Thursday, January 31, 2013


Two year old child arms broken
Tears roll from the surgeons eyes
You call this love he pleads
His eyes skywards god sees
Free will i had enough
Can’t do this anymore
I send in love now it’s gone
Lying in sunshine somewhere
In The beginning i was light
Shared love produced me
Then i became common and unplanned
All the lost love leaves us damned
How long must i wait
I’ve lit hearts for years
Stuck to my task like steel
Even God can’t hide the tears
I’ve a plan cries God out loud
I’ll act as planned and allow
Earth rumbles floats and quakes
About time they all now awake

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to change things quickly for good

it's a question we all ask, sometimes when were loaded, great ideas soon forgotten, and a week later we come up with more great ideas, soon forgotten and after awhile we become disillusioned and so on and on, the circle gets tighter, all we think is escape, then we give up, stop, it's possible to change everything, and this is how, it's not a revolution, it's called justice for all, and this is what ye have to do, and it's simple.
We have a united nations to protect us from criminal behavior and other such abuses throughout the world, its not working, world is in a worse state now more than ever. Lets set up a court for all the politicians of the world, hold them accountable, just them and no one else, a political crimes bureau, PCB for short. everyone who dares to enter politics throughout the world who elects to serve the people and only enriches themselves, will be brought before this bureau and will be asked every three years to explain any of their spurious decisions, the penalty for abuse, asset stripping for those involved, end of story. this bureau will put power back into the hands of ordinary decent people the world over, and make the abuse by the political class and those who support them a very unprofitable business, now is that not simple.  

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


He liked that, the ice bucket by the table. Magda was so thoughtful. He’d got to know her better, both of them on a first name basis too. He quickly set up. he’d an early start, a funeral in the morning, so much so he’d brought along his razor and toothbrush this time. He didn’t usually stay over, afraid of rumour and hearsay given his delicate position in society.
Pouring a deep JD, he lobbed in three or four lumps of ice, then drowned the mixture with coke, the real thing as they say. In his seat, TV remote to hand, he could work it now with one hand, notepad in the other, with details for viewing, topics as they call it, his being TV gambling, another phenomenon his  parish contact had warned him about. You wont believe he was told, he’d soon find out. When first informed about gambling on the TV, harry thought the parishioner was referring to those lotto shows that encouraged people to gamble, in aid of good causes of course. Harry was used to such good causes, he’d run a charity racing night, for gods sake of course, air conditioning unit for an old folks home being the beneficiary. TV gambling wasn’t about the purchase of lotto tickets he soon figured out once he checked the digital address he was given. Texas hold’em, or seven card stud with a few minor changes. Harry played poker with other priests and was well used to poker. On TV it was different. Every hand seemed to be a winning one. The pot sizes were in thousands, and the players were a bunch of washed out celebrities who didn’t have the right physical appearance to make it on main stream TV. Maybes and hopefuls probably, who’d enlisted for the chance to be seen on TV again. The game was quite good, his attention full on. Two sixes down against an ace and a king down, the four other contestants passing. The pair had to be a winning hand. Seemingly not announced the poker expert who was commentating on matters. Three cards were flipped over, low cards that were of no use to either player. Two pair held, ace king went all in, ace king player being a former snooker player with a well chronicled drug and alcohol problem, harry wasn’t surprised, but was excited, wondering who’d win, having forgotten that the chips they were playing with were monopoly money, as no one in their right mind would bet thirty seven thousand on an ace king with two cards to come. Two sixes hesitated. Two sixes was the chip leader announced the poker expert in a hushed voice. The camera focussed in on two sixes as he dallied over the decision. Head fucking comments, head fucking counts, and two sixes was head fucked and hand fucked, as he threw in his hand. Smart play announced the voice over poker expert, praising the snooker celeb. Three games later the session was over, harry had enough of that and wasn’t ready yet for the tutorial on how to play texas hold’em successfully, the tutorial free and sponsored by an online poker website. Drug using tutorials, gambling was a drug, occupied the mind while you did it, the buzz as it’s called. He sipped his beloved JD, tuned into another station, another on his list. TV quiz game, name the celebrity win a thousand. Harry recognised the picture, or part of it, the game being like a jigsaw. He couldn’t see the full picture, only the eyes of the person, his mouth shielded. It was jack Nicholson. He’d crazy eyes, he’d seen them in the shining, a scary shit movie made years earlier. Text me and win a thousand euros, I’m waiting for you boys, text me and win she urged, everyone likes to win money, how about a new holiday, text me and win she urged. Fraud he reckoned, as they all couldn’t win a thousand. Text them a thousand times and win a million mused harry working out the possibilities in his head. Maybe the station owner was philanthropic and related to gates.

Monday, January 28, 2013

the emotional tyrant

Emotional times, every one is crying, crying for change, privately publicly the call is a united one, it’s tragedy and distress, first began when life was a mess, was it something you could not say, were you afraid that he’d run away, children, women, men, everyone living, emotional is the natural one, don’t worry it’s time to let go those fears, have confidence in yourself, don’t listen to those failures, growing it’s a very emotional time, in a relationship and you have to let go, you have old friends they don’t want to know, be like us we’ll keep you safe, if you try to do that you’ll end up like sheep, emotional sometimes good but it’s usually fear, it’s holding you back that secret you can’t reveal, you have to tell someone you try the booze instead, it’s a slippery surface your suddenly on, you think you are in control but your loosing it, join a group we can help you, you become addicted to that and it’s another fall back, how can I deal with it, this pain I have inside, it’s the same fate of governments those hidden mistakes, be truthful it might hurt, ignore it and it will eat you up, I've been in these situations, grown comfortable among the addicted, just cant seem to do it myself, yes you can, think you heard that line before, the call of hope takes to happen, many people everyone in fact, they suffer this same problem, it’s really matter of fact, the husband is cheating, the  wife is she leaving, I can’t say that, what will I do on my own, will I get a replacement, what’s going on, he meets her in the school gym, they like each other, she’s sweet and wailer thin, years grow the friend ship endures, experiences shared like we can’t let go, every plant needs space, ever see a big tree in a tightly wound space, never have and never will,  mature and grow that flow, if light can’t get in where do you grow, sideways this way his way her way not the way you planned for sure, it’s why God gives us wisdom every living day, problem is we forgot, got used to excuses and all the abuses, cynicism resentment broken love and loss, you that three year old child alone in the school yard, every one else had a daddy, you didn't understand you yearned inside, how did we see but not feel, situation been going on for years, expensive education and toys to keep you busy, never makes up for the love you craved for, lost love is replaced in many shapes and forms, a world that ignores the needs of children may soon be wishing otherwise, I had a dream many years ago, it keeps turning up trumps, today I saw a little boy lost three years old a little cap on his face, he sat quietly in a corner and watched as others passed by, fathers holding hands with their children, the little boy started to cry, why me, why do they hurt me, do they care at all, the faces the TV, the voices of the mighty and great, get even said the voice in his head, someday he’ll murder his wife, it’s happening again and again, all we can do is call an enquiry, the boy thinks as he grows old in the state penitentiary, how the so called good deal with such calamities, any better excuse for our emotional lives, have we forgotten to love, seems the mighty lord thinks so, and when the lord hurts expect a reaction, well……your children are hurting what are you going to do,
Allow tyrants dominate you, amen.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Time is of the essence...

Had to keep looking, she was bound to take her top off, the babe in the tub. Guys around, slouching over to her , trying to make sense, connect as they say, another of the vibe words he’d heard. Was going to use it in a sermon, sometime. Big brother, big let down, emperors clothes theory repeats itself like fashion. For a moment he wondered if all, he stopped wondering as she stepped out of the tub. Camera close up, her bottom almost see through. They market this to kids he thought making a note of it, was all over the news, loads of money, loads of silence, no one screams stop when the slots keep paying, the sluts keep playing, the lusty keep spraying. World fucked, no wonder. He wondered again in mind, was he watching the last days of Pompeii. Big brother, portal for the bored, and those who couldn’t afford. Time to move on, he was reluctant though, she might undress. The remote hit the floor, his eyes temporarily off the screen. Bending to pick it up, channel moved too, news again.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can you imagine it

Words spoken, God had to delay what was happening so quickly. Cries for help had multiplied so fast in such a short time. Daily chaos everywhere, children having children, it wasn’t the plan, world too busy, zealots forever busier, victims appear on cue for checks, strain beginning to show, earthquakes getting closer, obscenities outpacing themselves, Pompeii lives, children like spices, freshening up old men, the world intent on living longer regardless of the cost to all, with anything pure and good getting rarer by the day. Tom Murphy, the born again angel had the enviable task of selecting his replacement. From a list too, a list that had been two pages long with names, names of potential replacements. A list that he had started on two decades earlier, a list that had spanned the globe in his travels, seeking the good so to speak. Now there was just one left out of 200 hundred names. Last angel on earth seeks replacement, who’d believe it he thought thinking out loud, as he dwelled over a strong espresso in the bare naked cafĂ© that was the tuck shop on terminal five. He listened to the announcements from the public address system. Planes delayed from the U.S., what was new. The boarding gate to Dublin opposite him, he listened carefully to the array of messages being blurted out, then calm and silence again. Being late in the evening, the airport wasn't busy. He had relations in the west of Ireland, hadn’t everybody he thought, but he liked meeting people and if his grandfather came from Galway, a  seaside town too, this trip promised more than just a working visit unlike the last time he visited Ireland, seventy odd years earlier during the great war. Searching for stowaways then, escaped refugees from Poland, Jewish mainly, the Irish weren't mean spirited, just a little wary of strangers the way all rural nations are. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Why do we exist, how did we come to exist, what makes us exist, answer is both pure and simple, love, the ultimate drug, most addictive feeling in the world, you have it, you’ll go to extremes to keep it, loose it, your life feels empty, you spend your life with love in mind, sometimes it becomes too much, you substitute it, sometimes it’s alcohol, sometimes it’s pleasure, when you misuse you loose, you spend all your time trying to get over it, problem is love is not always clean, it becomes distorted, you become distorted, marriage to marriage, no one makes you happy, the car becomes more important, the image is perfected, substance abuse is far bigger than drugs or alcohol, it’s people too, it’s those things you’d rather not do, so how do you save the love you have, how do you make it grow, very easily in fact, it’s the worst kept secret of the world. The evil doers pride themselves in creating division hatred resentment and fear, very simple to do, too simple. The neighbor has a bigger car, don’t trust the police, immigrants eat in that restaurant you can’t afford, those jihadists are all Muslims, those rantings you listen to on the radio and TV, night and day, it’s easy create hatred, even easier to create love though, if you allow yourself a space, I know, I’ve been there, suffered all sorts of opinions, trusted all sorts of folks, refused to join any of those clubs, as for division, just enter politics, but love is the one and only thing you need to survive in this world, and it’s a lesson older folks often forget to pass on to the young of this world, why?, because no one admits their mistakes easily, made so many I’d fill more pages than William Shakespeare almost. Why do certain communities get on better, ask yourself what divides and what doesn’t. in the world today, we have an image draining agenda, an attack on all that is good, it’s the plan of the evil doers for ages, it nearly worked, but like all those great movies, God always wins in the end, he has you and me create the love, the more we create the more he responds, seen this literally and physically happen, and it’s awesome. And why does love become distorted, the same reason minds become distorted, they become filled with odd ideas images and fear, it’s why we try to shield children from bad things, it’s why sandy hook happened, woke us up, it’s a wild world out there, twitter and the other hundred social media forums, you’ll find everything the mind craves and lots of disturbing shit easily today, it’s why children rely on the support of mindful and loving parents in order to grow up straight, not becoming warped, it’s why extremists are dangerous,  why have we allowed porno to become mainstream, it’s why we need leaders who are interested in leading us, not deceiving us, it’s why across the entire universe we need to rally for the sake of common sense, and decide to have laws for politicians only, they are the chief architects of our downfall everywhere. Do you often hear them say, you get the government you deserve, it’s odd what we accept for truth,  in reality you get the government that manages to deceive most, and who do governments work for, yes, big corporations that donate to them, lets grow a little hear, pretend no more, you have nothing to fear, the great lord of heaven and earth is 100% alert and real, those that damage the prospects of love everywhere are causing the hardship, the whole world over, give love a try, and like any wise father or mother, the wiser you use the gifts given to you, the more you’ll receive next time and the time after, it’s really that simple, and if you manage to sow the seeds of love, imagine how good that reward will be. The only currency in heaven is love, no silks, no watches, no cars, no carpets, no hunger either, or Cayman island accounts, it’s a place where joy is lasting and friendship is permanent, trust me on this, I’ve been on this trek, fallen a few times, got up and on with it, it works, it’s love, and it’s free to anyone who uses it for good purpose, and guess what, in the short term you’ll have more friends, that’s for starters, it’s a meal of never ending courses and totally filling. So, what you waiting for, go and create love and watch the world improve beyond imagination, I have, and I got to tell you, nothing in the world I’ve ever done comes close, and I’ve been around the world, amen. But like any wise person who plans on making this world a better place, do your research first, be wary of those who mislead, watch out for the pitfalls, see what happened to those who went ahead of you, and like all children, be cautious of those bearing gifts when you are most in need, and finally, study the lives of those who loved the most. These are just tips. Take care and like that movie, groundhog day, the first step, not the glory you have in mind it what’s all important.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Do we really like children!

well read them a story they saying goes, words rarely reflect actions..

Barney crow was hungry, the weather was dry, ground hard. it was also very windy, there was no point digging under these conditions. Worms would be too deep. He remained in his nest, thinking Road kill, didn’t like the idea of it, but his father told him that it was all right to think like a lawyer, just not all the time. Paranoia can become you. In his nest, he waited for his mother to return from the mornings visit to delaney’s yard. She’d have a piece of brown bread for him. Mrs Delaney was a friend to the local crow population. Whenever the weather was at the extremes, hot or cold, she always left out food. Mrs delaney’s yard was also an opportunity for all the crows in the neighbourhood to get together, spill the beans on what was going on.

“I don’t know what to do with barney” squawked Rita crow, hopping around on delaney’s tarmac drive, helen crow, a cousin of hers hopped after her.
Jimmy crow was on sentry duty this morning. Perched on a tree overlooking Delaney’s yard, it was his job to observe the surroundings, a cat smooching around waiting to pounce, or worse, an eagle crow, the type of crow that all good living crows hate, a crow cannibal. Jimmy kept his eyes peeled, another simple morning, nothing out of place, the cat asleep on a window still, fine so long as she stays there.

“barney is old enough for sentry duty, he needs a job” squawked Helen crow,
“jimmy’s been doing that for years” answered rita
“he’s getting old, didn’t he miss the cat last week” squawked Helen
“the one that got old Charlie”
“poor Charlie” squawked rita jumping up and down on the spot enforcing the point.
“all feathers and bone, at least he died suddenly” answered Helen.
“how do you know that”
“the shock” answered Helen with a degree of certainty, “shock, it’s worse than stress” she added, continuing to pick some loose crumbs, the big bits gone.
“don’t bring him home anything this morning, just don’t” insisted Helen, picking away.
Rita gobbled the piece of fresh brown bread she’d saved for her only son, barney.
“see you tomorrow” she squawked, flapping her wings, moving slowly then all of a sudden airborne.
“thanks jimmy” she said, passing his tree. Jimmy squawked back, shaking a wing at her.
I’ll take my time, I wont go home straight she told herself. She flew high into the air, above her normal flying height. The gusts were exhilarating, sending her higher. She swooned with delight, she hadn’t done that in a while. High above her, Jeremy hawk was out looking for breakfast. He didn’t like bread crumbs or worms, preferred red meat.
He’d spent the early morning sharpening his claws the way a professional golfer cleans his golf clubs. Always ready, immaculately preened, his golden feathers shone like gold. The only good crow is a dead one he’d say. He waited to identify a lone crow flying, they usually fly in pairs or in great bunches, making it impossible to catch one, for as sure as you go after one of them, the others come after you, and it isn’t easy flying with a bird between your claws and a hundred other ones on your tail, not easy I tell you. Rita flew higher, a gust of wind lifting her at least a hundred feet. Normally she’d be more cautious, and stay within range of home or her friends. This morning she’d a lot on her mind, her troubled son, lazy crow barney. Jimmy’s work was done. Delaneys white speckled tarmac was now jet black, every crumb used up. He could go home now. Checking his feathers, he shook them a few times, then gently dived into the wind. Road kill would have to be breakfast. Road kill being the latest victim of a road traffic accident. She liked badger, his missus, he preferred rabbit though. Between moneygall and roscrea, there were two long stretches of road, making it safe to linger over a dead carcass while you choose the tasty bits. No right thinking crow ate the guts of any animal, just the red meat, the bit full of protein. Sweep high over crow lane, a high density population of crows, he swung left and headed out the moneygall road, his beady eyes trained to the road and hopefully some red furry bits. About one hundred feet over the road, he flew along, wings outstretched, hardly moving, a wind behind him. That looked interesting he thought, dipping his wings to take a closer look. Didn’t like cat, he flew on. He cheered inside, one less enemy to think about. Up ahead he saw two pals of his, in the middle of the road. She’s nice he thought, she being a neice of rita crow, a year younger than himself. If the missus ever gets taken early I’d try her he thought as he came into land.
Jenny crow went pink when she saw him. Her beak bloodied, she squawked him over.
“there’s plenty here” she said invitingly.
“there’s a Toyota truck coming” squawked Anthony, from the side of the road. Jenny and jimmy hopped over to the side of the road and waited.
“that’s good luck” squawked jimmy as the truck ran over the dead fox’s head, squishing it into the road hard.
“what’s good about that” asked jenny trying to make small talk.
Jimmy shook his head, then began to smile. She’s not experienced at all he surmised.
“what happens when the bits get stuck into the road” he asked.
Anthony and jenny shook their heads.

This is too easy he thought, too easy indeed, an insult to a hawk like me he sighed. Jeremy prepared his dive, one swoop and I’ll have her, his plan of attack. A bit of a speed junkie, he’d risen five hundred feet above rita crow, down he went as fast as a torpedo. Squawk squawk squawk, crowed a small gathering of crows as rita flew over them. They all began to dive suddenly. You’d think they’d seen a ghost she smiled as she began a roll. Squawk squawk, she moved left, as Jeremy came in for the kill, missing him, his claws tearing the edges of her feathered wing. She dropped a hundred feet in shock. Jeremy was below her, on the rise again. Trees trees, she needed to find a safe house. Your mine, your mine you lucky bird howled Jeremy, furious with himself for missing the easy kill. Rita knew she’d escaped the first hit, her feathers ruffled, nothing serious. Jeremy waved as rita dived past him, and headed straight for a tall tree. With speed behind her, he’d never catch her, not today.

Anthony jenny and jimmy sat at a tree, and waited. A hundred feet from the site of the dead road kill fox, they waited.
“is this necessary” asked Anthony, anxious to get home and report in.
“wait” squawked jimmy.
Jenny preened herself, dusting her feathers, cleaning red specks off her beak. Anthony gave her the dirtiest of looks. She’s only doing it for your man.

Rita crow made it back to her nest on crow lane, a longish lane of trees, of varying height, all crow high rises. Rita lived in the last high rise. Flustered and sweaty, she was relieved to be home and in one piece apart from a feather missing on her left wing. Landing beside her nest, barney crow sat up.
“ma are you all right” he asked, seeing her a little dazed.
“ma are you all right, your only interested in food, he almost got me” she squawked.
“who” asked barney.

Jimmy smiled. A magpie had arrived at the scene of the road kill. He nudged jenny softly and said.
“he’s deaf, he wont hear the next truck coming until it’s too late”.
The three of them watched as felim magpie dug his beak into the road, chipping away at the fox head that was totally squished into the road.
“they’re greedy feckers” smiled jimmy noticing a truck in the distance.
“I’m going home” announced Anthony impatiently.
“wait” howled jimmy.

The truck got nearer and nearer, magpie stuck in the carcass.
“feck” shouted jimmy, as felim magpie escaped death.
“next time he might not be so lucky” he sighed, as the three of them lifted off the branch they were on and headed home.

Friday, January 18, 2013


Control, it does not require emotional input, but it can satisfy our conscience, keeps the truth hidden while we get on with living, achieves nothing makes us dumb and dumber you wonder if people listen, control it’s like all those regulations they impose without our opinion, rushed upon us in our busy lives like thunder, control it’s a byword for so many religions it’s not that I’m cold hearted I’m just a Christian who loves women, control it’s the cure to all our obsessions dampens the heart quells our ambition, and why is control such an important tool in the world we all live in, it’s the reason they have power over love and over women, and who provides the vast majority of love on the planet, the children you might say but it’s the mothers if you listen, and this control of women using bibles and writings of over thousand year prohibitions, it’s an implement of fear and all women ought to listen, cause it’s the cause of so many wars this so called love of religion, and when was love ever controlling, when you wanted to have it all for yourself so you evoked old texts to carry out this ambition, well done you mullahs for the hatred you conditioned, you may have got away with it but it’s over and it’s unconditional, no mercy you show only respect for rules and regulations, and you did it in the name of what this so called respect for religion, amen, and they thought they were going to get away with it, I’m certain this wont happen cause the hope of god is love of all and in particular women…oh Khalid what will we do, you’d better hurry up old dear cause you've engaged the ire of god, and of that I’m certain not kidding. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

is there life on mars...

To be honest today, is considered radical, sounds alarming, to be manipulative is considered normal, to be sexual is regular, to be conservative old fashioned, to be caring heroic almost, and if you have any sense at all, you are expected to take advantage of the world, use it to end, so why is this, acting. We are all actors in a game, directed by good and bad, the bad being the evil menace, the good being the shining knight, and as we come under the influence of both, we decide which route to take. The theatre goers of old, I’m referring to the coliseum in rome, not downtown broadway, cheered the ups and downs of the fate of those fed to the animals, cheering the emperor on as life deciding decisions were made, little has changed in over 2,000 years, and you know what happened to rome, it ended in tears for all, and a permanent hell for most. Society today
Has the same choice to make, to do good or bad, and the time now, is more critical than people want to believe. Those living the pleasure driven life want us all to join in, to party to the end, same way the old cocaine world invited everyone of substance to get involved, you were not with it unless you did it, ask some former presidents, stock brokers, movers and shakers, just about everyone under fifty with money and moving fast in Hollywood. Those involved in these matters have left so many memories of themselves on camera, left in the hands of potential blackmailers, in all sorts of sticky situations, children teens etc etc..they were so out of it they don’t even know yet what to expect, but the foundations they walk on, are not secure, making all who come under their influence vulnerable for all time, this sounds confusing, you are supposed to read between the lines, I don’t mean lines of coke, but I know there are some who will choke with humour as they do, read between the lines. Evil doesn’t get it’s name because of a few late nights, an extra marital affair, a liason dangerous or an unusual sexual practice, evil gets it’s name from the manipulation of others, namely you me your neighbor next door, it’s why I stated in the beginning, that being honest is considered radical, so is telling the truth. And how odd can you be, if telling the truth is considered radical. When jesus entered his life’s work all those years ago, all he was doing was telling the truth, and the more he exposed what was going on, the more they ganged up on him, all of them bar a few followers. Today we enjoy his sacrifice, it’s an example of a life well lived. But here is the kicker as they say. Much was made of his, lord Jesus’ association with tax collectors, roman soldiers, prostitutes, fallen women, and the sick and poor of society, and his first disciples, the fishermen. Many argued this and that, that he choose simple men to give his message to, because only the simple minded would listen etc etc…in all honesty, the reason Jesus choose the people he did, was simply this, and it mirrors society today, in every culture too. Honesty was valued more highly than anything else. And what do we lack most in society today, it’s honesty. I don’t mean stealing, that;s just a little theft, I don’t mean sex, that’s just lust, I don’t mean greed, that’s just greed, honesty is the condition of the person, and as we are reared well, we pass it on, the way I was reared, and how others were too. Instead, we live in a world that admires, deceit, deception, corruption, excess, overt sexuality, and idolatry, and you know what happened to that world in rome, all those years ago, and all the other empires that came after it. They are all gone. So what makes us think we are so different. I’ve seen the sky, the signs, the dreams, and let me tell you, as I don’t lie that much, we need to rethink our world with dramatic affect. No wall high enough will save you from the wrath of the creator, so it’s make your mind up time. Amen.