Monday, January 14, 2013

A little truth never hurt....

A little truth, a dash of hope, real justice not spin, the outcome of which, is faith, faith in people, the formation of love, which is good for everyone, sounds childish I hope, but have you ever looked into the eyes of a little child, and seen them sparkle and shine, I have, and it’s the greatest feeling I’ve ever had, imagine that, and he’s just a friend of mine, isn’t that the dream of every good soul living on the earth, to make the world shine, and let me tell you it’s easily done. Instead we look at people, we see how they dress, do they smell good, is their life a mess, have you ever listened to bob Dylan, have they something we want, are they good for our careers, will they help us get a job, or will there be a sexual perk in it as some would say, can we profit from that, what car do they drive, do they live in a nice neighborhood, what else is there to say, a college education and a rich aunt perhaps. Corporate thinking in the boardroom, spreads like a disease into every space, can’t help it you say we all have bills, how can you stop it should kids be reared this way, busy in traffic night and day, listening to the radio jocks spear heading the corporate say, rolls on and on years grow along, hair goes grey teeth begin to yellow, a little dye the hair is sorted out, a whitener and the teeth are all white, turn on the TV your blinded by the light, the botox made faces those juicy lips face tight, all it shows is the plastic surgeons skills, meanwhile children die cause they can’t afford the pills, and this is the story of America today. You might say this is unfair and uncalled for, I’m just presenting the truth sometimes it’s awesome, and sometimes it’s too damn true, have you ever stopped to think or are you afraid to, but I say the end result of the invasions of all the spaces, I’m not talking moon landings I’m talking about those nearer places, Iraq Vietnam el Salvador most of south America and Saudi Arabia, the list is long and I could go on for ages and ages, but I’m certain of this we are coming to the end and were near the end of all ages, I’ve met the folks and this is not a joke, if you think this is an oddball speaking you’d better prepare for worse, all I’m saying is that a little sharing, could alter the course of the universe, what can you share were all nearly broke, well tell that to your children who hope to extend the generation, look at the debt they are facing on account of the situation, of course there is something we all can do, it’s like that child I mentioned earlier on, if we improve the prospects for all children, look to what it can change, less anxiety less pills fewer guns fewer kills, or are you going to pass your faults on to your children instead, leaving them to deal with stuff while you pass the can, legacy issues instead of prospects and dreams, you’ll be judged on results not what you intended to do, so if you are serious about change and not just full of guff, start with a smile each day and forget the American bluff, cause if you can’t afford to feed your own, educate all your children, provide health care for those with medical conditions, while all the time telling the world that the U.S. is the greatest country on the earth, have a look in the mirror tomorrow morning and wake up, cause the only people who tell themselves that all is well when all is wrong, are the same folks who believe the old American bluff, amen.
Isn’t it great to saddle your children with debt all their lives, imagine how god feels when you put trust in god on your money, when you wont even look after those of your own who have it rough, just or what!, 

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