Tuesday, May 7, 2013

fetus string wont get you very far up the ladder

Landscape burns far as the eye can see, hostile parties gather in many parts, hatred wins out again while the stars lose hope, st. peter thinks back at the promises he heard many centuries before, a young expectant mother takes an overdose once more, I can’t rear a child in this world, please lord she asks let me go for ever more. The call is the same his ear is on fire, the pleadings of so many tears flow everywhere
Pour me a stiff one st.peter is quick to react, fills the glass to the brim with the finest French claret, hope that settles him peter thinks to himself, he doesn’t like the look of him
The chief is gonna get rough, terminate it’s what I like, children act out violent themes they’ve seen on TV screens, I’m divorcing her she’s old and weary past her time, lets chop up all those fetus string and turn it into cash
Sigh of relief on peters face the chief is looking relaxed, how’s the wine old peter asks trying to cool things down, a wry smile crosses his face as he remembers times of old, they used to obey those simple rules but that was long ago, now all they do is what comes to mind all wisdom they simply ignore, another glass asks peter certain that the situation has calmed down, the lord looks at him and says with a wry smile I think I’ll send something
Swiftly the lord stands up and says the word love have we seen it or heard from it, find out quickly I feel like I’ve had enough, there must be one of pure heart left otherwise they are going to fry, peter gulps stutters and fluffs the words he was about to say, a little taken back he forgets everything summons the secretary in this day, there was one boy who used to be good but we haven’t heard from him in a while, seek him out and sees if he’s still doing the work of the lord, angels fly fast and direct heaven to earth five minutes at best

Movie premiere on a well lit street paparazzi gather in droves, flash flash can you move left a little more over there, actors swoon and stop take a bow before their adoring lot, two minutes away a young mother rumbles through the thrash, a child to feed she’s a poor refugee with zero as her lot, she finds an old pizza bread wipes away the mould, gives some to the starving infant will calm the little mite she hopes, raging actor accuses a waiter there is a fly in his soup, who do you think I am he screams joking he laughs
To himself, that’ll get me ten thousand tweets or more before the night is out

Desperate search the boy has moved the angels don’t know what to do, they go from door to door like they haven’t a clue, I was in the circus before I got the call, the other angel with him shouts that just wont do, a kind old lady answers a door knock looks out threw the little spy piece, were looking for the nice little boy that used to live down the street, jimmy she says while remembering fondly the young man who used to visit her one so sweet, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you he was cut down in iraq last week

China perhaps pacific region intact italy they’ve all let me down, I have to act he thinks out loud st. peter hasn’t a word, an earthquake would be a lot more fairer it would only use up a third, peter looks at his watch hoping his angels would have called back, one more drink and we’ll get back it’s ages since I’m been here, other angel thinks perhaps he’s right and we haven’t seen a good movie in years, they click glasses one more time and gladly share a cheers

Speed speed king the fiery arrow is taken from it’s sling peter asks for directions, that movie theatre you sent them too I hope they are not still there in, what replies st peter doesn’t understand what the lord has to say, out of the blue a bolt from above the theatre is incinerated and everyone is killed, local agents descend from every direction TV crews and anchors smell another Pulitzer, news is global forty TV stations on site they were there for the movie opening, even spielberg blames the terrorists it’s the same old story being played out
Eight billion minus three hundred and forty six that leaves us with a closing balance of..,
Peter quickly does the sums arrives at a total amount, that’ll have them crying awhile they might even love a little as well, the grief they pour out thinking of themselves when they never think of the poor, I guess it’s the only way to get them to listen again I wonder what they’ll do this time, a week later the world has passed on the grief all but forgotten, back to black the basics they shout as the waiter fills them again. Just one I only wanted one to achieve the goal I set for them, I guess I’ll go on hoping some more or else it really will be the end…amen.

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