Monday, May 20, 2013

wisdom speaking...

Manic news readers tense, white knuckle news, panicky politicians, everyone has got the blues, question after question, answers critical, what will the public say, behind the scenes spin doctors drool, another half cocked story, meat for those that deceive, public what you ask, minutes later they laugh over coffee, ever contact you, never, one day they might, child dies tragically, school mourns, counselors in, all on TV of course, looks good on paper, but it certainly ain’t, and it’s been like this for years. Control and control, same again everywhere, shutting out the truth, cause it’s hard to surmount, did you hear about JFK, che Guevara, martin luther king, ghandi, the list is endless, so many try so few get through, examples everyday everywhere for decades, titans rule they say, not anymore I can assure you. The dead weight of wealth, is like a rope around their necks, the numbers don’t lie, and they are appearing from the sky, daily, weekly, these last couple of years, like those sub prime mortgages, they offered the very poor, at least we’ll get commission, children left homeless won’t be easily ignored, the screams of desperate parents, the greedy folks who know, were all doing it, like those bells that ring out, the ricochet affect, made you a looser if you said no, worse than fools with no brains, fools with lost brains, if we all shut up, no one is going to get found out, think again you foolish fiends, the reputations you enjoyed, hidden behind acts of shame, it’s over for you lot. In the middle of the mayhem, the angels are in despair, so called messengers of truth, they gave the game away, sold out to the evil ones, it was all we could do, their faith as thin as wet sand, gave way before them in the thick of it all, and you want proof of this, it’s looking at you everywhere. So, were at the crossroads one more time, going my way God most high calls, or are you still going to stray. No one saw the titanic sinking, the fall of the empire of Rome, the collapse of the British empire, the developing crisis of global proportions, well it’s all in writing I can assure you, it’s just the hour we are not sure of, but when the harvest of true love is close to death, there will be some hard answers, and like the emperors of Rome, it all came falling down on them, while they partied to the end. Something familiar in all that, and I don’t earn a dollar, don’t need to when the power of love can change anything, this moment, second, whenever. When Hollywood is making continual repeats of old movies, it’s time to change I reckon, as all wisdom comes from God, all creativity is God given, how we use it is our will, what we achieve with it, his Glory or his anger, choose wisely, eternity is a long time, while death is only a day out for relatives and close friends to mourn you. Ever notice that we always remember the Good, so few of them unfortunately, perhaps it’s time to make an effort, wisdom speaking.

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