Thursday, November 28, 2013


To the thankful, where do you start, the joy of a great mother, a miraculous escape, the ability to walk unaided, the smile on a friends face, the greeting of a friendly heart, the emotion of a tearful welcome, a merging with another heart, the help from mystic sources, when my head is on a plate, the trust of some great angels, the love that went so many places, the hero’s that light my path, the sacrifice of many over the ages, glad to eat regularly, the sureness of hope that eases worry, to the thanksgiving, great to celebrate near and far, freedom to chose freedom to dream, laughter that’s contagious that wants to last and last, certainty of Love that has no replacement, but just grows and grows, and that’s what I call a fairly normal day, there’s a lot to give thanks to, just don’t forger to include the great One, the Lord God Most High ruler of all ages, amen.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mothers Do It Better

we live in a universe, we live in a city, we live in the countryside, we live in a time, when changes are a plenty, and Mothers are the secret to our survival, it's not what they do, it's what others won't, they get down on their knees, they constantly clean, forever concerned with welfare ahead, never caught on that small little screen, no need for fantasy they think of the children's needs, not like spoiled men who need their fix, they put up with abandonment all over the earth, and we wonder why women speak up, or often and sometimes over the top, tut tut tut the voices of reputation and all their huff and puff, it's easy to comment when your not on the track, mothers do it best all that is needed, time the men around had the guts to concede it, they f*** up and it's been going on long enough, if we allow women join the golf club they'll be bringing their children next, the rattle tattle of the so called powerful kind, i think all descent people have had enough...mothers do it better, shut up!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being Honest

It’s never been a better time, how often have you heard that, not often enough, don’t mention it to Edward Snowden, and the slew of others who’ve suffered for it,  to the elite who have been perverting truth and justice for centuries,  God Most High is aware of your plans, they'll fail, your intimidation, you stand accused, your abuse of the vulnerable, the consequences, basically everything you do, there is a manual for what the good people do, it’s written, this is not new, it’s wisdom that is  2000 years old. It might have seem a good idea to put your money on the winning side, robbing pensions, the poor,the derivative fields, the vice industry, the war industry, chemical industry, all you did was speed up the time when God Most High would act, as it is really a numbers game, just as it is in farming. The yield doesn’t add up, you change the crop, well we are all seeds as our birth proves, basically were mere pin drops,  and we didn’t materialise accidentally even if we evolved over time, Richard Darwin, (DAWKINS), intentional misspelling in case your wondering, we are all divine in our nature, spirits with bodies, this can be proved, there is no doubt. Imagine the world, if those who held the purse strings hadn't backed war, in 1914, 1939, Iraq, etc etc, wars were and always will be, avoidable, with rare exception. Wars can’t happen on a large scale without funding from those willing to lending. Without further adieu, it’s a good time to stop the acting, and an even better time to start amending, as God Most High assures us all, and Jesus further clarifies it, and all the prophets that came after him, that it’s never too late to become good, even if others might resent it, it’s the parable of the vineyard. So, stop it, this chronic abuse of people and systems, it’s over, the game is up, the war is won, God Most High is in control of everything, the spin doctoring, the mind games, the coercion of souls, it’s over, don’t condemn yourselves further. If you checked out the image of the man in the sky, you’ll see it’s over. The pain or hurt you cause another single soul will damn you and your associates, the ultimate settler of debts has come to check you out, just don’t bring along another lawyer with you to explain this time, it’s embarrassing and totally without class. Always remember, it’s never too late to be honest, God Most High is mercy unlimited, but the suffering of so many is impossible to ignore, elementary school children even get it, wise up!, nobody has a sense of humour anymore, but they are singing in HEAVEN. Pint of Guinness jack, and, make it two, I’m expecting company, amen. Congratulations to the men of the middle east who managed to assist peace efforts between Iran and the rest of the world, a bright start to a new world outlook, and so many hoped it would never happen, the war mongrels of course, they’d steal the eye out of your head if they could, another Guinness Arthur!.

The games children play, wait till daddy gets home, he’ll sort it out, did I say that right, feck
, I should have employed a script writer.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Smash of the Titans

The war rages on, love is on the ropes, battered and bruised but determined, audience cheers enjoys the smell of blood, hatred and deceit gloats, certain they are going to win, bell rings just in time, love staggers to it’s corner, the devil assumes it wont be long, all underdogs ride the wave as they say, bell goes,
In the corner love regroups, his coach a wise one, just stay on your feet, middle of the ring hatred waits, baiting love to come to it’s fate, pensive and frightened love rises to it’s feet, remembers those words, don’t ever hate, slip side bob and weave bell rings nearly done 
Finish him kill him, they roar out loud, love is desperate, see the way he moves, almost on the floor, but manages to land a score, wobbles a bit, but is soon upright, if I get through this, it will be all right, crunch smash, hatred goes for the kill, fleet footed and renewed, love escapes  those evil blows
Vengeance lust bile and terror, the devil inspires hatred to unknown levels, below the belt, just him for good, you’ll be king, the world will be good, bell goes the determination of hatred shows, throws many punches, ,lands many blows, love renewed handles the flow...
well, i assume you have seen the image of the man in the sky, it's over for the merchants of evil everywhere, and it was the hope of a single child that changed everything, amen

Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK and Dreams

JFK, the list of hero's, award ceremonies, titles, smiles, gala dinners, bling and glee, while my little friend tries to dream, mind still young, impressionable and wondering, no marks for telling it as it is, but when did it matter, well it does now, the world is changing, God Most High is listening, and it's been seen in the skies. so,
Children dream, it’s their reality, and they face an invasion everywhere. Experts ring the tills, more mourning more to pay their bills, anxiety groups use tragedy in order to gain exposure, victims line the streets wondering which direction to head for, meanwhile the pension dilemma occupies minds, better than wondering about the invasion that occupies the little minds, so many with the answers so little ever done, makes you wonder what is going on, it’s not a judgement or a criticism, it’s just that we promise so much yet fail to deliver, and it’s only after a massive tragedy that the bells go off in the head, maybe something divine is happening well if that’s the case, just imagine a child trying to cope with social media growing pains and that’s just the normal stuff, if those clouds appear real and time is of the essence, it’s time to stop the one direction trek, and start listening before there is damn all too late, listen,  well you do tend to wonder when you read stories written along time ago, and they start to come through, be they songs poems scripture or plain writing, listen. Do you want to encourage the use of chemicals or do you want to curb it, it’s that simple.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

still only fifteen

under pressure still ain't fifteen, the mobile phone they gave me is tearing me inside, tweet tweet Facebook email confusion imagery, can’t handle it at all my friends the same,  we are in despair, where did it go wrong, why didn't a single human stand up, the abyss the world is looking into, couldn't get much worse than this..and still only fifteen
Celebrities everywhere profit the most use the technology, to make us all pay it all whatever the cost, yet the world is in crisis and they are helping us to fail, could a child handle pressure like this in the womb, days are different now and people everywhere beginning to see, I suppose I’ll be another statistic like so many of my age, unless something is done very quickly
Technology giants offer me porn and a the gambling addiction, get used to it they warns us but all the counseling will be free, never lasts long those free offers do they, not our fault we didn't put the gun in his hand, planted thoughts that were alien to me inside my head, was hard to access then now that stuff is everywhere, still only fifteen
God are you listening have the you addicted as well, they tweet you we hear what will you say, believe you said and we did my mother my father my brothers,..still wait for your intrusion on the race of the so called human being, if ever there was a time to enter the fray the time is now, please let someone care and assist me..still only fifteen
They gather around the counseling industry opportunities, big money to be made sorting all these young people out, politicians cry tears and promise us a new year even a new gym, my mother sighs her tears silent her hurt kept deep within, my father swears out loud asks God how did it happen again, two days later I’m cold like my life never mattered at all, amen, I’m under pressure and very young, you’re the adults here, do something, ..still only fifteen

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

God is real

Reasons to believe, counted yet, the number of breaths you are given, the body you inherited, the love you are born with, bet the heart hurts occasionally, why you wonder, if your only a machine, well if you’d seen what I have seen, you’d be not so sure, see the image posted, the man in the sky, suppose you passed it onto friends, hardly, your just imagining a fraud, what would they assume, a believer, Jesus had the same problem, your in good company, no it’s the light can’t you see, I was counted with the dead, this day many years ago, I was just growing up, the good lord obviously thought a lot, of the potential, that’s in all of us, something that is too easily  forgotten, hard to contemplate, given the material stuff we are tempted with, as if you can throw it over the shoulder, and bring it along, something the pharaohs tried to do, didn’t go as planned, nor for the slaves buried with them, belief it’s a strange thing, yet we are so tame, when it comes to standing up, apologies excepted for not being serious, I woke up many years ago, twiddled my toes and did it feel great, they assumed I was gone, was given a second life, this blog is my gift of thanks, to the One who saved me, and the prayers of many, could you ever imagine, and believe me, I can imagine better than most, well, I have a damned good imagination, it’s how you use it that counts, amen.  Best dreams in the world, come straight from the heart,

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

heart wise

To be gentle and kind, and you find, the key to the heart inside, when the mystery will explode from you, and love pours out, the same love that pours from the heart of God, it’s inside us all along, too often we block to preserve what we are afraid to loose, it’s not easy, but once you let it flow, it’s healing for the mind and the soul, so don’t let your fears hold you back, let it go and let if flow, just as the great teachers said, a long time ago, amen, and it’s the message of all people, it’s in you so don’t be afraid, love ills love makes you ill, it was always meant to be shared, not a rope around your heart, it’s why they fill your head, preventing you from being at one, man woman child reunion, it’s just a silly love song, it’s where the healing comes from, just imagine it and it can happen, to you me and everyone around us, la la la la la la la la, so put away your troubles today and let it shine, not just where you are, but everywhere, and the dream of John lennon and a host of other great men and women, will become so real, the sky will fill with stars, all night long, how sweet and joyful that will be, just once as the man said, when God will shed a tear, and all hearts radiate in return and in gratitude, for the pure gift we have all been given, amen., sigh, weep a little, let a tear fall from your eye, love is all and it’s all around us, it’s the sponge we call the heart, we just need to squeeze a little more often, but not too much, otherwise like the butterfly or the bee, we’ll make ourselves ill. Be little children waiting for your father to come home, and you’ll see your father again, amen

Monday, November 11, 2013

Being Lucky

Does it matter where you come from, or is it in the rearing as not everyone turns out the same, it’s a question of wisdom, nothing else, so before you remind yourself of every prejudice out there, the Irish and British have got over it as they say, and the one thing they had in common is a common faith that is without prejudice that comforts them, Belief in God Most High and the existence of evil. It’s the rearing of the children that leads to better generations of people, and in a nutshell, the current state of the word is down to the quality of the seeds we reproduce, ourselves basically, we are watering the whiskey for far too long, it’s called the genetic affect and they have proved this in the pharma and medical industries, it’s not a question of who what or where you are from, the colour of the sin, even religion, it’s a question of, if you love or don’t, and the Irish seem to do it well, and having withstood 700 years of freedom fighting, we have practice as they say. So in a nutshell, we pass on our experiences, and why this is so important, is that we can actually improve things, by being aware of the experiences we  pass on, and it’s something great mothers do well, I’m not partisan in any regard, but I know the value of a great mother, and that makes me lucky for being irish.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

One for all or none at all

Time of great change is upon us, warnings are being given, wake your soul up, this is not a cry of despair, put aside your petty indifference, the flaws in your character, the scriptures of old are coming through, great news for those who remain loyal to the teaching of Jesus, and the sovereign promises made to the saint John, in the revelations over two thousand years ago, those who continue to live Babylon style ignoring the light, and the plight of those who live misfortunate lives, certainly face a most horrifying future, and as sure as Heaven is real, I’ve had the dream, and seen many things, posted pictures of the man in the sky, hoping to alert people in advance of catastrophe, sowing the seed of love, the renewal that will save us all, as I do believe a change of heart and a new outlook will allow God Most High to intervene, therefore giving us the time to birth again in faith, as sure as hell is real, and it’s comfort zone as telling as a fire that never goes out.
Down through the ages warnings have been given, and it’s disturbing that despite these alerts, society continued on it’s path to destruction, where the perversion of the masses rolled on regardless of consequence, and since this is a game of numbers, God Most High is all wisdom, it appears that when a number is reached in the annals of the Law written many thousands of years ago, it would trigger a series of events, and that is happening now and has been happening these last few years. Laugh, fall off the chair, roll on the carpet, be careful not to disturb the cat, but this is a battle of the soul.
All gifts are given from the Holy Spirit, it is as simple as that, how we use these talents is our free will, the state of many nations and families suggest, that these gifts have not been used wisely. God Most High is mercy unlimited, let us try to please him and show the love we are born with, let him realise bounty that is in your heart, there will be a new world order, lets hope we get there and create a great new start, amen. Remain loyal to love and steadfast in your faith, love cherish and nurture the love all around you, and glow in the light of the soul.   

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Guitar Man

The love of the world is the heart of God, and when we love, God grows happy.
Sometimes it’s overwhelming, bizarre, but nothing in this world can be more
Pleasing, that feeling, the heart ache, it means your living for all the right reasons,
You feel the pain, you encounter joy, and reach places, that are unforgettable, and feelings that you dream of. Children are the biggest love pools out there, and when they fill with love, they shine, light up, watch the eyes of a happy child and the
Feeling of pure joy, and the tears God sheds, which is sun light. It gets better,
When you stay in the zone of love, God doesn't ignore you, he ensures you
The company of angels, and your progress matters, cause God is all that is divine,
And Love is the only intangible that matters at the end of the day, as you put your
Head on the pillow, never alone even if you’d feel alone, you rest with the angels, and boy does that feel real damn good, try is sometime and prepare to be surprised. I have and it’s out of this world, just don’t forget to clean up as they say.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lessons in Blessings

I assume people wonder why Things happen, and the reason for the non involvement of God Most High, in the prevention of much that is bad, so much so that God does not exist at all. Fair point, and reasonable, as we are human and doubt is our norm, Thomas the saint, an example.
How to communicate with God is the mother of all issues, and is the point we are aiming at here, and when we wonder about the blessings that God confers on us, how these blessings are passed to us, is what is important, not why.
If you have a computer disc, and it gets scratched, it usually jumps, then it fails, then you throw it out. God Most High communicates through the soul, the shield that protects your heart. The soul is a reflection of the heart. What is in your heart, mirrors the contents of the soul, the solar panel that reflects light. When we act against the will of God, the heart gets dirty, the soul scratches. When we persist in doing wrong, it gets worse and worse, eventually jumps. So when God Most High wants to bless us with something that is good for us, there is no where to put it, it gets lost and is wasted.

You want God to bless you, you have to create time for him, and clean space in your heart, amen.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

God on Earth

The Black Sheep

Loving, nothing is sweeter, the warmth of being, one with love, and the fear that emotion stirs, when you might lose, the way you stir inside, as your heart begins to bleed, the fear of losing your mind, climbing into battle with the worlds demons, and all the strength you need, no doubts allowed, the risks are epic, it’s nature, the outcome a victory, that is blessed, petitions answered from above, God Most High comes to your aid, that is something you can’t mess with, Texas all in power required, no shadows only light, what are you waiting for, jump in and taste the love, that is yours, for love and no other reason,  blessed by God, what can go wrong, brave heart  is waiting for you, no way out this time, come together now, fill my heart, in the battle of life, it’s real it’s divine and it’s all yours, love it to the last drop, once in it’s done, the world will be , cause it’s life giving, you must trust fully, it’s that simple, cross the threshold, you can you handle it, being loved without borders or fear, can you read my words, cause all love is divine, so fear should not be your worry, be hungry not greedy, it’s my breakfast dinner and tea.
Don’t pretend,  In a nutshell, it can hurt badly, and can cost others dearly, you want you to be honest, no holding back, but love is stronger than anything, it’s why we are guarded, love is divine, it’s not a passing fantasy, deeper than any well out there, so I believe, God Most High is your eternal friend, love moves the stars, reaches the heavens,  can’t be redesigned, you just have to believe, and that should be easy, cause your born with a heart that is full of it, it just gets torched along the way, so smile and be brave, you never own it, it’s the gift you pass on, just save a little for me, the story of Mr Bee, just imagine it, there you are a little honey bee, out doing your best collecting some nectar and sweet honey, then you come home and your home had been robbed, what a sad little memory for bee’s, and the flowers that will miss his buzzy company.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

To Love is Divine

Love is the answer to every prayer, we are spirits, wrapped in flesh, and we have been fighting a spiritual war with everlasting consequences, that have huge repercussions for everyone living and who has lived, we are the good wine and the bad, and God Most High is the master of all. But as there is light there is also the dark, and it’s all controlled by us, we human beings, we are the body of God, collectively, poor good bad great or non descript. Soul warriors, we have limitless potential if we can merge into one, do the most extraordinary, and we all come from the sun, the thing that shines in the sky is us. God you see, is the light, and love is the divine gift, we are all born with it, but it rarely is given the time it requires to fully mature. This is not contrary to religions, as God Most High, in his wisdom, hers too, it shouldn’t matter, male or female because God is divine, end of story.
At the other end of the spectrum there is the dark spirit, which controls and uses us, for all sorts of purpose, basically we love we strengthen, we don’t we weaken. It is why none of us can reproduce alone, and the magic is, the more we love the better we make everything, and we give God Most High great praise when we do, and we open ourselves to his great mercy. It is not a case of your better than me, it’s just a case of when we do things in unison, we strengthen the light and retain the trust of the Great one. Because of varied circumstances, and the human condition to be self supporting we forgot about our dependency of our Divine Father and Mother. In a nutshell, when we are cohesive and true, we create a pure joy that is immensely pleasing to all that is divine. Love is the bounty of the Divine master, and we in the flesh, have been gifted this life we all enjoy, which many assume to be a birth rite, this is a gift, gift, it’s not yours or mine, we belong to the light, and to the light we will return, provided we bring some with us, love juice…

Wisdom is great spirit too, God is all purpose, and angelic forms do exist as do angelic forms that are bad and evil purposed, but the great thing to remember, is that Love in the heart is an untouchable source of real light. So those who live in this light, and I have seen it sometimes, when we act in love, we produce a love that is pleasing to the great one .It’s never been a better time to become as loving as possible, as the light energy in strength can overcome the dark and the evil therein. Just imagine it!, it’s just love, too simple almost….

Friday, November 1, 2013

all saints

We all believe in something, usually something insane. Rarely something worth believing in. The latest teen idol if your under 16, the next elvis, the colour scheme in the house, the clothes you wear, says something about us. Is their Christian belief in all of this. It all says something about us. Is their a Christian belief in all of this, or are we missing something, we all have beliefs, God Most High the choice here today, but so many, what is there to believe in, if you’re a starving child with an empty tummy, a voter seeking an honest politician, an  aids sufferer without access to decent affordable health care, My politician is a good one, he knows how to respond to a contribution. The roll call of idols we look up to in our day today affairs is surprising.
There’s an idol for everyone, the TV star, the football player, and the image they create for us, images so carefully crafted by professional advertisers, advertisers who care less about you and me, and only value money.

These same image creators would sell us satan, provided he paid them, I have no doubt they already have, surprised. Today is all saints day, rekindling belief in ourselves and those around us, I call it the day we remember the great people, who in their own way, had led us to this day, directly and indirectly, and the sacrifices they made for all of us. To believe in something and someone greater than yourself, is usually a belief, that comes through ignorance of your own self worth.