Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lessons in Blessings

I assume people wonder why Things happen, and the reason for the non involvement of God Most High, in the prevention of much that is bad, so much so that God does not exist at all. Fair point, and reasonable, as we are human and doubt is our norm, Thomas the saint, an example.
How to communicate with God is the mother of all issues, and is the point we are aiming at here, and when we wonder about the blessings that God confers on us, how these blessings are passed to us, is what is important, not why.
If you have a computer disc, and it gets scratched, it usually jumps, then it fails, then you throw it out. God Most High communicates through the soul, the shield that protects your heart. The soul is a reflection of the heart. What is in your heart, mirrors the contents of the soul, the solar panel that reflects light. When we act against the will of God, the heart gets dirty, the soul scratches. When we persist in doing wrong, it gets worse and worse, eventually jumps. So when God Most High wants to bless us with something that is good for us, there is no where to put it, it gets lost and is wasted.

You want God to bless you, you have to create time for him, and clean space in your heart, amen.

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