Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being Honest

It’s never been a better time, how often have you heard that, not often enough, don’t mention it to Edward Snowden, and the slew of others who’ve suffered for it,  to the elite who have been perverting truth and justice for centuries,  God Most High is aware of your plans, they'll fail, your intimidation, you stand accused, your abuse of the vulnerable, the consequences, basically everything you do, there is a manual for what the good people do, it’s written, this is not new, it’s wisdom that is  2000 years old. It might have seem a good idea to put your money on the winning side, robbing pensions, the poor,the derivative fields, the vice industry, the war industry, chemical industry, all you did was speed up the time when God Most High would act, as it is really a numbers game, just as it is in farming. The yield doesn’t add up, you change the crop, well we are all seeds as our birth proves, basically were mere pin drops,  and we didn’t materialise accidentally even if we evolved over time, Richard Darwin, (DAWKINS), intentional misspelling in case your wondering, we are all divine in our nature, spirits with bodies, this can be proved, there is no doubt. Imagine the world, if those who held the purse strings hadn't backed war, in 1914, 1939, Iraq, etc etc, wars were and always will be, avoidable, with rare exception. Wars can’t happen on a large scale without funding from those willing to lending. Without further adieu, it’s a good time to stop the acting, and an even better time to start amending, as God Most High assures us all, and Jesus further clarifies it, and all the prophets that came after him, that it’s never too late to become good, even if others might resent it, it’s the parable of the vineyard. So, stop it, this chronic abuse of people and systems, it’s over, the game is up, the war is won, God Most High is in control of everything, the spin doctoring, the mind games, the coercion of souls, it’s over, don’t condemn yourselves further. If you checked out the image of the man in the sky, you’ll see it’s over. The pain or hurt you cause another single soul will damn you and your associates, the ultimate settler of debts has come to check you out, just don’t bring along another lawyer with you to explain this time, it’s embarrassing and totally without class. Always remember, it’s never too late to be honest, God Most High is mercy unlimited, but the suffering of so many is impossible to ignore, elementary school children even get it, wise up!, nobody has a sense of humour anymore, but they are singing in HEAVEN. Pint of Guinness jack, and, make it two, I’m expecting company, amen. Congratulations to the men of the middle east who managed to assist peace efforts between Iran and the rest of the world, a bright start to a new world outlook, and so many hoped it would never happen, the war mongrels of course, they’d steal the eye out of your head if they could, another Guinness Arthur!.

The games children play, wait till daddy gets home, he’ll sort it out, did I say that right, feck
, I should have employed a script writer.

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