Wednesday, January 16, 2013

is there life on mars...

To be honest today, is considered radical, sounds alarming, to be manipulative is considered normal, to be sexual is regular, to be conservative old fashioned, to be caring heroic almost, and if you have any sense at all, you are expected to take advantage of the world, use it to end, so why is this, acting. We are all actors in a game, directed by good and bad, the bad being the evil menace, the good being the shining knight, and as we come under the influence of both, we decide which route to take. The theatre goers of old, I’m referring to the coliseum in rome, not downtown broadway, cheered the ups and downs of the fate of those fed to the animals, cheering the emperor on as life deciding decisions were made, little has changed in over 2,000 years, and you know what happened to rome, it ended in tears for all, and a permanent hell for most. Society today
Has the same choice to make, to do good or bad, and the time now, is more critical than people want to believe. Those living the pleasure driven life want us all to join in, to party to the end, same way the old cocaine world invited everyone of substance to get involved, you were not with it unless you did it, ask some former presidents, stock brokers, movers and shakers, just about everyone under fifty with money and moving fast in Hollywood. Those involved in these matters have left so many memories of themselves on camera, left in the hands of potential blackmailers, in all sorts of sticky situations, children teens etc etc..they were so out of it they don’t even know yet what to expect, but the foundations they walk on, are not secure, making all who come under their influence vulnerable for all time, this sounds confusing, you are supposed to read between the lines, I don’t mean lines of coke, but I know there are some who will choke with humour as they do, read between the lines. Evil doesn’t get it’s name because of a few late nights, an extra marital affair, a liason dangerous or an unusual sexual practice, evil gets it’s name from the manipulation of others, namely you me your neighbor next door, it’s why I stated in the beginning, that being honest is considered radical, so is telling the truth. And how odd can you be, if telling the truth is considered radical. When jesus entered his life’s work all those years ago, all he was doing was telling the truth, and the more he exposed what was going on, the more they ganged up on him, all of them bar a few followers. Today we enjoy his sacrifice, it’s an example of a life well lived. But here is the kicker as they say. Much was made of his, lord Jesus’ association with tax collectors, roman soldiers, prostitutes, fallen women, and the sick and poor of society, and his first disciples, the fishermen. Many argued this and that, that he choose simple men to give his message to, because only the simple minded would listen etc etc…in all honesty, the reason Jesus choose the people he did, was simply this, and it mirrors society today, in every culture too. Honesty was valued more highly than anything else. And what do we lack most in society today, it’s honesty. I don’t mean stealing, that;s just a little theft, I don’t mean sex, that’s just lust, I don’t mean greed, that’s just greed, honesty is the condition of the person, and as we are reared well, we pass it on, the way I was reared, and how others were too. Instead, we live in a world that admires, deceit, deception, corruption, excess, overt sexuality, and idolatry, and you know what happened to that world in rome, all those years ago, and all the other empires that came after it. They are all gone. So what makes us think we are so different. I’ve seen the sky, the signs, the dreams, and let me tell you, as I don’t lie that much, we need to rethink our world with dramatic affect. No wall high enough will save you from the wrath of the creator, so it’s make your mind up time. Amen.

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