Wednesday, May 29, 2013

trust control

remember get smart, control, your pension is safe with us, we test regularly, wall street is safe, the war in Iraq will be over in a year, north korea is the enemy, the billions spent arming terrorists, the wars now fought against them, it's a game, one side pours in hatred and ire, the other responds with threats, a child blows up a school bus, suddenly it's the green light, we've been preparing for this, on the sidelines the mongrels gather, supply this and supply that, war goes on, there's plenty for all of us, and finally peace, for a while, in the meantime they prepare for the next outing, in the gap the lawyers gather like vulture picking up the pieces that are left, while all we do is watch it play out on TV, trust control all right, when you can hardly trust yourself, the excuses we dream up, to ease the conscience.

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