Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Leonard Cohen was right!

read these blogs, a few have, I am a strong follower of the divine, and I have the experiences to prove it, may sound rants or letting off steam, they ain’t, you closed the door on the needs of others and regretted it afterwards, wishing you done more. time slips away as it is everywhere, imagine this while you flick the TV channels tonight, looking for something to occupy your time. Death is not the end. The world is being judged these last six or seven years, warnings are being sent, just as leonard cohen predicted, numbers appearing, miracles taking place, many have seen. One plane crashes on water no one dies, pure luck, two planes land on water, no one gets hurt, time to ask what’s happening. we are judged, simply this. Have we encouraged love in the  lives surrounding us, includes internet by the way, oops, or are you another porno head. With great technology comes huge responsibility. Do we leave it to others or do we wait, Pour me a whiskey dear this guy is doing my head in, make it a double darling, you’ll need every drop of it. Getting back to real issues facing us all, can you imagine, being in the footsteps of a young girl or boy, aged between 6 and 11, trying to make sense of the world.  depends on the part of the world you were born into. If you make time for God most high, he has time for you, people are more important than second homes. This you have to learn through mistake and example combined. Do you ever wonder why acts of God are not covered by insurance companies, not normal.  if wisdom is everywhere, so is corruption. Up to a few years ago, faith in everything Godly was at a historic low. Heroic behaviour as close to extinction as a clean river. I was walking down the street, I’m sure you have walked this street too, saw a young mother to be and her partner hugging intently, her pouch was big they were having an emotional moment, not of great means just love to hang onto, and boy did they hang on. Though poor and in many minds in for a hard time, they were not giving up even if they faced many hurdles down the road. Huge numbers of people are facing major difficulty, reinforced by the economic crisis, confusions of all types abound, and every government on the planet, all they do is plan for disaster, and who isn’t on prescription medication, those who can’t afford it, the very young, and the few lucky folks, what a sad picture. Even whistle blowers need protection from me and you it seems, from Governments everywhere. 2% of the worlds population control 80% of the assets existing, every major industry is a criminal conspiracy, we’ll fix the prices if you don’t, and those who tell the truth are as welcome as uninsured patients at the Mayo Clinic. many thousands of great artists, of all types, bar a handful you can buy them for cash, and when a young boy or girl walks the street any given day, hundreds upon hundreds of men and some women, all they think of is sexual desire when they pass them. Pornography is mainstream now, not illicit as it used to be, abortion is a procedure, so were the death camps, and pure love, the only worthwhile interest of God Most High, at the lowest ebb in the lifetime of this planet. when daring change is needed, not the audacity of change as some say, it is now or never if we are to reverse from the abyss, that we are all sleep walking into. Go to sleep dear I’m sure it was only a dream. Big storm blows the house away, leaving all they thought dear, gone, only their love survived, well in the end, that’s all you’ll be left with, if you’re lucky enough. Wasn’t leonard cohen spot on

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