Thursday, May 9, 2013

south park win - new korean leader

Left wing right wing his wing my wing, opinions abound, sexually provoked, common ground sought, something to argue about, reason to get together and loaded again, self sexed man or woman into their own, nothing to be shamed or worried about, until they become political melting pots. Children never the factor, but we understand their needs we hear them say, can’t have one of our own, the surrogate is having one, but we understand children fully, something to argue about quickly, Bill O’Reilly is at it again, CNN accepts all opinions, Oprah is bathing in celebrity, well she’s suffered she’s a woman, like half a billion of those things, what, you can’t say that about our national treasure, who stands up for the minority, who stands up for Guantanamo Bay, what about the children of Syria, or those waiting for the life saving op. amazing how so few celebrities ever get down and dirty on local issues, neighborhood issues to the likes of you and me, they prefer to traipse all over the world, while cocaine methamphetamine and child abuse, happen daily within miles of them. You can’t do that George ,those folks know where you live. South park you have to love them for trying, amen. 

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