Thursday, January 24, 2013

Can you imagine it

Words spoken, God had to delay what was happening so quickly. Cries for help had multiplied so fast in such a short time. Daily chaos everywhere, children having children, it wasn’t the plan, world too busy, zealots forever busier, victims appear on cue for checks, strain beginning to show, earthquakes getting closer, obscenities outpacing themselves, Pompeii lives, children like spices, freshening up old men, the world intent on living longer regardless of the cost to all, with anything pure and good getting rarer by the day. Tom Murphy, the born again angel had the enviable task of selecting his replacement. From a list too, a list that had been two pages long with names, names of potential replacements. A list that he had started on two decades earlier, a list that had spanned the globe in his travels, seeking the good so to speak. Now there was just one left out of 200 hundred names. Last angel on earth seeks replacement, who’d believe it he thought thinking out loud, as he dwelled over a strong espresso in the bare naked cafĂ© that was the tuck shop on terminal five. He listened to the announcements from the public address system. Planes delayed from the U.S., what was new. The boarding gate to Dublin opposite him, he listened carefully to the array of messages being blurted out, then calm and silence again. Being late in the evening, the airport wasn't busy. He had relations in the west of Ireland, hadn’t everybody he thought, but he liked meeting people and if his grandfather came from Galway, a  seaside town too, this trip promised more than just a working visit unlike the last time he visited Ireland, seventy odd years earlier during the great war. Searching for stowaways then, escaped refugees from Poland, Jewish mainly, the Irish weren't mean spirited, just a little wary of strangers the way all rural nations are. 

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