Wednesday, May 15, 2013

reasons for being

Little boy five years old walks by ,does what he is told, what’s that he asks passing the shop, mother rushes on and looks back, whips chains exotic costumes and you know what, mother shakes her head and shouts don’t ask, boy walks on taking it all in wondering, what was that wonders why mammy walks so fast. years later the shop is still there, why you may ask was nothing done, to preserve the young from what you ask, are we not into all that stuff and anyway it’s too late, the boy is now a teen surfs the porn, what’s wrong with that,  it’s as normal as rain for all to see. Meets a girl they get to know each other, expects her to do all sorts of thing, cause it gets him in a lather, Love matters in others not our concern, haven’t we got enough to deal with,  keeping the men on board, if he doesn’t get it tonight he’ll be surfing porn till dawn, till all he sees is blue.
the age of the individual, ask difficult questions upset the apple cart, no one stands up all afraid to ask, unlike that five years old, much change required so much pain all around. Mary is twelve like any little girl a women to be she’s a growing teen, familiar with the gaze of men, they pass her every day, she  understands the meaning of those pointed stares, the attention her older sister gets, we’ve all been there.
From the Indians of north America, and cultures all but extinct, most of them based on wisdom that used to be so succinct, progress the excuse that comes to mind, do you ever wonder where it’s all going, or are just waiting for the next opportunity to come along, probably. close your eyes and pretend it does not matter, keep on doing that your heart will be in tatters. And why did God Most High send Lord Jesus and others to visit you might ask, I suppose it’s like the flowers and the bees, we have taken for granted for so many years, a mothers meal once consumed forgotten till the next and the next. Well, there is one certainty in life, and we all know the answer to that, we’ll be worm fodder but hopefully after a long living, full stop, fortunately not. If a heaven and there is a hell, your busy living and climbing that ladder, such fine detail as love created becomes too personal, the intangible in the world, the only source of light for God most high. As we deal with the current chaotic world and the dramas being played out, the mighty number of warnings currently about, the miracle escapes as well, seems to me that time will tell the reason why we are about, or our reason for being. 

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