Friday, November 22, 2013

JFK and Dreams

JFK, the list of hero's, award ceremonies, titles, smiles, gala dinners, bling and glee, while my little friend tries to dream, mind still young, impressionable and wondering, no marks for telling it as it is, but when did it matter, well it does now, the world is changing, God Most High is listening, and it's been seen in the skies. so,
Children dream, it’s their reality, and they face an invasion everywhere. Experts ring the tills, more mourning more to pay their bills, anxiety groups use tragedy in order to gain exposure, victims line the streets wondering which direction to head for, meanwhile the pension dilemma occupies minds, better than wondering about the invasion that occupies the little minds, so many with the answers so little ever done, makes you wonder what is going on, it’s not a judgement or a criticism, it’s just that we promise so much yet fail to deliver, and it’s only after a massive tragedy that the bells go off in the head, maybe something divine is happening well if that’s the case, just imagine a child trying to cope with social media growing pains and that’s just the normal stuff, if those clouds appear real and time is of the essence, it’s time to stop the one direction trek, and start listening before there is damn all too late, listen,  well you do tend to wonder when you read stories written along time ago, and they start to come through, be they songs poems scripture or plain writing, listen. Do you want to encourage the use of chemicals or do you want to curb it, it’s that simple.

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