politician once, no surprises there, like that Afghani opium crop they are always screaming about, could have bought the lot for a song, still could to this day, same with cocaine, too much interest in keeping the problem global, excuse to meet up for everyone, as simple as that, heaven is simple as well. Actions of heart so rare, there will be loads of room as they say, in the fathers house come the day, you have heard the truth, I’m sure being human, be all forgotten by the end of a day. Cynical you might say, ask the billion porn users, and how great they love, might keep them busy under the sheets, but that’s about all. want to improve the world, start with yourself, begin to love really, put ego aside don’t be too late, yesterday would have been a start, today a day too late, but never too late to try, never too late to tempt fate.

Friday, May 17, 2013

what's your addiction

What’s the hurry, anyone see my V’s, they’ll do he said when she handed him the Z’s, that’s what she called them. What are you on then, work. Ambition, sexual prowess, what other’s think, does the news upset you, do you get emotional, see those dead bodies everyday on TV, wondering what the president will say next, too busy getting drunk don’t have tomorrow to worry about, waiting for the bell to go, cause you want to go home, wondering how you’ll get that promotion, flirting again were we, so what’s your addiction, are you running from set to set, too busy to wonder what’s going on, party to worry about thinking of yourself of course, well, what’s your addiction, don’t ask me early in the morning, my head is bursting and I can’t get a thought, mortgage is due and I’m running out of cash, can’t find a job and don’t have a wife, can’t stop thinking of all those young girls, sometimes I chase the boys, I do anything to forget reason-ability  what’s that. Politicians think in terms of how long they can get away with it, the rest of think about all the promises they made, like a long suffering wife we wait and wait hoping one will come along, ordinary honest decent and future minded, not the practical types that keep their own interests in the picture, all the time. Like a rich man wondering what it’s like to be poor, it never worked that way. Roots grow from the bottom up, corruption flows from the top down, we are the people who allow it to happen…so what is your addiction, blindness or something.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

whistle blowers anonymous

Chemically thirsty he’s only thirty and it’s allowed, says so on the packet loosing your manhood they said, loose it no more a few of these and it’s cured, purely an accident but the chemists called themselves hero’s, think of all the love they created, he’s getting babe time again despite being near old age. ain’t no drug for love though that they can’t work out, if they could make a fortune the ecstasy brigade tried that, well if it stops you worrying about now, it’s as close to love as most people ever get, the troubles of the world are no more, you found what was missing from you life, can’t think of anything at all in the morning, you drop a few pills boy are you glad, the evening comes  you’ve been having the same conversation for years, rather than make the effort or such you drop a few pills more, and wonder at the magic between your legs. Suddenly your going prescription shopping both of ye that is, both well and truly addicted and the money is not as good as before. He runs faster the injection they gave him, the attention that comes with winning encourages him ever more. So what is your addiction love has left a hole in your heart, are you one that stayed home after you saw the great lark, a cattle mart a sale a look is all you need, up and down to the side and back leaving the eyes till last, knowing that you don’t want to share your heart, purely there to fill the space that helps you get over everything, done you buckle up she looks for her bra, your both soon back on your feet, strangers once you leave the room no second looks just satisfaction assumed, the drug will last awhile till you need more so you go and get it…then it gets dirty as you rise up the ladder, you’ve been compromised so often you don’t know where to look, promotions gather momentum you can’t believe your luck, two steps from the directors chair and it’s all moving in one direction, things are up and you still laugh about those things you got away with, one night your top of the world your untouchable you think it’s what people say, in your arrogance you believe it there is nothing that will get on your way…looking down it’s busy and a run around people chasing ladders others facing despair, loathsome you think how awful it is to be poor you suddenly think, then you break into a conceited smile thinking of the off shore account, they can’t get you your too far away from there. Politics they keep on pushing you filling your head making you think, yes I am I am invincible I am the king, women everywhere,
It’s about to come tumbling down on you, the foundations you laid were full of deceit and corruption, the company hits hard times you don’t have an answer for it, your exposed, and all the tight secrets you kept the women of young age and those others, for the closet never closes it’s just waiting for the soul inside to get out…whistleblowers need protection, from whom do you mind me asking, cause whose afraid of the truth, everyone it seems, time to set up a self help group, lets call it whistle blowers anonymous...

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

reasons for being

Little boy five years old walks by ,does what he is told, what’s that he asks passing the shop, mother rushes on and looks back, whips chains exotic costumes and you know what, mother shakes her head and shouts don’t ask, boy walks on taking it all in wondering, what was that wonders why mammy walks so fast. years later the shop is still there, why you may ask was nothing done, to preserve the young from what you ask, are we not into all that stuff and anyway it’s too late, the boy is now a teen surfs the porn, what’s wrong with that,  it’s as normal as rain for all to see. Meets a girl they get to know each other, expects her to do all sorts of thing, cause it gets him in a lather, Love matters in others not our concern, haven’t we got enough to deal with,  keeping the men on board, if he doesn’t get it tonight he’ll be surfing porn till dawn, till all he sees is blue.
the age of the individual, ask difficult questions upset the apple cart, no one stands up all afraid to ask, unlike that five years old, much change required so much pain all around. Mary is twelve like any little girl a women to be she’s a growing teen, familiar with the gaze of men, they pass her every day, she  understands the meaning of those pointed stares, the attention her older sister gets, we’ve all been there.
From the Indians of north America, and cultures all but extinct, most of them based on wisdom that used to be so succinct, progress the excuse that comes to mind, do you ever wonder where it’s all going, or are just waiting for the next opportunity to come along, probably. close your eyes and pretend it does not matter, keep on doing that your heart will be in tatters. And why did God Most High send Lord Jesus and others to visit you might ask, I suppose it’s like the flowers and the bees, we have taken for granted for so many years, a mothers meal once consumed forgotten till the next and the next. Well, there is one certainty in life, and we all know the answer to that, we’ll be worm fodder but hopefully after a long living, full stop, fortunately not. If a heaven and there is a hell, your busy living and climbing that ladder, such fine detail as love created becomes too personal, the intangible in the world, the only source of light for God most high. As we deal with the current chaotic world and the dramas being played out, the mighty number of warnings currently about, the miracle escapes as well, seems to me that time will tell the reason why we are about, or our reason for being. 

Monday, May 13, 2013

loving honestly

Love distorted an obsession we can’t put right until we consider all of the options. takes time to put down roots time to farm the garden. Seeds of life altered with abandon, no baby born in such circumstance reaches peak, fully receive the love that was meant to happen, priorities changed so much molestation of truth, hearts are playing games fearless and with intention, the trade off in human terms no more than a loathing, agreements made vows taken trust misplaced, the first signs of malice and foreboding,  only the physically poor have chance of making love,  it’s the purest form of life taking shape, it’s against all odds that such love shines, most give up the journey as roots wither and fade,  little chance for  the divine creation of come full cycle. With each passing decade the solution became remote and impossible, evil titans fully aware designed the game for this to happen, hopelessness cynicism individualism self expression mixed with luke warm love, lets call it what it became, passion and impulse mixed with strong emotion, it was never true love except in the hardest of situations, all hope of pure love so distant that even the stars didn’t listen, everyone playing out a role rather than stuck in the mayhem, afraid to get hurt always seeking afraid of losing holding too tight, therefore giving up on the true meaning of creation, and the waiting became a play Becket wrote about, the essence of Godot a warning to all with ears and unselfish expectation. Divorce second wife abortion career more important, the self our sole and only passion, till the children came along and brought new life, the only hope for our salvation, and they were targeted too by these same people of evil persuasion, who allowed paranoia propaganda and fear to rule our minds pattern, forever providing reason temptation circumstance, designed to create doubt and love’s abandon, hoping that the recklessness of the human race would be seen by God most high, as a good reason for his  delay or wholesale desertion, leaving us to these heart eating souls without a care for the world, so they planned. If there is no love he’ll not bother at all they assumed, then along came a spider, who managed to creep up on the party, reignited true love with wholesale determination after being given the gift of life again, a last chance improvisation the prayers of some good souls, who’d earned a resting place in the heavens of creation, and it worked…amen to all the babbling fools who abound in so many places of influence, they no longer control the minds or the love and are now themselves facing a rather difficult conclusion and a judgment for the malice in their intentions, all organized planned and carried out for decades…david versus goliath..well we know who won out….end of story…my whiskey is dead, have you ever tasted wild turkey, never too late to make up so they say..
Loving honestly, you just can’t fake it

Friday, May 10, 2013

number 1

Ideas for a better world, never seem to come to anything, and I’m not talking about the water supply getting better, or oil getting less expensive, or more jobs, nothing like that, they are all cosmetic changes really. As soon as the idea becomes a real business option and can be exploited, it will, it has, and like the record numbers of gun sales in America since the sandy hook tragedy, our concentration does not seem to last, we addict ourselves too easily, for varieties of reasons, too long to list, I’d say you prefer to see an analyst, who listens to free advice anyway, very few of us. But if there was one great change, and I mean a change of earthquake and tsunami proportions combined, it would be this. Our capacity to consume knows no bounds and in reality, we are not that concerned for the plight of the poor elderly under privileged or uneducated, we cope with these problems, providing minimum comforts, and then forgetting the problem altogether, as we get on with our own concerns, but in the entire world, if we were to get a chance to redeem our seriously tarnished reputations, as we need to, we can’t claim ignorance in the internet times we live by, we can’t claim to be too busy either, and knowing that God is very real, apart from the usual argument for closing down all the off shore tax havens, i.e. taxing them out of existence, which will never happen, as all countries are tax havens if you can afford the expensive lawyers and accountants, lets be honest and not fool ourselves, but if one idea was to change the world for all time and for the betterment of humanity, the hungry, the poor, and the young, it would be the following, and this is possible and implementable and very possible, and in the event that a huge tragedy of epic and biblical proportions were to affect us all, and very soon potentially, as no one knows only our creator, or those alien addictions we live with,  who live among us already, but if one idea was to be made happen, it could save the planet from potential doom, and restore us to God’s favour, it would be this; put a limit on greed, and enforce it globally, make it number 1. When we reach a certain number, time will cease, do we want time with family, or pleasure, a decision has to be made, and time is closing in fast, options are limited, action has to occur swiftly, no cheating no fooling, this is more real than you can ever imagine. Where’s the valium!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

south park win - new korean leader

Left wing right wing his wing my wing, opinions abound, sexually provoked, common ground sought, something to argue about, reason to get together and loaded again, self sexed man or woman into their own, nothing to be shamed or worried about, until they become political melting pots. Children never the factor, but we understand their needs we hear them say, can’t have one of our own, the surrogate is having one, but we understand children fully, something to argue about quickly, Bill O’Reilly is at it again, CNN accepts all opinions, Oprah is bathing in celebrity, well she’s suffered she’s a woman, like half a billion of those things, what, you can’t say that about our national treasure, who stands up for the minority, who stands up for Guantanamo Bay, what about the children of Syria, or those waiting for the life saving op. amazing how so few celebrities ever get down and dirty on local issues, neighborhood issues to the likes of you and me, they prefer to traipse all over the world, while cocaine methamphetamine and child abuse, happen daily within miles of them. You can’t do that George ,those folks know where you live. South park you have to love them for trying, amen. 

Man Kind committing suicide

Man goes to war, willing to die for the cause. Call him a martyr. Monk self immolates in front of the Chinese embassy in Tibet, martyr. Man goes over the top, world war one, faces certain death, hero, old man can’t face life without his deceased wife, kills himself instead, criminal. Suicide is growing all over the world. Rate of suicide in the United States is 20% higher than in Europe. Experts everywhere, governments provide resources, spin doctors mouth off. We all know folks who killed themselves. We all know the systems we live under are chronically sick, I hope God most high is listening to this, and does something about it and quick. Sad stories we hear them all, Gun slaughters every second day of the week, nothing is ever done about it, young people read these stories too, children hear about them, you can let them do that, is there a scintilla of wisdom out there cause this news of disaster is making me wonder, what is going on, would God most high enlighten me please, and deliver on his word to make this world better, remove those tyrants and their sycophants from power, does he not realize the harm this is causing, it’s gone viral and soon we’ll all be sick, I know we’ve been warned and that we get the chance every morning, to make that choice, if I was a honey bee, just imagine it, flower to flower, no honey anymore, eventually I’d give up buzzing around, so what do you think of that, no warning at all, yeah, and we continue on the route the Titanic was on, eye eye captain, lucky to win those tickets for that free cruise honey. Years later at the bottom of the ocean, two dreary souls have all the time in the world, looking around and never seeing anything new, reminds me of those couch potatoes clicking through the channels, looking for something to excite them get them up, sounds familiar?

Man Kind committing suicide

Man goes to war, willing to die for the cause. Call him a martyr. Monk self immolates in front of the Chinese embassy in Tibet, martyr. Man goes over the top, world war one, faces certain death, hero, old man can’t face life without his deceased wife, kills himself instead, criminal. Suicide is growing all over the world. Rate of suicide in the United States is 20% higher than in Europe. Experts everywhere, governments provide resources, spin doctors mouth off. We all know folks who killed themselves. We all know the systems we live under are chronically sick, I hope God most high is listening to this, and does something about it and quick. Sad stories we hear them all, Gun slaughters every second day of the week, nothing is ever done about it, young people read these stories too, children hear about them, you can let them do that, is there a scintilla of wisdom out there cause this news of disaster is making me wonder, what is going on, would God most high enlighten me please, and deliver on his word to make this world better, remove those tyrants and their sycophants from power, does he not realize the harm this is causing, it’s gone viral and soon we’ll all be sick, I know we’ve been warned and that we get the chance every morning, to make that choice, if I was a honey bee, just imagine it, flower to flower, no honey anymore, eventually I’d give up buzzing around, so what do you think of that, no warning at all, yeah, and we continue on the route the Titanic was on, eye eye captain, lucky to win those tickets for that free cruise honey. Years later at the bottom of the ocean, two dreary souls have all the time in the world, looking around and never seeing anything new, reminds me of those couch potatoes clicking through the channels, looking for something to excite them get them up, sounds familiar?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

sounds like heaven

Children the world over, fodder for celebrity culture, teeny tots baby dolls Disney movie merchandise, money they obvious savor,  lies all lies I hear them say, this guy is totally nuts, perhaps he’s a member of al Qaida, he’s certainly not into us, what can we do they yell, gates of heaven open God is alive and well

Sounds heavenly everyone grunts, big boobs teens get em off wrinkly old man smiles, orders them all to undress, poses you dream about, it floats your boat, point your ass at the star light, bootylicious girls curvy or what,  ha ha they chuckle out loud, not for long, she’s eaten a real hot curry, did I see a load of ??  come straight out of that. Ah so sexy

Moses is tired tent is empty, calls in the maid, gets her to do plenty, wont do that she sighs, dress off the shoulder, eyes smile wide. Cant imagine it can you, those close to God acting so thrashy. Don’t imagine it then, now you are thinking, perhaps the first time in years, hate having to think of the truth, should need a license for that

South Park American Dad Simpsons, your all in the quagmire now, aim shoot reload are we allowed say that, yes you can says the NRA, lets declare open season on celebrity culture, cause you’ve taken our kids for a ride. Butters and lipstick smile all
around, jammy dodgers are all right smiles stewie, time to reload those magazines on time.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

fetus string wont get you very far up the ladder

Landscape burns far as the eye can see, hostile parties gather in many parts, hatred wins out again while the stars lose hope, st. peter thinks back at the promises he heard many centuries before, a young expectant mother takes an overdose once more, I can’t rear a child in this world, please lord she asks let me go for ever more. The call is the same his ear is on fire, the pleadings of so many tears flow everywhere
Pour me a stiff one st.peter is quick to react, fills the glass to the brim with the finest French claret, hope that settles him peter thinks to himself, he doesn’t like the look of him
The chief is gonna get rough, terminate it’s what I like, children act out violent themes they’ve seen on TV screens, I’m divorcing her she’s old and weary past her time, lets chop up all those fetus string and turn it into cash
Sigh of relief on peters face the chief is looking relaxed, how’s the wine old peter asks trying to cool things down, a wry smile crosses his face as he remembers times of old, they used to obey those simple rules but that was long ago, now all they do is what comes to mind all wisdom they simply ignore, another glass asks peter certain that the situation has calmed down, the lord looks at him and says with a wry smile I think I’ll send something
Swiftly the lord stands up and says the word love have we seen it or heard from it, find out quickly I feel like I’ve had enough, there must be one of pure heart left otherwise they are going to fry, peter gulps stutters and fluffs the words he was about to say, a little taken back he forgets everything summons the secretary in this day, there was one boy who used to be good but we haven’t heard from him in a while, seek him out and sees if he’s still doing the work of the lord, angels fly fast and direct heaven to earth five minutes at best

Movie premiere on a well lit street paparazzi gather in droves, flash flash can you move left a little more over there, actors swoon and stop take a bow before their adoring lot, two minutes away a young mother rumbles through the thrash, a child to feed she’s a poor refugee with zero as her lot, she finds an old pizza bread wipes away the mould, gives some to the starving infant will calm the little mite she hopes, raging actor accuses a waiter there is a fly in his soup, who do you think I am he screams joking he laughs
To himself, that’ll get me ten thousand tweets or more before the night is out

Desperate search the boy has moved the angels don’t know what to do, they go from door to door like they haven’t a clue, I was in the circus before I got the call, the other angel with him shouts that just wont do, a kind old lady answers a door knock looks out threw the little spy piece, were looking for the nice little boy that used to live down the street, jimmy she says while remembering fondly the young man who used to visit her one so sweet, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you he was cut down in iraq last week

China perhaps pacific region intact italy they’ve all let me down, I have to act he thinks out loud st. peter hasn’t a word, an earthquake would be a lot more fairer it would only use up a third, peter looks at his watch hoping his angels would have called back, one more drink and we’ll get back it’s ages since I’m been here, other angel thinks perhaps he’s right and we haven’t seen a good movie in years, they click glasses one more time and gladly share a cheers

Speed speed king the fiery arrow is taken from it’s sling peter asks for directions, that movie theatre you sent them too I hope they are not still there in, what replies st peter doesn’t understand what the lord has to say, out of the blue a bolt from above the theatre is incinerated and everyone is killed, local agents descend from every direction TV crews and anchors smell another Pulitzer, news is global forty TV stations on site they were there for the movie opening, even spielberg blames the terrorists it’s the same old story being played out
Eight billion minus three hundred and forty six that leaves us with a closing balance of..,
Peter quickly does the sums arrives at a total amount, that’ll have them crying awhile they might even love a little as well, the grief they pour out thinking of themselves when they never think of the poor, I guess it’s the only way to get them to listen again I wonder what they’ll do this time, a week later the world has passed on the grief all but forgotten, back to black the basics they shout as the waiter fills them again. Just one I only wanted one to achieve the goal I set for them, I guess I’ll go on hoping some more or else it really will be the end…amen.

Friday, May 3, 2013

the waiting

I set out today trying to do it the right way, no fuel in my car that was just the way, I took the decision  I knew others wouldn't take, made mistakes cause I didn't have time to waste, wanted to see the change give love a new push up the ladder, so off I went my mind made up went with confidence and certainty, got to my chosen place like I knew before it was all about community, ignored their rules whatever the cost, saw the happy faces that left me in no doubt, did what I was asked to do and didn't complain or blow it up, then went on my way and headed back to town, once there I knew my signs were looking up, went about the work and just knew what to say and it happened again and again like many times before, the presence that I asked for was exactly what I proposed, so what said a friend who awakened old fields of fear, afraid of what I wondered, it made me feel so damn poor, I guess the power of the evil one lives just about everywhere, it’s tragic but it’s real but we listen closely when the news is bad, were so damned used to negative thought it’s like those bags of old fear stored up, and it goes on and on and nobody seems to notice, not the clergy or their supporters it’s control they want, and I wonder if they have ever loved at all, or were they so let down by others they gave everything up, and now the well of love and hope is empty to them as well, then I think about the children and the sexual problems they have, abuse to abuse age is no longer of great importance, it’s only when the chips are down do we know of the relevance, when it’s too damn late when all we have is complete waste. I can feel a storm coming and it’s not going to be soothing, but afterwards you’ll see it different when you've lost almost everything, then you’ll listen cause you’ll have little else to do, I’m just trying to wake you all up from this sleep of destiny, can’t you hear it coming can’t you see the change, what do you need to see to make the right moves, it’s over this old world of ours were at the new point in time, I just hope you wake up soon cause the waiting wont be for long, amen.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

the rite of self termination

Media frenzy the knives are out, children starve to death saints cry out, how much is it worth a judge remarks, what should I do God asks, media snarl juicey details spill everywhere, when will you answer the righteous call, 200,000,000 judge says childhoods lost so far, devil wins when souls become like ghosts, media move like cattle to the next spring, there is more than one it is a ring, god lifts his head it’s doing him in, media scrum for rights from next of kin, God opens the books of the living and the dead, no media entries at all therein.
It’s your right shouts the crowd, God looks across then looks down, what are they doing this zealot lot, they encourage abortion this inhuman  sort, and you think this is going to go on for ever. How would you feel with a flea in your ear, he’s merciful cries the priests, what have they been reading their minds or their hearts, crowd gathers momentum the cries intensify, they have a good legal team and devils in disguise, St.Peter shakes his head the master is tired, the last time he saw it a nation expired, it’s your right termination is what it’s all about
Young pregnant girl passes the crowd, no one notices only the lord, baby inside hears the hatred been spewed out, kicks his little leg inside her stomach pouts, lonely and poor she heads for the shelter, inside they advice her why not abort they tell her, it’s your right they advise with a relentless call, baby goes quite they are demons and he’s small, she sees a face just a pair of eyes, kindness and light she begins to go towards the smile, it’s his right speaks the angel pointing down, her tummy jumps with joy inside baby smiles,  he ushers her away from this anarchic set to hide
Ugly rich and those of twisted fate their faces hard their love a reject, they continue to call for the right to abort, baby is born there’s a smile on his face, why not compromise the crowd call out, baby a year older sun shines bright, your winning winks peter see’s the tear in his eye, the baby brought a lasting joy to the eye of the lord, sixteen weeks then why not that, lord shakes his head will they ever give it up, baby makes three can read and write, he’s in the school choir he sings all night, it’s a mothers right screams the crowd all right
Termination determination if that is their situation then I will gladly terminate them, not the innocent children but those crying out for self termination, they are given a gift and treat it as if it’s their right, they rear children sexually and think it’s all right, enough he says about to press the button, Mr. baby goes to high school he’s a leader all ready by seven, and they wanted to abort this little man what next they’ll want a new heaven, well let me tell you about it and beware cause your gonna get your wish, I’ve had too much of this wanton decay it’s permanently on your lips, all you who call termination soon your dream day will come, and then I’ll hear your call all right and send you to total oblivion ….. amen

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mayday Blue Boy

Little boy blue, grew up in a world when all his nightmares some call it dreams came through, a different story of a different type of blue not the shade of the sky or the sea, no, it’s the colour your face turns when they  decide to electrocute you, feeling electric I bet that you do, but I was thinking of the witness faces and the screams of yes we do, as they wheeled him into the chamber of death, so they could see it clear as day as the man boy went blue. It began awhile ago a child he was only six, saw his mother beaten close to death and boy was she black and blue, his daddy was a mixed up man you see and had no regard for emotion or a use for them, and when things got too close for his emotions to deal with he reached out at who was bitchin cause he didn’t know what else to do. Afraid to let his emotions go no where for his love to sow he became entangled with who would lead him and became wild you see, and as he got older his type of love wasn’t normal for he never knew what love was meant to be, and like his dad before him he beat his woman black and through, and this pattern of life became normal till he became homeless you see. Like so many among us his longing for love had no resting place only leaving him with fear, and as things got worse for him so did his habit of company. I was watching the TV, and that’s the end of the story, I don’t like detail, how many sex partners did she have, read the details get excited at the same time, perhaps you can add it to your bedroom role play, I prefer to write what’s real. Just to say we could all be a little boy blue. Time we found sympathy and acted that way sometimes, you don’t need a terror disaster to wake you up and feel human I hope you all agree, well do something about it, before your time is up, the Lord All mighty will with certainty one day make you account for all those little boy blues. Hit her again man, she’s your woman, meant to say, play it again sam but that was just a movie, it’s me me me me me me, whose that on the phone, someone for me of course, get it!, it’s 222 important to ignore all those little boy blues.
Being may day, is it a call for help or is it a day of joy, but does anyone remember the horrible events of the last week or so, I guess another atrocity will happen soon and so we can ignore all the others you see. I think I’ll start a NEW CHARITY, You’ll all turn up at the memorials AT the remembrance day, party and smile hug and say what’s worthwhile before you vanish and go your ways JUST LIKE STARS THAT FADE AWAY, till the next may day event while forgetting the blood spilled the innocence killed like it just happens that way, and it’s been like this for years. Mayday symphony or mayday sympathy denial is not a river in Egypt, it’s a condition of the human race, and it’s played itself full distance, don’t look over there, keep your eyes closed, do you always have to look at those poor people, there is something pretty on the babe station. The things we think of are killing us all, and we are doing it ourselves, most just hope death comes easily, with no pain no heaven no hell, well I don’t think your going to get your wish, as I’ve seen the other side as well, mayday mayday, anyone human out there!.