Friday, May 24, 2013

honey, where's my cocaine

Crisis after crisis, can’t fill the prescription either, could things get worse, mind beginning to burst, rushing from room to room, where are they, shite, found them, two no three might as well take four, just in case, you need it to act fast, make it work, make it work, reality is too hard to endure, the cable was cut off, and the wife is seeking her child support, on the verge of loosing the job, you hate it but it’s work, and it’s only Monday. Haven’t heard from the agent in awhile, it’s like those Hollywood movies, your always on edge, but you pretend, once you get out of the house, your out of your head, trained like a puppy, you follow every woman’s smell, every night you drink as well, crazy stuff you do, just to have some memory, can’t get worse you think, the girl you brought home, robbed you as well, left you with a rash down there, now you have to the doctor, suppose you can fill the prescription as well, hope in everything, only optimism keeps you going, did I turn off the cooker, or was it the toaster, oh bollocks, you turn the car around, speed home traffic cop comes up behind you, another hundred dollar fine, there goes the booze you were looking forward to, yes officer, I know I was doing thirty in a twenty zone, you grit your teeth, you want to scream, your fuming and spitting hate in your head, imagine what it’s like, you live in hell, a woman in those places, a child prostitute pumped night and day, nice to the sweet smelling punters, the gross acts you endure, I’d prefer to be the prescription guy with the nagging ex wife, sometimes you don’t know your luck. And people wonder why the world is the way it is, rather than the way it was, honey where’s my cocaine, under the bed darling.

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