Friday, January 4, 2013

Substitute to Love..

My life my wife my expectations like it’s my right, my job my ambition, my talent my mission, my god is missing, hardly expect god to shine, he prefers fishing, my health my wealth my ego my desire, my ignorance my forgetfulness, my children my chickens, my what is missing, my my my, do I know anything, facebook reputations twitter conversations, dieting tables plastic surgery labels, famine, moral intervention, why bother, movie star credentials, newspapers read about me, use of prescription drugs at titanic levels of expectation, children are trophies, mothers work harder than before, strangers mind children, no love there everyone knows, and it’s been like this for years, remember Pompeii, Babylon, the roman empire, the dire warnings ignored, all turned to dust, don’t be so disturbed, it couldn’t possibly happen to you, keep following the brand leader, those idols you all adore, what about the revelations about women, written thousands of years before, not fit for this, could not possibly do that, preference nation status, did you ever hear such obvious pure rubbish, as if what was written all those years ago was direct and to the point today, a rule that you must follow, well women learned it how about you, forever marginalized not allowed to speak, blamed for all the wrongs, does this sound like the wife, and all that ever was and ever will be asked of you, did you love with a true heart or were you simply following rules, and so it goes on and on, and what you might say is the point in all this, well I got this great call one of those you just can’t miss, like the day you get your first heart attack one day your gonna find out, too much TV I suppose, I can’t hear the TV, all eyes on that little screen just like Leonard said, has anyone seen my glasses, the enjoyment we feel watching the mighty fall, well privately, anything for a substitute to love…

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