Friday, May 17, 2013

what's your addiction

What’s the hurry, anyone see my V’s, they’ll do he said when she handed him the Z’s, that’s what she called them. What are you on then, work. Ambition, sexual prowess, what other’s think, does the news upset you, do you get emotional, see those dead bodies everyday on TV, wondering what the president will say next, too busy getting drunk don’t have tomorrow to worry about, waiting for the bell to go, cause you want to go home, wondering how you’ll get that promotion, flirting again were we, so what’s your addiction, are you running from set to set, too busy to wonder what’s going on, party to worry about thinking of yourself of course, well, what’s your addiction, don’t ask me early in the morning, my head is bursting and I can’t get a thought, mortgage is due and I’m running out of cash, can’t find a job and don’t have a wife, can’t stop thinking of all those young girls, sometimes I chase the boys, I do anything to forget reason-ability  what’s that. Politicians think in terms of how long they can get away with it, the rest of think about all the promises they made, like a long suffering wife we wait and wait hoping one will come along, ordinary honest decent and future minded, not the practical types that keep their own interests in the picture, all the time. Like a rich man wondering what it’s like to be poor, it never worked that way. Roots grow from the bottom up, corruption flows from the top down, we are the people who allow it to happen…so what is your addiction, blindness or something.

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