Tuesday, November 12, 2013

heart wise

To be gentle and kind, and you find, the key to the heart inside, when the mystery will explode from you, and love pours out, the same love that pours from the heart of God, it’s inside us all along, too often we block to preserve what we are afraid to loose, it’s not easy, but once you let it flow, it’s healing for the mind and the soul, so don’t let your fears hold you back, let it go and let if flow, just as the great teachers said, a long time ago, amen, and it’s the message of all people, it’s in you so don’t be afraid, love ills love makes you ill, it was always meant to be shared, not a rope around your heart, it’s why they fill your head, preventing you from being at one, man woman child reunion, it’s just a silly love song, it’s where the healing comes from, just imagine it and it can happen, to you me and everyone around us, la la la la la la la la, so put away your troubles today and let it shine, not just where you are, but everywhere, and the dream of John lennon and a host of other great men and women, will become so real, the sky will fill with stars, all night long, how sweet and joyful that will be, just once as the man said, when God will shed a tear, and all hearts radiate in return and in gratitude, for the pure gift we have all been given, amen., sigh, weep a little, let a tear fall from your eye, love is all and it’s all around us, it’s the sponge we call the heart, we just need to squeeze a little more often, but not too much, otherwise like the butterfly or the bee, we’ll make ourselves ill. Be little children waiting for your father to come home, and you’ll see your father again, amen

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