Thursday, January 3, 2013

What a Dream!

Persecution of family persecution of love by whom you ask or do we just pretend like we never understood, search for the holy grail search for gold we’d rather entail, human kind or do you mind but the word that matters is the one spoken by the loving kind, the journey has come to an end and all we wait for is God to send, those that are merciful loving and kind, the wrong doers never encourage love charity or anything of that kind, rejoice today all over the world the secret is out and it’s not going away, Gods desire was one very simple wish to find a love  that can’t ever be dismissed, a light so strong that it is impossible to ignore, a light so improbable that we thought we’d never get there, rejoice all of you of good standing and reputation, those who put love where it should be the final destination, rejoice today for the news is all bright God and his angels have overcome and won the fight, fear is dead except in the minds of those where it exists, the souls who sold out neighbours friends and others for gain and money their only sight, the persistent attack on all that is good has come to an end I hope it’s understood, I have seen the light and the power that dwells therein, rejoice all of you who soldier in the light, rejoice today and stay where it’s bright, rejoice, we have overcome the angels of evil and in darkness they’ll reside, I had the dream victory is ours, all over the world rejoice. amen 

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