Monday, January 7, 2013

Would You Betray Us They Asked!

Betrayal, were so used to it, women they hardly know different, they've been betrayed for generations, since the beginning of time, blame us betray us, sexualize me instead at least I’ll get used by it, and children too, how the mighty have let down the ordinary, how beauty is skin deep, she’s attractive we can use her, should have taken a Valium  so should all of us, cocaine wars gun laws, government criminals allowed to roam, security calls for help, they are now one of us, standards what standards it’s all spin, all the while the elite govern us, like Jerusalem they’ll fall too, those walls that exist, keeps out the just and no one else, well not everyone I’m glad to say, the almighty speaks the earth quakes, how long can we resist, the Egyptians were certain too, wall street is about to tumble again, everyone has the blues, off shore havens are good for us, so is the news, driving to work sitting in mile long traffic jams, fleas all around no one left between us to intervene with the divine God, just don’t look back, leave your worries on the table, carry what you can’t afford to lose, your dignity and your soul, why I ask should we believe anymore, it was only when we lost it all did we begin to care at all, mocking times become shocking times, it wasn't supposed to be like this, who’ll buy what’s left of your real estate, who will you leave out of the will, the tiresome job of choosing between vultures, whose baby will you bring with you, celebrity ideals smell of urine and entrails, media stuffs the last fat pig, hoping to make the highest ratings, porno is no longer important, we target the occasional individual, we never target the movers and shakers, too important we think their will, suddenly we announce after decades of wavering despair, a new agency will look after children, the same faces call out with fake tears, same as it has been for all these long years, but we make the odd concession it makes us look all good, like we have had a change of conscience, it’s fear but we call it our will, wish we had been so concerned all those years ago, but the governments of the world had no time for such troubles, it’s only total and absolute disaster that is questioning their will, and, I suddenly stop the clock has run out, water is everywhere, that tsunami warning it’s suddenly everywhere, grab those prized stallions they were all champions once, you can’t take the gold darling the ship will sink I've no doubt, as for those starship kings the temporal kings of the world, they try the one sure getaway, the spaceship blows to smithereens, I've had the dream you see, many years ago, parts of the earth were totally devastated, like is has been for young women and children for years, it’s just now that its personal, hope you love as best you can before the show runs out, and here is the blessing, or the story for the blessed, God loved us all, hoped we’d use our talents for all, so out of the entire universe he’s kept a small patch for us all, it’s a question of numbers dear, hope you understand this is not personal, but it’s been going on for the last six years, some call it judgment some call it fear, when it comes to the might of our Lord, the just have nothing to fear, what about it, I don’t think your going to go out soon and try to work it out, otherwise women wouldn't have had to suffer in silence like they have been doing for years, and now it’s children they sexualize as well, as if they thought they’d get away with it, not in my dreams, nothing is never what its seems, hope the water isn't running you out of home and shelter, honey what about my Armani suits, she looks back with tears rolling down her face, I should have married a man who loved me not the fool with the leather briefcase, honey why is that path narrow over there, the freeway looks much safer, everyone is on it, they are building new roads to hell, they do it everyday, and don’t believe the fools that will tell you, that were all going the same old way, should have watched more movies, secrets of the stars, you’d never know what to expect in the old days, now it’s a rehash of every old damn thing, that applies to everyone,.amen..

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