Wednesday, May 8, 2013

sounds like heaven

Children the world over, fodder for celebrity culture, teeny tots baby dolls Disney movie merchandise, money they obvious savor,  lies all lies I hear them say, this guy is totally nuts, perhaps he’s a member of al Qaida, he’s certainly not into us, what can we do they yell, gates of heaven open God is alive and well

Sounds heavenly everyone grunts, big boobs teens get em off wrinkly old man smiles, orders them all to undress, poses you dream about, it floats your boat, point your ass at the star light, bootylicious girls curvy or what,  ha ha they chuckle out loud, not for long, she’s eaten a real hot curry, did I see a load of ??  come straight out of that. Ah so sexy

Moses is tired tent is empty, calls in the maid, gets her to do plenty, wont do that she sighs, dress off the shoulder, eyes smile wide. Cant imagine it can you, those close to God acting so thrashy. Don’t imagine it then, now you are thinking, perhaps the first time in years, hate having to think of the truth, should need a license for that

South Park American Dad Simpsons, your all in the quagmire now, aim shoot reload are we allowed say that, yes you can says the NRA, lets declare open season on celebrity culture, cause you’ve taken our kids for a ride. Butters and lipstick smile all
around, jammy dodgers are all right smiles stewie, time to reload those magazines on time.

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