Friday, January 11, 2013

The Mystery of Love

Mystery of love, no such thing as a mystery to love, love is simple, uncomplicated, and without it, you’ll spend your life seeking it, no mystery in that, and when you find it, you’ll spend your life trying to keep it, and it’s here when the problem begins, we begin to think that the love we have is ours for keeps, something you can put in the fridge and take out when and as you like. This kind of love goes stale, becomes poisonous, and could end up killing you, you’ve all seen those movies, we don’t need to go there, but love, in it’s purest and most honest form, is like a flowing river that is just that, eternal. It’s only when we put blockages on the river do we stop the flow, it’s the same with love, it’s why water is as essential to life as love. Without love none of us would exist, without water the world wouldn’t exist, it’s not hard to understand, it’s purely logical. But the love you have is like fresh air, you breath it in, you pour it out, and it goes on and on, so when love becomes a possession to you, step back a little and see what is happening. In any loving situation there is trouble, not all the time, occasionally, and we humans make a big noise when love is interfered with. Imagine how a little child or teenager feels, when one of it’s loving parents has to move out, or even worse, passes away, it’s huge trauma. Sadly we’ve got used to seeing love being trampled on, bit like the way porno replaced intimacy in the minds of so many, in particular men, women also. But should we be wary of love, yes indeed, cause it’s the reason the universe exists, and our future depends upon us making love right, not perverse, not a duty either. So with love in mind, make decisions that will benefit the flow of love, and think of it as the gift you were given the day you were born, and your just passing it on. It’s one of the great tragedies of this world, the misuse and abuse of love, as so many people know. Or to put it in a nutshell, once your love becomes distorted, what kind of seed are you going to pass on to the next generation, and as the saying of old says, we reap what we sow, and we sow what we can reap, and we pass on what we experience to others, unless we are very careful in deed, yes indeed, we need to have a rethink, all of us of all religions or situations. Love is the only religion that matters. It’s really that simple.

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