Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Prayers for another tragedy, tears soon forgotten like the dead, world in crisis no doubts, women just sexual idols, minds too stirred up, full with porn drenched memories, half the internet user force know this, point the blame at those caught among us, cycle repeats itself and we sigh, did I get away with that.
Gandhi Guevara JFK, Vietnam War, Nazi Concentration Camps, the killing fields of Europe Asia Africa and more, destruction of young minds by the million load, target profits meet their goals, banking industry finances it all, the British slice up the middle east Ireland and Caribbean, was it greed evil or gold they’re looking for.
Governments meet tycoons on hand, together to share booty and land, criminals mix freely among them, they boast later, of the money that comes from them, all the while they set up new agencies, pr spin doctors edited truth and support, it appears something good is happening, things could not be getting any worse.
A single voice cries out, in the wilderness, ears pick up, they are words of consequence, alarm bells go off, we can’t let them listen to this, they send in the private gunmen, another body is found bullet ridden, relief all round, they get back around the table, what was that plan you had, the amazon is rich and fertile for the taking.
Among all races they dwell therein, evil inside them, a death sentence for truth and moral obligation, embedded in governments the world over, this is not a mafia plot, or the mind of a joker, but the truth is leaking out, like the titanic that fell over, God has sent his angels in, their game will soon be over, repent…

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