Thursday, May 30, 2013


look left right behind you in front to the side to the stars over you, all neighbors, connected with the click of a mouse or the beat of a heart, who've have believed such a scenario playing out, the last act of a play, when we'd have to justify living in order to advance to the world of the living, sounds like a modern day fairy tale, feck, just dropped my zanax, hope it wasn't valium, they're easy to replace, on the ground, crikey, it fell into my wine, ah why not, one goes with the other, gulp, tastes all right, might have another one, neighbors, the people you hang with, share your drug with, lots of neighborless people out there, but we have the web instead, now the world is your neighbor, well you can't pretend not to hear, ahh not again, splattered my cocaine with red wine, destroyed my shirt as well, should have called the dealer earlier, i'll double up next week instead, neighbors, some kind of alien planet i think, the neighborhood.

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