Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How to change things quickly for good

it's a question we all ask, sometimes when were loaded, great ideas soon forgotten, and a week later we come up with more great ideas, soon forgotten and after awhile we become disillusioned and so on and on, the circle gets tighter, all we think is escape, then we give up, stop, it's possible to change everything, and this is how, it's not a revolution, it's called justice for all, and this is what ye have to do, and it's simple.
We have a united nations to protect us from criminal behavior and other such abuses throughout the world, its not working, world is in a worse state now more than ever. Lets set up a court for all the politicians of the world, hold them accountable, just them and no one else, a political crimes bureau, PCB for short. everyone who dares to enter politics throughout the world who elects to serve the people and only enriches themselves, will be brought before this bureau and will be asked every three years to explain any of their spurious decisions, the penalty for abuse, asset stripping for those involved, end of story. this bureau will put power back into the hands of ordinary decent people the world over, and make the abuse by the political class and those who support them a very unprofitable business, now is that not simple.  

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