Thursday, May 2, 2013

the rite of self termination

Media frenzy the knives are out, children starve to death saints cry out, how much is it worth a judge remarks, what should I do God asks, media snarl juicey details spill everywhere, when will you answer the righteous call, 200,000,000 judge says childhoods lost so far, devil wins when souls become like ghosts, media move like cattle to the next spring, there is more than one it is a ring, god lifts his head it’s doing him in, media scrum for rights from next of kin, God opens the books of the living and the dead, no media entries at all therein.
It’s your right shouts the crowd, God looks across then looks down, what are they doing this zealot lot, they encourage abortion this inhuman  sort, and you think this is going to go on for ever. How would you feel with a flea in your ear, he’s merciful cries the priests, what have they been reading their minds or their hearts, crowd gathers momentum the cries intensify, they have a good legal team and devils in disguise, St.Peter shakes his head the master is tired, the last time he saw it a nation expired, it’s your right termination is what it’s all about
Young pregnant girl passes the crowd, no one notices only the lord, baby inside hears the hatred been spewed out, kicks his little leg inside her stomach pouts, lonely and poor she heads for the shelter, inside they advice her why not abort they tell her, it’s your right they advise with a relentless call, baby goes quite they are demons and he’s small, she sees a face just a pair of eyes, kindness and light she begins to go towards the smile, it’s his right speaks the angel pointing down, her tummy jumps with joy inside baby smiles,  he ushers her away from this anarchic set to hide
Ugly rich and those of twisted fate their faces hard their love a reject, they continue to call for the right to abort, baby is born there’s a smile on his face, why not compromise the crowd call out, baby a year older sun shines bright, your winning winks peter see’s the tear in his eye, the baby brought a lasting joy to the eye of the lord, sixteen weeks then why not that, lord shakes his head will they ever give it up, baby makes three can read and write, he’s in the school choir he sings all night, it’s a mothers right screams the crowd all right
Termination determination if that is their situation then I will gladly terminate them, not the innocent children but those crying out for self termination, they are given a gift and treat it as if it’s their right, they rear children sexually and think it’s all right, enough he says about to press the button, Mr. baby goes to high school he’s a leader all ready by seven, and they wanted to abort this little man what next they’ll want a new heaven, well let me tell you about it and beware cause your gonna get your wish, I’ve had too much of this wanton decay it’s permanently on your lips, all you who call termination soon your dream day will come, and then I’ll hear your call all right and send you to total oblivion ….. amen

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